Friday, February 27, 2009

Favorite Music Friday - MxPx Edition

Ohmygosh I'm so excited I'm gonna throw up!!!!

Okay, just kidding.

But I really am excited.

You see, MxPx is going to have a new album out soon!! It's set to hit stores on March 24th and it's titled 'On The Cover II'. Yes, it's a cover album with lots of awesome songs and totally rad guest performers! MxPx is like.. well, they're like my favorite band.. and have been ever since Audio Adrenaline called it quits on me *cry* (it's okay guys.. I'll forgive you.. I guess.). Anyway, I'll stop boring you and let you check them out yourself.

Here's a video announcement about their upcoming album (you'll be seeing more of these over the next month.. cause I'm annoying like that.. WATHC THEM!):

And, because it is Favorite Music Friday.. I will also give you this.. This is the song I will be singing when they come to Des Moines (and they better come to Des Moines!!):

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I apologize... well, not really.

I really, really wanted to blog today. But had no idea what to post. So you get this. You're welcome.

Okay, that was kind of a lie.. I had something to post, but it got vetoed by my lurvly laptop which did not want to play nice with my camera. My husband can get them to cooperate (because he's just a genius, that one..), but when I get them together.. well, they're just all kinds of stupid. So I gave up. Sorry. I'll post it another day. After I can pry my little minions off the main computer and dump my camera on there. So there.

Some randoms for you:

"Yes Torrin.."
"Do you know why I like blood?"
"Um.... no, why?"
"Because it's red."
"Oh.... Okay."

"Did you toot Ellie?"
"No, I farted."
"Oh, I see. Is it stinky?"
"No, I'm a girl."
"So girl farts don't stink?"
"No, it was a pretty fart."
"I see. So do boy farts stink?"
"Yes. But I a girl."
"Yes you are. So your fart was pretty?"
"It was beautiful."
"Yes, Ellie. Your farts are beautiful."

"I'm going to wait until I need to poop.. so that I can make room in my stomach. Then I'm going to have some lunch."
"You already had lunch, Kieran. You ate a bagel and cream cheese."
"Oh. That's right. Then I'll have some breakfast."
"You already had breakfast too."
"I did?"
"Yes, you had a waffle."
"Oh... I am such a dork!"

So, my camera broke. I had a Canon PowerShot S2 IS. It was nice. I was very happy with it. We had lots of good times together.. *sniff* I'm sad.

The Problem.

Notice how the lense is extended? Yeah. It won't go back in. Is stuck. Is broken. In the past, every time we've replaced a digital camera, we've upgraded. Sadly, not the case this time. It broke probably over a month ago.. Long enough that I don't remember. The kids swiped it (a regular occurrence round these parts..) and.. well.. they broked it.

This time? We didn't have money for a big fancy camera. And, after a few weeks without one *cry*, we decided to get a stand-in camera until my awesome husband can buy me a fancy new one (I may or may not have one picked out already.. oh hai Canon Rebel XSi DSLR.. *drool*). I am now the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot 790 Elph.

The Solution.

That Wordless Wednesday post down there?? I took that picture the day I got my new camera. Pretty good no? I thought so. That happy face? Yeah.. Torrin was excited about the camera too. My kids are all a bunch of show offs.. and if a camera comes out, all we hear is 'Take mah pitchur, take mah pitchur!' So yeah, no camera = no fun.

I swear, she's not as psycho as she looks..

So there you go.. That's about all I got today.. I promise I'll try harder next time..... Or maybe not. And now, I'm going to go do something mature... like dishes. Or not.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


In other news: Are you going to BlogHer? I really wanted to go to Steenky Bee's party in the Rockies.. but it's looking like BlogHer will end up being cheaper (not having to fly and all).. so I'm thinking that's the way to go (don't hate me Jen!). Anyway, I was wondering how many people I might 'know' who will be there.. I'm a bit shy and like to rally troops before hand to help with the courage... whiskey helps too.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awards, Short Stories, and Ditching Kittens..


Okay, I didn't really ditch Sausage.. She's been adopted! 2 cats gone, 2 more to go, and once again the lovely Kelly can rule the roost.


Sunday my amazing husband was kind enough to not only watch all 5 children for like six hours so I could go to my writing group, he also walked the half mile to the store to do the grocery shopping with them. I tell you, the man is a saint. (So tell him in your comment how awesome he is.) We had a short story challenge in our writing group - we decided to each write as much of a short story (6000-7500 words) as we could in one afternoon and then post them to our (shiny new thanks to J and I) blog to share with each other.. before editing them and reposting a polished piece later. I had a zombie dream a few weeks ago that was just.. well, it was awesome. So I saved it specially just for this short story challenge occasion. I didn't finish my story yesterday, but I came pretty close.. feel free to check it out.

This weeks' comic book stash:
Incognito (2) by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
Rest (0-2) by Milo Ventimiglia (you know, the guy from Heroes?)
Batman 'Whatever happened to the caped crusader?' (1 of 2) by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert
and the rest of the extra stuff in the back of the first issue of Phonogram by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (their stuff is awesome.. jus' sayin'.)

I also need to read Watchmen.. yeah, I still haven't started it. Shut up.

So another awesome surprise on Sunday was this little bad boy..

which was bestowed upon me by the fabulous Irish Gumbo. Okay, okay.. it wasn't totally a surprise.. see, he sent out an email to notify us of this little event and there may or may not have been talk of a shin dig over at Mama Dawg's place involving strippers, shovels, nachos, quick lime, and beer.. and maybe a roll of duct tape or two.. but I'm not naming names. I'm not like that.

Thank you so much, Irish.. You are one kick ass friend yourself.

He said something about rules.. but I wasn't paying attention (I was too distracted by Captain Dumbass's beautiful eye shadow) so I'm just going to pass this little goodie on to a few of my homies and hope it all goes around in the end. Mkay?

Pamela from The Dayton Time and her fabulous
Mister from The Mister
Amy from The Sprightly Syndicate
and, of course, Teri from Cold Lemonade
come on over and pick up your shit collect your award.

I love you people. You mean the world to me. And thank you so much for checking up on me when I don't show up to work blog as much as I normally do and making sure I didn't off myself am still okay. You kick ass.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Package

So I was over at Kids and Daiquiris and she posted this... interesting picture and challenged us talented types to go ahead and make a story about it.. I mean really. It's just begging for some creative yarn spinner to come along and truly bring it to life. As always, I'm up for the challenge.. I think. Here goes...

So there I was, dressed for prom. I know, I know.. dashing right? My date's mom had dropped her off, and she and I were waiting patiently for our friends to pick us up.. because, you know, I'm so cool that I'm about to graduate high school and I don't even have a car. So, we're waiting on the front steps of my house and this UPS truck comes barreling down the street like it's delivering a baby instead of packages.. only it swerves just before my house and runs up the embankment! Imagine, you're sitting there with your date, and all of a sudden this big honkin' brown delivery truck just comes crashing up onto the sidewalk in front of your house! Okay, I guess not all the way onto the sidewalk.. but still. Whatever.
So it comes crashing and we're sitting there, mouths agape, catching flies, watching, and this gigantic hairy man-beast thing jumps out of the back of the truck with a package and just runs off down the street! I mean, I don't know if it was Big Foot.. or Sasquatch.. or whatever they call that creature thing.. or if it was just some dude in a costume.. but damn! We were all, "Woah! Did you see that!" Unfortunately, Kim (that was my date.. Kim) couldn't get her camera up in time, I mean.. it was in her hands and all since we had just had my mom take pictures and crap.. but still, she managed to miss Mr. Beast man. Lame.
Then we heard the sirens. Yep, sirens. Apparently the cops were totally chasing this UPS truck before it crashed. I don't know why, maybe they knew about Big Foot being a stow away or maybe they just wanted to give the dude a speeding ticket.. whatever. But they pull up and hop out and start talking to the UPS dude. They weren't close enough for us to hear them though.. and the chubby one totally gave us the evil eye when we started casually walking closer.. Whatever.
So, we sit back down on the steps outside my front door.. and as if things weren't weird enough, then the front door opens and someone grabs Kim by her arm and just yanks her inside the house! What the hell?
So I get up and go inside to, wondering what the heck is going on.. and there is Sasquatch himself! or rather.. herself. Turns out she is Kim's grandma! No shit. I know.. I was shocked too.
So Grandma Big Foot unzips this costume she's wearing and pulls out this little bity sewing machine and asks if Kim would mind taking a picture of me holding it with the truck in the back ground.. so she could like, remember the moment or something. I don't know.
Anyway, she was very vague about the rest of the story.. something about Grandpa Sasquatch trying to send off her sewing machine so she'd quit making weird costumes and her car-jacking the UPS truck to get it back.. only disguised.. or something. I don't know, it all sounded kinda fishy to me...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not entirely happy, not entirely sad or funny either random thoughts for your Tuesday...


Do you know what yesterday marked?? It marked 4 weeks left until we hear who the top 500ish quarterfinalists in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest are.. Yeah. I hope I make the cut. I don't know if I should tell myself 'I am awesome and so is my book and of course I will make it because I'm going to win this bitch..' or if I should just say 'Hey, I finished my dang book and that makes me awesome.. who cares if I win?' Hm.

Anyway, word has it that my writing is way better than that Stephanie Meyers lady who wrote Twilight.. (just ask Amy.. she's read over half my book.. in it's unedited like forgot to check your face in the mirror and didn't know you had a giant booger on your face unedited form).. So, maybe I have a chance? Sure, why not.

Depression is a bitch. (nice transition there, huh?) Have I mentioned I'm a nutcase? I am. Social anxiety, PTSD, depression.. yeah. I has it. Too honest for ya? Suck it. Go read someone else's blog.

But yeah. Depression. It's why I haven't posted in almost a week. So next time, say something. Who knows, you might be saving a life. (kidding... kind of.)

Am better now.

Our home school assistance program teacher is coming today. I'm not super excited about this. Aidan is being a poo-poo head about school lately. I love the boy, but damn... do something other than play with Lego pirate ships, dang it!!! The boy just might be the death of me... I hope his teacher has some kick ass ideas on that.. I'm thinking military school..

We have officially gone from 5 cats to 4 (and despite the fact that we were calling the kittens 'Bacon' and 'Sausage'.. no, we did not eat them for breakfast).. Someone I met on Twitter adopted one.. Bacon, to be more specific. Maybe we should have made him sign an agreement to not eat her for breakfast.. hm. We'll miss her. Sausage is still recovering from a broken tail (thanks to my kids..) but will soon be admitted to her 'forever home'.. Meanwhile, Gizmo and Livvy are busy doing their best to make us some inbred kittens... um, yeah. We had an appointment to get Gizmo's nuts removed, but the no vehicle thing kinda sorta got in the way. Uh oh.

I'm looking forward to only having one cat in my house. Seriously.

I read Walking Dead Vol 9 last night. It kinda sucked. But I hear it's about to get better.. I hope so. I almost fell asleep. Now I need to read the Watchmen. I have to finish it by March 6 because we're supposed to have a date to go see it.. a date? A date. I don't remember the last time we did that.. We might have to get a cab.

I've never ridden in a cab before. I think we should make out in the back seat.

Okay.. I should go dress my children before the teacher gets here. Ta ta.


Fun with SiteMeter: referral of the day? someone googled 'beautiful teenage girl's jugs'.. awesome. Yeah, you know who you are..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Homesick...

Or home and a little sick?

I don't really have anything delightful to squeeze out of my own gray matter for you today.. I'm a bit under the weather today and have a crappy headache. I'm working on reading, but can't seem to get into anything.. I have books I haven't read sitting on my shelf, but each time I start one I end up just trading for another.. *sigh*. Perhaps I should read a graphic novel instead. Those are easier.. I have a couple of Catwoman books waiting, and the latest issue of Walking Dead.. And now I'm boring you all with totally random rambling.. It's 60 degrees and sunny today and my body wants nothing to do with outdoor activity. How sad. And my poor children have a mother who can't keep up with the laundry well enough to be willing to let them go enjoy the sunshine and slather themselves with mud. Because out there? everything. is. mud.

Mud is something we didn't have a lot of in California. I mean sure.. we had 'mud'. But not like Iowa mud. Iowa has mud. Like deep, sticky, lose your boot in it mud. I'm not up for it today. Sorry kids. At least we might have some snow by the end of the week.. What a crazy state we live in.. I just love global warming.

Wow, my writing is crap today.. I guess it's a good thing I can't focus enough to work on my book (not the one I submitted.. I started another one last week..). If I did work on it, I might have to later delete anything I produced today.

Speaking of California.. my good buddy Evan brought my attention to a lovely tribute to Trader Joe's over at Laughing Squid. Hence the touch of home sickness. I heart Trader Joe's. I did ALL of my grocery shopping there when we lived in Folsom. They were awesome. Affordable. Healthy. Natural. Unique.. aaahh... I wish they'd add one here in Des Moines. I know it would be a big hit.

So, I'll shut up now.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I did it!!


Thank you so much to those of you who took the time yesterday to stop by and wish me well in my endeavor. I am happy to report that I did finish and submit my work at approximately 9pmCT.. with just 2 hours to spare!

Now, this is a contest with up to 10,000 entries.. so I don't really expect anything to come of it (that coming from the one person who has actually read my entire manuscript..), but I still look at it as a very big accomplishment to have even entered it. The fact that I entered it shows that my manuscript is indeed finished, I have my first pitch written (this is a letter to potential publishers to 'sell' the book, it is crucial in getting published), and I have something to work with! A finished piece of work that I can take with me to agents and publishers.

Being someone with much desire and little confidence, you all have been the greatest contributors to my success. If it were not for all the feedback I have received here from all of you on my stories, I probably wouldn't have bothered with all of this. So, thank you. I look forward to hearing what all of you think of my book!


And if any of you have any clever ideas for a pen name.. I'd love to hear them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't Bother Me... I'm working.

Today is the deadline for the Amazon/Penguin Breakthrough Novel Contest.


I had all but given up on making the deadline earlier this week when I realized I would still have to write a pitch, a bio, and beef up my synopsis for this on top of finishing editing my novel.. but after a couple whirlwind editing sessions on Friday and Saturday, I decided I might actually have a chance if I busted my ass.. J sat me down, duct taped me to the chair, put my headphones on my head and my manuscript and laptop in my hands and told me to get my butt in gear get to work. Don't worry, he's making sure I stay hydrated and feeding me the occasional snack..


Hopefully they won't reach 10,000 submissions before I finish.

So leave me a comment.. wish me well, wish me luck, encourage me.. or just tell me I'm crazy and I smell funny (I did shower this morning.. I promise!). Whatever.

Current status at 1:46pmCT: done editing hard copy, working through document on computer.. starting Chapter 21 out of 24. Need to write one missing scene, write pitch, write bio, beef up synopsis..

Current status at 3:45pmCT: the manuscript is finished! Mom called to see what I'm up to this weekend and told me how proud
of me she is for all my hard work.. almost cried, so happy.. now for the pitch, the synopsis, and the bio.. Googling pitch-writing..

Current status at 6:52pmCT: belly full of chili, sipping on a Guinness, synopsis done, ready to write pitch and bio.. it's the home stretch people!! I have a bottle of champagne in the fridge with my name on it, I'm going all the way!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite Music Friday

FM Static - Definitely Maybe

Thursday, February 5, 2009

You Know

You know, don't you?
You know what's on my mind
You heard every thought
Every whisper in my words
You knew where I was going,
and you know where I've been.
I thought that I could hide from you
but no matter how I try
You seem to see right through me
exploring every corner of my mind.
Not a thing has to be said
about the way I feel.
I know you feel it too.
And it pulses between us
with a life all its own.
And when you beg for me to speak,
whispering words of reassurance,
you're speaking to my soul
saying all that needs to be said.
Because you know.
And I know too.
I feel you.
I feel what you think,
what you say,
what you do.
I know you.
I know where you're going
what you want,
where you've been.
I know what you're after,
and how you plan to get it.
Your thoughts, your heart
your passion and desire.
You don't have to tell me,
I know what you need.
I know who you are,
who you were,
and who you'll be.
Intertwined with each other
is the only way we're free.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We don't eat fingers.... jus' sayin'..

"Yes, Kieran."
"Torrin says that if I don't care about carrots then I don't care about The Family."
"Oh? and why is that Torrin?"
"Cause carrots are a living thing.. and if you don't care about living things, you don't care about your Family."
"Um.. okay."
"That's stupid."
"Carrots aren't living things, Torrin.. and you don't need to call him stupid, Kieran."
"But carrots come from plants, and plants are living things."
"Yes, Aidan. Plants are living things. But the carrots aren't part of the plant anymore."
"If we cut off our fingers and fried them up for lunch, they wouldn't be living things, would they?"
"But they came from a living thing, right?"
"So carrots are not living things.. and even if they were, that has no bearing on whether or not Kieran cares about his Family."
"Okay, Mom."
"Okay. Finish your lunch."

"Yes, Aidan.."
"How was your night?"
"It was okay."
"How was your sleep?"
"Eh.. it was alright.. how about yours?"
"It was faantastic.. and I didn't even have any nightmares.. like about zombies or anything."
"Well, that's good."
"But I did dream about little zombies.. and the little zombie went into a workshop and turned the man who worked there into a zombie.. and that was when I woke up.."
"Um.. oh."
"And that's all."


Monday, February 2, 2009

The Other Girl (Part 6)

Melissa noticed that Misty was still not at school the following week. Jon explained that she would be back later in the week. She was growing more and more awkward and uncomfortable around Tom and John, growing weary of their stares and constant flirting. Jon still payed little attention to her at school.

But then they'd get in the truck. And he would drive her home.

Melissa's mother was not home yet today when they pulled into the driveway. She could sense Jon's eagerness as he shut off the engine and moved toward her. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him, his mouth working it's way up her neck. Despite his obvious eagerness, Jon moved a little slower today, giving Melissa a chance to enjoy the attention a bit and relax. She grew more and more comfortable, letting her hand slide from his neck down to his chest. He reached again for her hand and guided it slowly and gently the rest of the way down his torso to his waist, pausing a moment before whispering in her ear.

"Give me a blow job." Melissa backed away a bit and looked at him. She shook her head and pulled her hand away from his.
"Please," he said, his eyes pleading with her as he leaned in and kissed her neck again.
"No." Melissa answered, pulling away from him. "No, I need to go, Jon."

Melissa grabbed her things and quickly got out of the truck. That's it.. she decided. I have got to get someone else to give me a ride.

The next day, Misty was back at school. She looked as though she'd been crying and was obviously upset. Her friend Linda looked back at Melissa disapprovingly and shook her head.

Shit. Melissa thought to herself. They were still together. She felt horrible. The weight of guilt came crashing down on her and she felt as though she might suffocate under it as she thought of how Misty must be feeling now. Misty looked up at Melissa with a pitiful tear-streaked face. Their eyes met and Misty's gaze instantly turned malicious as she jumped up and lunged at Melissa. Linda was on her heels and grabbed her just before she reached Melissa.

"I.. I didn't know." Melissa stammered quietly. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here is a bit of 'weekend writing' for you.. something that doesn't normally make it to my blog. I prefer to stick with story telling on here, it tends to be more interesting. But I do these as well, usually scribbled on note book paper with a good old fashioned pencil, as practice for imagery, metaphors and adjective use. It may sound a bit scrambled as I wrote it over a couple of days rather than sitting down and pounding it out in an hour or so like my other posts. So, be nice. Here you go.. enjoy.

She dropped to her knees at the base of the tall redwood tree. She was alone now and she let her forehead rest against the spongy rough bark. She gasped for breath, her chest heaving up and down and her whole body shook. I can't run anymore.. I can't. She couldn't even remember why she had started running in the first place, let alone what she was running from.

Her feet hurt. Her legs hurt. The muscles in her back and arms spasmed in protest, threatening to no longer support her. Rolling her head along the trunk of the tree, she twisted her body in the dirt until she was sitting on the forest floor. The twigs and needles and leaves crunched under the weight of her body on the earth beneath her. Rays of sunshine streamed down through the trees like fingers reaching out to her from heaven.

It seemed as if there was a beast chasing her. She'd been running from it her whole life. A beast with fangs and claws that longed to devour her from the inside out. A beast bent on her destruction, bringing her tragedy after tragedy, heart ache upon heart ache. She just wanted it to end. She was tired of fighting.

Beads of sweat mingled with tears began to roll down her face. She leaned her head back on the great strong tree, her black hair tangling in the bark of the ancient trunk. She didn't want to cry, and angrily wiped the salty fluids from her cheeks as more formed in the corners of her eyes. She closed her eyes, feeling the warmth from the sun chasing the cool breeze off her eyelids as her body trembled with loneliness.

Loneliness. Aching longing and loneliness. She'd all but given up on love. The sting of betrayal had shattered her trust, but her loyalty still burned with a ferocity that rivaled this beast that she couldn't seem to shake. She knew that if she gave up hope now, that the beast would catch up to her. It would swallow her whole. At this point? That didn't sound so bad. And she wondered if anyone would even take notice of her absence.

"It's not fair." she said through gritted teeth, breaking the silence of her earthen sanctuary. A raven in the tree above her squawked in protest to her noise.. her interruption of nature's moment of silence. She gazed up at the stately bird who leered back down at her, pointing at her with his large black beak. His eyes bored into her soul, hard black marbles in his feathery head. He squawked at her again, egging her on.. taunting her. Go on.. let go. Just let go.

She pulled her knees up to her chest, hugging her shivering legs close to her body. Her long crimson dress falling around her like a pool of blood on the floor of the forest. All of her old wounds were breaking open and she didn't know how to stop the bleeding.. it felt as though she was dying a very slow and painful death. Slowly dying of a broken heart.

She dropped her head onto her arms and let the sensations wash over her. Succumbing to the huge dark wave of emotion, cold and bitter. Lapping at her body, drenching her in sorrow. She wept there. Great heaving sobs, her body jolting with the intensity as tears poured down her face and rolled down her neck to her bare chest.

Exhaustion crept in, slithering through the forest, ready to pounce. She looked up again to see that the raven was still there, perched in the tree above her, watching over her. The fatigue covered her like the canopy of night as the sun set, casting rays of orange, gold, and red through the forest. She lay down on the earth, still quivering and shaking. All the feeling drained out of her and her muscles finally relaxed their tension. She was utterly spent as she lay there, curled on the dirt, her fingers slowly twisting in the dead foliage beneath her. She closed her eyes as darkness descended and drifted off into a deep and heavy sleep.

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