Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poetry Thursday


Ladybugs, ladybugs everywhere,
ladybugs landing in my hair.
Float and flutter
swirl and swish..
Don't land there!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - catheters and boils and fevers, oh my!


I like starting the week on a Tuesday. It gives me a chance to clear my mind right out of the gate. Thank you, Keely (go check her out, she's responsible for this nonsense).. but maybe it should be Random Monday Meanderings?? Hmm. Doesn't have the same ring though, does it..

Forgive me if I'm behind, I've hardly been online since Friday. What'd I miss?

So Friday night, all the kids were in bed, and Aman and I snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie. It was around 10 that Baby Jo woke up the first time. She was hot (no, not that kind of hot.. you pervs.), but I didn't think much of it since she was wearing a blanket sleeper and the house was fairly warm. I changed her pajamas and Aman rocked her back to sleep. She woke up again when he tried to put her down and she didn't seem to be cooling off at all. We gave her some Tylenol and rocked her to sleep again. This time she woke about an hour later, as our movie was ending. So I went upstairs and took her to bed with me. We barely got any sleep. Aside from the fact that it was like sleeping up against a space heater, she also did little more than roll back and forth, kick, and cry all night long. We got up the next morning and she was obviously rather ill. So I took her temperature and found it was 102.9 (which was actually 103.9 since it was taken under her arm). I gave her some more medicine and we called the doctor.

Aman was rather unhappy and informed me that he'd made plans with Lisa for just us girls to go out for lunch. Very sweet of him, but I wasn't about to leave my baby until I knew what was wrong. Instead, Lisa and I had a date at the local children's ER. Awesome.

Joella was fine. The doctor checked her over and couldn't find anything wrong with her, so they decided to rule out a urinary tract infection by getting a urine sample. With a catheter. How fun.

No urinary tract infection. (Unless they call me today and tell me otherwise.)

Since there was nothing more to be done.. I mooched a bit more off Lisa and had her drive me to Walgreens for ice pops and the gas station to get gas for the mower, joking that if Aman didn't get the lawn done this weekend, we'd surely have the county after us to do it. It was turning into a jungle.

We dropped off the goods, and headed out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.

We had a lovely time, lunch, shopping at Best Buy.. then it came time to head home. We were within a mile from Lisa's house and her car (which we knew was on it's last legs.. wheels?) started making a HORRIBLE noise.


Then? She got pulled over. Why? Her recently expired tags.


We waited patiently for the nice man in the blue uniform to give her a lovely ticket and then prayed that we could get the car the rest of the way home.. we may or may not have attempted a faith healing and an exorcism along the way.. I'm not sure. Just saying.

A distant rumble of thunder greeted us when we made it to her house, just barely, and I hopped on her computer to check out the bus schedule and find my ride home while she shared the good news with her husband.

I prepared to make my exit and jokingly said "Wonder if I'll get rained on.. knowing my luck, I bet I will."

I did.

I arrived home, a little soggy, and grabbed the mail on my way in. Jo was in pretty much the same condition I had left her in and I walked over to kiss my husband and handed him the cd and dvds I had purchased for him.. along with the letter from the county saying our yard needed a trim.


Sunday was much better.

Joella's fever was gone, and she was back to her usual trouble making self. I set up the water toys after Aman mowed one side of the lawn and kicked the kids outside to play while I cleaned up my ridiculously dirty house and did eleventybillion loads of laundry and dishes.. Only I didn't get the laundry done and only managed one load of dishes.

But the floors are clean(er).

Monday wasn't bad. The lawn was mowed, the house was clean(er), the baby was back to normal.. and the buses weren't running.. and we hadn't had a chance to go to the store yet.

We got everyone's socks and shoes on and walked up to the store to do the grocery shopping. We managed to beat the rain, which was nice, but Aman was supposed to be working on a project that needed to be done Monday night.. and he'd had little time to work on it all weekend. Nice.

But we got food.

Monday afternoon, I noticed my inner thigh was hurting. At first I though perhaps that I just had some chafing from walking to the store on a warm day in jeans.. but no. I checked it out and thought to myself What the hell is that?? Not so sure.. So I went to show Aman, who never argues about me pulling my pants down in front of him.. and we concluded that it might be a boil. One thing left to do! Look up pictures of skin boils on the internet.


It was a boil. I took care of it. It's pretty much gone now (I say that knowing full well that rather than thinking 'Oh dear, are you okay?' you're actually thinking 'Oh jeez.. why did you tell me that?? Ew!' you're welcome and thank you for your concern.).

What a perfect ending to an awesome three day weekend!

How was yours?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Never Let Go - Part 3

I sat down to write this next part and got distracted by the news of my review by these Nice People (*snort*). So go read it when you're done here, and tell them what you think of it!


To say that Sara was swept off her feet would be a bit of an understatement. Matt was not only handsome, he was chivalrous, charming, and very sweet. Sara all but forgot that she was out with her cast mates as she sat and talked with this intriguing stranger. He was a writer. Matt worked for a local magazine but also enjoyed writing poetry and prose and was even working on a play. How could that not get Sara's attention?

As the evening drew to a close, Matt offered to see Sara home. She informed him that she didn't live far from the theater and was renting a room in a little house up the street from Lithia Park. He proposed he walk with her and she gladly accepted.

It was right around midnight as the pair walked along the street toward the park, breathing in the warm summer breeze.

"Would you like to take a stroll through the park?" Matt asked as they neared its entrance. Could he be more romantic? she thought to herself.
"I'd love to," she replied softly.

They walked together along the garden paths in the moonlight. It was a clear night and the stars shone clearly despite the meager light pollution that the small town offered up to the night. The scent of flowers was heavy in the warm air and the sound of the creek gliding lazily over the rocks and sand rounded out the atmosphere perfectly.

Matt stopped in the gazebo and as Sara turned to see why he pulled her firmly into his arms. She was a bit taken aback at his abruptness and his firm grasp, but wasn't entirely opposed to his embrace.

"You are so beautiful." he breathed into her ear as his face came close to hers. He ran his fingers through her long brown hair and touched his cheek to hers as his fingertips slid down the nape of her neck. Sara felt breathless, speechless, and a little anxious all at once. She couldn't pinpoint where the twinge of fear was coming from exactly and decided to ignore it as Matt kissed her.

Again, she was startled by his forcefulness. He'd been so smooth and charming all evening, she'd imagined that he'd be a bit gentler with her. She pulled back a little, trying to catch her breath and he released her. He stood, staring at her in the moonlight, as a smile broke across his face. The shadows made it unclear, but Sara was pretty sure he had a very mocking grin on his face. He seemed pleased and rather amused with her response.

"I should really be getting home now.." she stammered. "Ms. Worthington doesn't like me coming in in the middle of the night, it wakes her sometimes.."

"Sure," he answered, offering her his elbow again. "Let's go then." His gentle manner had returned and Sara gladly took his arm as he led her out of the park and up the street to her house.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 18, 2009

Never Let Go - Part 2

It was Much Ado About Nothing, the final play of that year's Shakespeare Festival, and tonight was sold out.

It was hot in the Elizabethan Stage, as always. But the wooden architecture and maze of rooms throughout lent itself so nicely to playing the part that it was, by far, Sara's favorite venue to perform in. And tonight felt as if it might be the culmination of her time with this theater group, as she dressed for her role of Hero.

Backstage was the usual bustle and chaos of the last 15 minutes before the show would open. The performers busy with dressing themselves, rehearsing lines, applying make-up, or tending to the divas of the theater. The air was heavy with body heat and the sound of lilting voices as everyone warmed up. Sara finished prepping herself and gave one last check in the mirror before heading up the narrow stair case and walking down the hallway to stage left to stand in wait of her cue.

The open air theater was packed in tight and a hush fell over the audience as the light came over the empty stage. Sara stood, poised and ready, as the butterflies filled her stomach and the near nausea set in with the rush of adrenaline that would overtake her right before any performance. Sara loved the sensation, tingles running down her spine and a lump rising in her throat. Sara breathed deep and let a broad smile spread across her face as the music began and they all danced across the stage in a lighthearted rendition of "Hey, Nonny Nonny".

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh nor more;
Men were deceivers ever;
One foot in sea and one on shore,
To one thing constant never;
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny;
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into. Hey nonny, nonny.

Sing no more ditties, sing no mo,
Or dumps so dull and heavy;
The fraud of men was ever so,
Since summer first was leavy.
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into. Hey, nonny, nonny.
Sara performed her role perfectly and proudly walked out onto the stage with the rest of the ensemble for a final bow before heading back to her dressing room to change.

After the show, Tom and Lily informed her of the plans for the cast to gather at Standing Stone for an after show celebration. Sara agreed to meet them all there and gathered her things together.

As she exited the theater, she noticed a tall, handsome young man standing near the door with a bundle of roses in his hands. He spotted her and smiled as he headed her way.

"You were amazing tonight!" he exclaimed.
"Um.. thank you." Sara replied, wondering if she knew this fellow.
"I'm sorry.. how rude of me." he said, noticing her confusion at his abruptness. "I'm Matt. I'm a friend of Diane's and she's been talking about what a wonderful job you've done in the role of Hero here. I had to come see it for myself." he explained as he handed the roses to her. They were white, her favorite.
"Oh, I see! It's nice to meet you, Matt. My name is Sara.. though, I suppose you already knew that." she answered, blushing a little.

The boy was devilishly handsome and Sara was having a hard time not staring at his bright blue eyes as they looked at her through his shaggy brown hair. She felt breathless and a little intimidated in his presence and could not figure out why. It was uncomfortable and wonderful at the same time and Sara found herself stifling the desire to reach out and sweep the curled tendrils from his forehead so she could get a better look at his face.

"I was just on my way over to Standing Stone for a drink with my cast mates. Would.. would you like to join us?" she eagerly awaited his response.
"Yes! Yes, I would." he answered with a big smile, showing off his straight white teeth again. He turned and offered her his elbow, which she gladly took as they walked down the street toward the restaurant enjoying the warm summer night.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Prom-a-palooza! It's Dancy-Dance Time!

NO, I did NOT forget that today was Bloggy Prom! And NO, I did NOT go running through my house hunting desperately for the Senior Ball pictures that I had intended to have scanned and ready to go by last night at the latest once I saw Pamela's tweet announcing that she had her prom post up..

Yes, I did go with Aman. Yes, we were high school sweet hearts. Yes, I really was that tiny and skinny. Yes, he really was a bean pole. Yes, our dance was only about 13 months before our wedding day. And, no, I did not have any trouble telling our prom and wedding pictures apart.. Duh. I didn't wear a veil to prom, I wore a tiara. And duh. I didn't wear blue in my wedding, I wore white.

Better late than never, right? Besides, I'm pretty sure we were late to our prom too.. so it's all good. (There's actually a pretty funny story about that.. I should have Aman put it on his blog..)

So, here they are. Enjoy.

The pre-game show...

I wasn't snobby. Just shy.

I'm pretty sure we only talk to like one of all those people now.. (Hi Evan!)

All together now... 'Awwwwe!'

And the formal shots.. Isn't he handsome?? Such a gentleman in his penguin suit! *Sigh..*

Trust me, we look way more elegant and sophisticated than we were/are. Still, we had a fun night.. at least, I did. And I wasn't boring enough for him to dump me afterward, so that's good. Heh.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dumb Shwip..

I had planned on posting the next part of my short story today, but it will have to wait. Parenting and... life have gotten in the way today. Whatever. It will be up tomorrow. I hope.

This afternoon the boys were playing and at one point Kieran says:

"Dumb... shwip." as he looks around and notices I'm listening. Yeah, I'm on to you buddy.. watch your mouth.

Aidan, on his way out of the kitchen with some crackers says, "Good thing you didn't say dumb shit!"

I laughed. I couldn't help it.

Dumb shwips.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - God Needs Pants Too.


I love home schooling.

No really, I do.

You see, I bitch and moan and complain about it A LOT when I'm disorganized. Because, you know, if I'm disorganized, then my kids are disorganized.. and if my kids are disorganized, then it just isn't going to happen.

Jo just stole the last bit of my burrito, squeezed the filling out onto her plate, and then gave it back. She's awesome.

I finally had time to get my organizer out and write out what needs to be done on what days for the summer.. things are now moving along smoothly once again with school. Not only do the kids see right there in front of me what is 'on the list' for today, but they also see it checked off when they are done - visible progress.

We like visible progress.

Like the progress we made on spring cleaning last weekend due to the fact that my parents were coming to visit. There's nothing like a visit from my mother to get my rear in gear! We de-crap-ified our dining room and kitchen which even included moving a few put-shits up to the attic. It's much nicer in here now.. even if there is a bit of an echo.. echo echo echo...

Where was I?

Oh, home schooling.

So yesterday, I had to make these folder things for the kids for their reading. Unfortunately, I suck at following directions. You see.. oh, nevermind. it's confusing. Let's just say that in the end they were supposed to have two sets of words on small pieces of paper - a group of /oo/ as in 'book' and a group of /oo/ as in 'spoon' words. Inside the folder, there was a slot for each group of words. But mom had them write the wrong words on the papers.. am awesome.

So I made the folders and then realized my mistake.. so what did I do? "Here guys.. just draw a picture on them or something.."

What the hell is this supposed to be shaped like?? The orange one.. in the middle there.. The things I find in my breakfast bowl...

So KJ starts drawing his usual stick figures and such. I start cleaning up reading stuff to make room for math books and glance at his drawing. It was.. interesting. He noticed me looking at what looked like an 'm' on the top of one leg and what looked like.. um.. a rocketship? on the top of the other.

He says to me "That's an 'm', and that's a 'puppet'." I laughed at him and said, "Okaaay... sure." and continue switching the books.

Then he says, "Actually, that's a butt, and that's a weiner." Only he's drawn pants around the figure now and is coloring them in. "That's why I drew pants on him." To which I reply, "Well, that's good. Even stick figures shouldn't go around with butts and weiners hanging out all willy nilly."

But that wasn't the end of it.. Oh no. There were more surprises in store for me. Here is the finished product:

Yep, God love KJ, and KJ loves God.. So much that KJ was kind enough to give God some pants.

In other news.. Last night I discovered that someone had posted the first part of my new short story, Never Let Go, on their news paper website blog thingie. Since I included Ashland, OR as a location in my story, it gained me some attention from Ashland Daily Tidings and they shared my story! I think that's awesome. But would love it if next time someone wants to share my work, they at least let me know they're doing so. Kthankx.

Part 2 of said story will likely be up tomorrow or Thursday.. Not sure. I'm working on that as well as my book, so it just depends on what I make more progress with. Patience people.

Really though, I just want to give you all more time to check out Part 1. So get on it.

My husband made me this for Mother's Day.

It was yummy.

Now go check out Keely, the fearless leader of the Random Tuesday Thoughts crew.

Peace out, homies!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Because you never know when you might need to be saved from killer crabs..

As you know I started a contest to win something from Joe's Crab Shack, the awesome-est place to eat when you're in the mood to get crabs. You can see the original post here where I asked you to share about your favorite Joe story.

I know I was supposed to have this done like two days ago, but since I'm pretty sure everyone in my family has the swine flu has a cold, things have slowed to a crawl here once again.

Thank you all for your patience.

Here is the video announcing the winner of our latest Joe's Crab Shack give away!

My Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction - Joe's Crab Shack Give Away 2

Joe's Crab shack teamed up with Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction for a second give away. We have the ChurchPunk Family carving the winners name into Torrin's hair as Aman shaves his shag for a cooler look.

Check out Joe's Crab shack at a location near you

Also check out Family Force 5's new CD and Download "Dance or Die with a Vengence" coming out May 19th.

The winner receives a sweet Joe's Crab Shack t-shirt and $25 gift card as seen here:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Never Let Go - Part 1

I enjoy a challenge now and then. So, this morning I was feeling a little stumped on what to blog about. What did I do? I went to my lovely followers on Twitter (all 540 of them) and asked them for an 'interesting topic or, better yet, a creative writing prompt'..

My good friend, Mary, from my local writing group gave me this gem:
"You find something other than lint in your pocket. It brings back memories.."

Now, let's get to work!

Sara pulled her jacket tighter as she walked down the front steps outside her apartment building. She was starting to doubt that she would ever get used to the cold here in Chicago as she pulled the zipper all the way up to her chin.

As she walked down the street, she lamented the fact that she had once again forgotten to slip on some gloves and she shoved her hands deep in her pockets. Only this time she found more than lint in the left one.

Hmm, what's this then? she thought. She hadn't worn these jeans since moving from Ashland, Oregon to Chicago last May. What could this be? she wondered as she wrapped her fingers around a crumpled piece of paper and pulled it out.

Sara assumed it was likely just an old receipt or shopping list.

But it wasn't.

She unfolded the small piece of notebook paper and immediately recognized Matt's slightly messy handwriting. Matt. He was practically the whole reason she'd left Ashland. Not that anyone knew that. They all assumed it was simply for pursuit of bigger roles in bigger theatres. But no, this move was even more of an escape than donning a costume and sauntering onto a stage.

God, I miss him.. Sara thought to herself as she gently smoothed the softened paper and walked street littered with red-gold and brown leaves. It wasn't much. Just a short note that he'd tucked in one of her books while visiting her one night, a short note with a poem.

My lovely Sara,
I'm so glad we got to spend this evening together. I won't ever forget it. I won't ever forget how you looked tonight, with your hair pulled up, and your silky blue dress that looked like it was made just for you.. Those soft tendrils of brown hair grazing your cheek, your neck.. I longed to be a lock of that hair, to rest against your smooth skin like that. It would be heaven to me. Thank you for going to dinner and dancing with me. I never imagined I would be so lucky as to have a girl like you in my life. But here you are. I will never let you go.

All my love,

the sun, moon, and stars
their beauty and wonder pale
when compared to yours

A chill went down her spine as she read his words. It felt like years had passed since that night. But in reality it had only been months. Still, the months had dragged on, full of confusion, joy, and pain. Sara was just so relieved to be far away from him now.

to be continued...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Monkeys have nipples too.


That's right my friends! ChurchPunkMom is having herself a little Random Tuesday fun this week!

I know you're excited.

But try not to wet yourself.
I really don't need any extra laundry.
I've totally forgotten what it's like to live in a house where laundry is 'caught up'. I mean, I know that no one ever really feels like they're 'caught up' on laundry.. but if I only had one or two loads of laundry waiting for me, I might just drop dead from shock. A household of seven generates about 2 loads of laundry a day (at least when small children are involved), just to give you an idea. Now, we do our best to be kind to mother earth and cut down on that work load a bit by re-wearing the not-so-dirty clothes.. but it still piles up pretty quick. And my bedroom is Laundry Central. I think there's carpet under the laundry.. but I don't know what color it is.

I'm looking forward to buying a box of crayons and knowing that none of them will be literally consumed, but rather consumed in the fashion that crayons are intended to be consumed. Life with short people is amazing.. and colorful.

Today is cinco de Mayo and I'm married to a Mexican, guess what I'm doing today! I wish we had some tequila.. A Mexican home without tequila is like an Irish home without whiskey.. we don't have any whiskey either. What is wrong with us!?!?!

Just so you all know.. that post from yesterday? The new Joe's Crab Shack giveaway (go enter!!).. the story was not written by me. I wish it was.. I mean, I thought it was a great story.. But it wasn't. It was my husband. I guess we all know who's really the creative genius around here now.. Secret's out. I may as well quit writing.. *sulk* Whatever. I shall go drown my sorrows in some garlicy butter sauce with some hot steamy crab meat.. mmmmm... crabs.

I'm now taking votes on what color to dye my hair next. Feel free to be funky, be creative, be crazy.. after all, I'm married to a man who actually went to work looking like this (I'm not planning to cut again though.. just dye.)..

I posted an excerpt of my current book in progress some time ago (in case you missed it, it is now also posted at The Open End).. Not many of you read it.. I cried a little. But thank you very much to those who did! And I think Captain Dumbass (who I rudely did not email afterwards.. I apologize) hit it on the head.. If I'm just not feeling it right now, I should put it aside and work on something else for a bit. I may just do that. I'm still feeling a bit stuck in the mud on that one and think I may gain some momentum if I work on my other one for a bit. Thank you, friend, for the clue-by-four. I must say though, I found it quite amusing that a couple (few?) people suggested I write a fictional story from my own life, or a fictional version of my life.. If I were to write a fictional version of my life, how would you know that that's what it was? I mean.. if it was fictional, wouldn't I change details so that you wouldn't recognize that it's about me? Wouldn't that be the point of making it fictional?? And how do you know that that story isn't just that? Or any other story you've read here? Hmmmm... You people.. You think you know me..

But I love you all. I do.

My kids are healthy right now. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyone want to babysit them for a few days while we go to Cornerstone in June?? We really really want to go and meet our fabulous friends the Daytons, but there are so many ridiculously awesome bands that we don't really want to bring the kids (I know.. we're so selfish). You may email your application to visit my wonderful adorable children starting... NOW. I won't even charge you room and board. I'm generous like that.

I got an award! I love awards. They are the awesomeness.. This award is particularly dear to my heart.. because it both lays eggs and eats brains! The Zombie Chicken Award!
I got this fabulous award from the loverly Pamela at The Dayton Time (you see why I'm inclined to go to great concerts lengths to meet her?) and here is what she said..
The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the Zombie Chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all.
Wow! I'm not sure about all that.. but I like the sound of it. Thanks Pammy! *muah* And now, for 5 lucky bloggers who I will bestow this most valued prize to...
  1. Lisa at Lisa Brandos at Home
  2. Keely at The Un Mom
  3. Aman at Only Aman
  4. aaaaannndd... I'm too lazy to pick anymore.
  5. so there... no wait. also, The Mister.
I really want a dog. I miss Molly terribly, and I want a dog. The upside? It's motivating me to get my house thoroughly cleaned up.. cause that's needed before a dog comes to live with us. And no, I will not be getting a labradoodle. What the hell is a labradoodle??

Oh, that's a Labradoodle.. hm.

Now, go visit Keely. She's like the Random HeadMaster and she deserves your respect. Go love on her and tell her I sent you. Cause I'm a teacher's pet like that.

I just told my 3yo, Eliana, to hug her brother less violently. For reals.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Joe Saved My Life From Killer Crabs

So there we were, my hot hunk of a husband Matt Damon Aman and I, we were walking along a beach. It was glorious. We were perfectly content just enjoying the 2 of us and the sand and the water and the waves and the smell of the sea blowing into our faces and the fresh crystal clear water splashing onto our skin.

THEN! ALL AT ONCE! Aman grabs me by the arm and pulls me close and opens his mouth to say something. Instead of the usual sweet smile on his face (the one he has before he tells me that he loves me) I notice his eyes are glued to the road behind me and then I turn around and THERE THEY WERE!

Thousands of crabs on the road, coming towards us. They were all over and we were surrounded. We looked into each others eyes thinking this was the last we would ever see each other after the crabs attacked us... when out of the ocean came a man. I can't give all of the details as my eyes were closed with fright, but I can tell you he was a very attractive man with the sweetest voice... like honey on toast... well more like a sweet voice... anyway... he simply said "freeze" and all at once, as if he took a photo or freeze framed a video. Everything was still. Aman and I were left watching hoping the man did not kill us. He then blew a whistle and out of the water came a team of men and women who grabbed the crabs and placed them in their submarine/shipping bus. The man walked to us and said "my name is Joe. I come to save you from crabs and offer you a feast. Aman and I didn't want to argue with the powerful man... so we went with his crew of people served up the most delicious steamed crab, crab based appetizers, alcoholic beverages and other food.

As we dined and enjoyed the scenery, we noticed our children playing happily on the playground. All was right with the world once again.

He told us to share his awesome food with others by giving away a free gift card and a shirt to share his love for the crabs. How could we argue as we are but a simple people and he was something much more awesome.

So help him fight the war on crabs. We don't want them to take over the world.

The contest I am having is for a t-shirt and $25 gift card to Joe's Crab Shack. If your name is Kurt and you won this before, you cannot enter unless you get 10 new people to sign up. Feel free to tell us about your magical Joe's Crab Shack meal.

If you want to win you may do the following:

- Comment On this post and tell about either one of the 2 options
1. You favorite Joe's Crab Shack experience
2. Your most embellished crab attack story

- Tweet the following: "I Entered the Free Crabs Contest at #JoesCrabs - Click Here For Contest:"

Entries end at 11:59pm on Friday May 8th.

So get to commenting and tweeting.

Do it for me, do it for you.. do it for the children..

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