Saturday, January 31, 2009

20 Things I Could Look Forward To..

So Teri and I were talking yesterday.. and I was all 'woe is me' on the phone with her.. being depressed and whiny, cause I'm like that. So she decided she wanted to try and help me out.. to cheer me up. I told her to piss off.. but she wouldn't. So here is my assignment from her. She told me to list out twenty things that I could look forward to. They don't have to be realistic or practical.. but that would be a plus. So here goes..

I could look forward to...
  1. Taking a trip with my husband.. just us two with no kids. Somewhere romantic and expensive... and maybe even exotic.
  2. Seeing old friends that I haven't seen in years. Having a drink and a laugh together, catching up on all we've missed in each other's lives.
  3. Taking a trip to Europe.. seeing Ireland.
  4. Going to Canada again.. and having tea in the Empress Hotel (I was bummed when we missed it when I was there in high school).
  5. Meeting Steenky Bee and some of my other favorite bloggers in Colorado this summer.. But mostly meeting Steenky.. I heart you.
  6. Taking a road trip with my whole family back to California.. seeing old friends along the way, visiting The City, going to the beach, and seeing J's family again..
  7. Hanging out with Amy and David, and their girls, when they come visit soon..
  8. Eating an awesome piece of cheesecake without thinking about it making me fat.
  9. Getting a new projector so we can hook up our Wii again.. I need to do me some Wii Fit.
  10. Playing Mario Kart with Teri on Wii.
  11. Tossing back a beer (or two..) with Teri and Kevin..
  12. Visiting my brother and his family in Florida.
  13. Swimming.. and then swimming some more..
  14. Buying an oboe and playing again.. I loved playing oboe.. and maybe a trombone.
  15. Getting a piano, playing again.. and teaching my kids to play.
  16. Doing some acting, preferably theater..
  17. Riding a unicorn into the sunset.
  18. Getting a horse (Aidan would really like that too).
  19. Owning a dog again.
  20. Getting another tattoo.
Okay. There ya go Teri. Hope you liked it.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Music Friday (Spin Cyle Style)

This week we're mixing it up a bit..

This week's theme for the Spin Cycle is Songs. So, I decided to play. I contemplated just picking one of my current favorites and posting a video, like usual.. but I figured if I'm going to really Spin it.. I ought to put more thought into it, right?

So here is something I put together a few years ago (gosh.. has it really been *years*??).. My friend Amy, and her family, lived with us for a short time.. due to some unfortunate circumstances that left them essentially homeless. Our time together was anything but peaceful.. How could it be? We were living in a 3 bedroom house in California with 4 adults, the 4 ChurchPunk kids, as well as their one child.. with another due to arrive any day.

We managed to make it work, we got along, and we now look back on our time together very fondly. Our parting was bittersweet. After the intense bonding that comes with living all together under one roof, Amy and her family moved back home to Missouri. It seemed way too far away.. it was way too far away. And now that I'm a neighbor to the north of Missouri? She's in freakin' Virginia. I can't win..

Anyway, here's the video I put together after they left to profess my undying love for this friend of mine.. The music is Audio Adrenaline "Goodbye" (they also sing "Churchpunks" in case you're wondering..). Enjoy. (and please forgive the crummy audio.. not sure what's up with that..)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Other Girl (Part 5)

By the end of rehearsal the following week, Melissa was feeling quite anxious about the ride home. She'd been asking around, but had not had any luck in finding someone else to take her home that week.

Jon stood patiently waiting as she packed up her things and got ready to go. She could feel his eyes on her and wished she hadn't worn such a low cut shirt. Stupid warm weather.. she thought to herself.

The ride to her house was very quiet.. as a matter of fact, they'd barely talked since the pool party on Saturday. She wondered if she might be able to just hop out of the truck and go inside today. She felt a strange sense of almost obligation toward Jon, and didn't know whether that or the idea of being alone in the truck in the driveway made her feel more uncomfortable.

Melissa breathed a sigh of relief as they pulled into the driveway and she saw that the garage door was open. Her mother was just getting out of her car. Jon pulled into the driveway and Melissa took off her seat belt and smiled broadly at him. But he was staring into the open garage, hand still on the gear shifter.

"Well, I guess I better go in." Melissa said, as her mother waved at them. Jon smiled back at her with an obvious look of disappointment in his eyes.
"Yeah, I guess so." he replied. She leaned over and gave him a quick hug.
"See you tomorrow."
"Hey, are you going out this weekend?" Jon asked as she reached for the door handle. "John and Tom and I were going to play pool this weekend with your brother.. you coming?"
"I don't know.." Melissa answered. "Maybe." and with that, she hopped out of the truck and entered the house through the open garage.

Melissa did not join them at the pool hall. She really didn't have much interest in going out with them, with or without her brother. After their game, John came over to hang out with her brother and help him work on his car for a while. Melissa stayed in her room most of the time that they were there.

After a couple hours of sitting in her room sketching and reading, Melissa went out to use the bathroom. As she was finishing and about to open the door, there was a knock.

Melissa opened the door to find John.

He smiled at her and raised his eyebrows, pushing his way into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him.

John and Melissa had done a lot of flirting over the past two years. He was a senior this year and was getting ready to join the Army. Despite all the flirting though, nothing more than hugs had ever occurred between them.. until today.

John stepped toward her and pulled her to him. Despite the grease stains on his jeans, he still smelled of cologne and aftershave. He always smells good.. Melissa thought as his face came close to hers.

"Can I leave the bathroom, please." Melissa said, avoiding his eyes.
"Not until you give me a kiss." he answered. Melissa narrowed her eyes and looked him in the face. He grinned back. She stretched her neck, getting up on her toes and pecked him on the cheek.
"There." she said. "Now, may I go?"
"You call that a kiss?" John said as he pulled her tighter to him, lifting her off her feet. His mouth covered hers and she clung to his neck as he picked her up.. not knowing what else to do. She contemplated kicking him in the shins.. but wasn't entirely sure she wanted to. John maneuvered her to the floor and she squirmed a bit under him as he straddled her.

"I gave you a kiss." she said. "Now let me go."
"You didn't give me a kiss." he teased. "I gave you one." He pinned her wrists to the bathroom floor with one hand and bent over her to kiss her again. Melissa twisted under him as he started to unbutton her shorts with the other hand, but the hard floor was unyielding and she could barely move.

"John.." Melissa said when he finally moved his mouth away from hers. "John, stop."
"Stop what?" he said, sliding his hand up her shirt.

Melissa had had enough. She wriggled one of her hands free from his grasp and as he tried to catch it again, she twisted and pushed her way free from his clutches. He sat back and grinned at her, reaching behind his head and locking the bathroom door.

Melissa scrambled to her feet and watched as John's ears perked up.. hearing the door to the garage slamming as her brother came in the house. He jumped up and left the bathroom.

Melissa shut and locked the door again behind him. Turning around, she slid down the bathroom door to the floor. She sat there, wondering how on earth she'd gotten herself into this situation..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Other Girl (Part 4)

Melissa's head broke the surface of the water, her face meeting the warm late spring air in the darkness as beads of water rolled down her forehead and a wake formed down the sides of her body as it rippled like a wave in the pool. It was early May, the weather had turned warm enough in their little Northern California suburb that Jon had decided to have a pool party.

His house was the go to place for such events. It was the perfect 'party house', with a large living room that opened out onto a deck. A killer stereo system and a big screen TV sat in the living room with the oversized brown leather furniture. The back yard was shielded by a circle of trees that reined in the various tables and chairs on the deck and patio, the bar-b-que equipment, the large swimming pool and the hot tub. A garden path wound it's way around the perimeter of the pool patio with benches and rose bushes scattered about.

Tonight's party was the first of this year and only a dozen or so people had come. But it was late now and the crowd had dwindled and Melissa was the only girl left in attendance. She was alone in the pool at the moment, having the full length of the deep cool water to glide along. As she neared the opposite wall of the pool, Melissa rolled over in the water and ducked her head under again. She pulled her feet up under and stood up, adjusting her green plaid bikini. She smoothed her hair, wringing the excess water out of it, and climbed the stairs out of the pool.

Looking around, Melissa realized that the other only person outside was John, who was digging in a cooler near the back door on the deck. Melissa walked silently to the chaise where she had tossed her towel and shed her sweat shorts and black t-shirt. Her sandals were still on the cement beside the chair and she slid her feet into them after rubbing them dry with her towel. The sun had disappeared, save for a soft orange glow along the horizon, and the air was cooling quickly. Melissa wrapped the towel around herself and picked up her clothing, heading for the back door to the house.

John looked up at her as she neared and he smiled at her as he stood and opened a can of Coke. She passed him and headed for the bathroom off the living room in the house, noticing that just Tom and Jon remained in the living room. They were hanging out and talking when she walked in. They looked up as she entered and their voices fell silent as Jon smiled a little nervously at her. Were it not for U2's With or Without You playing in the background, you could have heard a pin drop in the sudden hush.

Melissa slowed without stopping on her way to the bathroom, feeling her face flush as droplets of water fell from the ends of her long dark red hair and rolled down her bare chest. She closed the bathroom door and looked in the mirror, relieved to see nothing out of the ordinary in her reflection. She removed her suit and wrung out as much water as she could, rolling it in her towel and squeezing it. She stood for a moment, contemplating whether or not to put it back on under her clothes.. she expected she'd be leaving soon and didn't really want the cold wet suit on. She left it rolled in her towel and pulled on her green sweat shorts and black t-shirt, then pulled her wet hair back into a pony tail and opened the bathroom door.

Jon sat at one end of the sofa and Tom was sitting in an huge armchair in the corner. Melissa had spent lots of time with Tom over the past couple years, they were good friends and very comfortable together. She headed for the little bit of space left in the chair with Tom, feeling more than a little self-conscious about her attire in the presence of Jon. He grinned at her approvingly from across the room and got up to refill his drink, offering to get something for Tom or Melissa who both declined. Melissa was so relieved that Tom had agreed to take her home tonight, not feeling up to another trip in Jon's truck just yet.

She sank into the big leather chair beside Tom who put his arm around her shoulders. His breath smelled odd and Melissa wondered at what he might have been drinking as he started tracing circles on her shoulder with his finger. She felt his breath on her neck and felt a little dizzy as his lips began toying with her ear.

My God, what has Jon been saying about me?? Melissa wondered.

Melissa turned her head, pulling her earlobe out of Tom's mouth, so that she could face him. As she moved, he shifted in the chair hooking his leg over hers and practically diving on her with a kiss. His hand started at her knee and moved quickly up her body, groping her breast. Melissa twisted and pulled away, tasting alcohol on his breath.

"Tom, you're drunk." Melissa said, putting her hand over his to stop his groping.
"No, I'm not." he answered, moving in for another kiss.
"Dude, you're totally drunk," Jon laughed. "Maybe I should give you a ride home, Melissa?"
"No, I'll take her home." John said, taking a last slurp from his can of Coke. "I need to get going though, it's late. You about ready to go, Melissa?"
"Ready when you are," she answered, prying herself from Tom's groping hands.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Other Girl (Part 3)

Melissa made note that Misty was not at school on either Thursday or Friday.. By Tuesday, her curiosity got the best of her, and she asked Jon.

"Hey, I haven't seen Misty around.. Where's she been?" Jon shot her a look of shock and hurt, as if she had just slapped him in the face. It was fleeting, but Melissa caught it.
"She's on vacation with her parents.. out of town until next week." he answered flatly with his face following suit.
"Ah, I see.." Melissa said.
"So, uh.." Jon smiled at her and cocked his head to the side, "You still need a ride home tomorrow?"
"Yep." Melissa said with a touch of reluctance. It may be time for me to start looking for other options.. she thought to herself.
"Alright then," he replied with a satisfied look. "I'll see you then."

Jon stood waiting as Melissa packed up her instrument. She stood and followed him toward the band room door, passing by Mr. Owens on their way out.

"See you tomorrow guys," Mr. Owens said, looking up from his stack of sheet music. "You kids behave yourselves."
"Always," Melissa answered, her eyes meeting his. He looked at Jon who gave a quick wave and raised an eyebrow.

Jon led the way through the parking lot to his truck again, opening the passenger door for Melissa, as usual. The ride to her house was always the same.. small talk and pleasantries. No real meaningful conversation. Melissa was half tempted to bring up Misty again, but questioned herself 'Why?' and couldn't seem to come up with an answer.

Jon killed the engine again today and was reaching for her before she had pressed the button on her seat belt. Melissa's breath caught in her throat, a little taken aback by his eagerness. He was already kissing her and pulling at her clothing.

"I want you.." Jon whispered as he took her hand and pulled it to the waist of his pants. He gripped her hand tightly and shoved it down into his pants. Holy shit.. Melissa thought. What the hell am I supposed to do? It was the first time she'd ever had her hand in someone else's pants before, she wasn't quite ready for this.

Melissa paused for a moment.. as if time had stood still just for her, so she could think for a moment. She slowly pulled her hand back and gently pulled away from Jon. He leaned closer and kissed her again. Melissa scooted back in the seat away from him and mumbled that she needed to go.

Jon looked a little hurt, but was still grinning. He breathed heavily as he watched her put her clothing back together.

"I've got lots of homework tonight.." Melissa lied as she straightened her shirt.
"Sure," Jon said, smiling at her, his eyes working their way over her body.
"I'll see you tomorrow?" Melissa said.
"Of course." Jon answered, starting the engine.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Other Girl (Part 2)

Melissa watched Jon closely at school over the next week. He still seemed to be hanging around Misty less.. They were no longer holding hands and kissing on each other all the time, this made Melissa breathe a sigh of relief. It sure appears that they've broken up.. she thought to herself. She certainly had no interest in making out with someone else's boyfriend.

The week was busy, Jon and Melissa doing little more than crossing paths at school now and then. He'd give her the occasional hug, as he always had, and confirmed on Tuesday that she would indeed need another ride home from practice on Wednesday. His dark brown eyes sparkled and he grinned while they talked. She knew what he was after.

Sure enough, as he pulled his truck to a stop in the driveway the following afternoon, Jon killed the engine and gave Melissa a flirtatious smile. She took off her seat belt and he pulled her closer to him, wrapping his arm around her waist. Jon leaned in and kissed Melissa as he reached his other hand up her shirt. My, he moves fast! Melissa thought to herself. But, feeling secure that she was not intruding on another girl's territory, she didn't protest as he reached around her and unhooked her bra.

They sat there in the truck for a few more minutes, succumbing to the power of their teenage hormones. Then Jon sat back and looked at Melissa, she squinted as the afternoon sun was sinking lower and his face became a shadow with an orange glow coming over his shoulder. He touched her face and said, "I better get going.." Melissa smiled back at him and he gave her one last kiss.

"Okay," she answered, letting go and reaching her arms around her back to re-hook her bra. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yep." Jon answered, starting the engine. "See you tomorrow."

Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Music Friday

Mae - Suspension

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Other Girl

"Are you ready to go?" Jon asked.
"Yep, let me just get my bag.." Melissa answered.

Now that Melissa's parents were both working longer hours, she was left with no way to get home from band practice. Jon had graciously offered to give her a ride.

"Let's go then," he said, smiling at her as his brown eyes made their way from the top of her head all the way down to her toes. He ran his hand through his short black hair and bent to pick up his saxophone case.

It was spring, nearly the end of her sophomore year of high school, and they had just finished the first installment of a 6 week 'spring training' for marching band. Mr. Owens wanted to get a head start on next year's season - he felt that the long break between marching seasons had hurt them in the competitions this year. He was opening the door to the equipment storage room near the door to the parking lot as Melissa and Jon headed that direction.

"Stay out of trouble, guys," he said, smiling at Melissa. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Bye, Mr. Owens," Jon answered as he walked past. Melissa raised her hand to wave and smiled back as she passed through the door. Melissa followed Jon to his little green Toyota pick-up, her flute in hand and music folder tucked under her arm.

Jon walked to the passenger side of the vehicle and unlocked the door, opening it for Melissa. She smiled and thanked him as she climbed into the cab and put on her seat belt while he walked around to the driver's side, putting his belongings in the back on the way.

Small talk ensued during the 10min drive from the high school to Melissa's house. The usual topics of how strict Mr. Owen's was, plans of what to do over summer break, and talk about the upcoming band trip. Jon was a good friend, almost like a brother to Melissa. He was the same age as her brother - only a year older than herself - and had some of the same friends as him. She'd been to some of the pool parties at his house last summer, and had ridden with him on the way to band functions over the past year. They enjoyed being together.

As Jon pulled into Melissa's driveway, only about a mile from his own house, Melissa unbuckled her seat belt.

"Do you need a ride next week?"
"I need a ride any time you can give me one." Melissa laughed.
"Well, sure, no problem!" Jon answered smiling.

Melissa leaned over to give him a hug as she thanked him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her just a moment or two longer than he usually did.. Melissa thought of his long time girlfriend, and thought of how little time they'd been spending around each other lately.. She recalled wondering if they had broken up. As she pulled back, ready to let go of this oddly long hug, Jon pulled her closer and covered her mouth with a kiss.

Melissa's eyes opened wide. She thought they might pop out of her head like a cartoon character, as if she'd been squeezed too tightly. She felt Jon's hand slide down her back as he kissed her it moved along her waist, making it's way to her front as his other arm held her tightly. She pulled back a little harder now, pushing against his chest, and sat back breathlessly in her seat. She was shocked by Jon's gutsy approach. He looked in her eyes and smiled, one eyebrow sneaking a little closer to his hairline.

"Um.. wow, Jon.. I don't know what to say.." Melissa stammered, her mind racing almost as fast as her heart. She wasn't even sure if she was attracted to this boy, and found his advances rather more forceful than she liked.

Jon laughed a little. "Well, I'll see you in the morning then?" he said as he put the truck in gear, still smiling.

"Um... yeah. Okay." Melissa said, still shocked and speechless. "I'll see you in the morning.."

Monday, January 19, 2009

I have a dream..

I have a dream, that one day...

I will feel like I have a good handle on home schooling my kids..
My house will be neat, tidy... or at least organized?
My kids will do some chores..
Baby Jo will do something other than squeal and grunt.. (there's a reason she's often called 'Piglet')
We will have our own vehicle again..
Life will not feel like it's whizzing past me at a million miles per hour and I will feel like I actually have time to enjoy things..
I will be one of the 'cool kids' in the blogosphere (though just having a few of them comment here is making me feel pretty awesome for now..)..
I will not be either nursing or pregnant.. seriously, 8+ years is long enough!
My feline companions and I will reside peacefully together once more..
I will get another dog, and actually have time for it!
I will also have time to do things like shower, and brush my teeth every day..
My husband won't have to work so much and miss out on so much..
I will publish my book..
I will be able to say 'I am a writer' and not feel silly or feel like I'm lying..
I will start swimming again..
We will look back on today, enjoy and smile at the memories, and thank God that we made it through in one piece...


Happy Martin Luther King Day.. keep dreaming.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Help! I can't find my cocoon!

My sweet friend Teri, over at Cold Lemonade gave me this purdy award.. It appears I have finally emerged from my cocoon and spread my wings! I'm not sure which tickles me more - the fact that she admires me enough to give me the award or that she knew how much I'd be irritated by appreciate the poor grammar. That thar is sum gud Engrish.

Though Teri and I have not met face to face, we've known each other longer than we've read each others blogs. She's a very dear friend to me who I found because we shared some common tragedy and came together to help each other through some very hard times. She will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Teri, for the award and for your friendship. Someday we'll go out for a drink and lots of giggles.

I'm having a good giggle at the moment actually.. As I type this up, Aidan, Kieran, and Eliana are playing with the new light sabers while Torrin plays with his Lightening McQueen toy in the middle of the floor and J and Jo use Eliana's new Crayola camcorder to make upside down/sideways movies.. awesome.

Anyway.. I guess I should bestow this honor upon another unsuspecting victim.. hmmm... whom shall I choose...

I know!

I pass this award on to Captain Dumbass, over at Us and Them. Cause, I know how much he likes the frilly bling in his sidebar. I also would like to gift this gossamar beauty to Jillisa over at Break the Earth.. cause, she makes me giggle too. And I likes me some giggles. Go check her out, I hear she likes comments. *wink, wink*

Aaaand... I'm lazy, so that's all I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go play Star Wars with my kids now. C-ya.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Favorite Music Friday (updated because I found the actual video)

House of Heroes - In the Valley of the Dying Sun

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Boy Scout - Epilogue Part 2

He picked her up at 8pm. She didn't wait for him to come to the door this time. She heard that old pick up truck rumbling up the street and pulling to a stop in front of her house. She headed out the door and hopped into the passenger seat of the truck. She gave him a quick smile as she yanked her door shut behind her. He smiled back at her and she caught that look in his eye that she'd missed so much over the past year.. She knew tonight would prove to be an interesting night.

There was a double feature of Happy Gilmore and The Rock. It sounded like an odd combination, but both had decent reviews.

Billy and Mary didn't talk much on the way to the theater. Mostly just small talk and Billy talking a little about potential colleges he may go to.. Mary had run into his mom at the school library where she was helping students look up information on colleges that specialized in what they were interested in majoring in.

They pulled into a spot at the drive-in as the last bit of daylight disappeared. Billy chose a spot without many cars around it near the back corner of the lot and tuned the radio to the correct station for their screen. He parked the truck backwards so that they could sit in the bed of the truck out in the warm June air - there was a gentle breeze picking up and he pulled a blanket out from under the front seat in the cab.

Billy pulled out a couple cans of Cherry Coke and a big bag of Reese's Pieces.. it was Mary's usual order when she and Billy had gone to movies. She was a bit surprised that he remembered and wondered if it was merely a coincidence.

Happy Gilmore was up first and Billy and Mary sat side by side against a pillow in the truck bed with their snacks. Billy finished his first and then put his arm around Mary's shoulders. She was a bit surprised by it, but gladly snuggled closer to him. The breeze picked up a bit more and Mary shivered a little. Billy reached for the blanket and spread it out over them as they sunk down lower until they were nearly lying down with their heads against the pillow. It didn't take long for his hands to find their way into her pants again.

Mary was a little shocked.. and had no idea how to react to this. She lay there in the dark, trying to figure this boy out.. this boy who's hands were once again exploring her bare skin and pushing her clothing aside. Part of her wanted to just give in and let him have his way with her - she couldn't get over the feelings she had for him, she couldn't stop herself from loving him. But part of her also wanted to jump up and scream "What the hell do you think you're doing!? Get your hands off me!" He had no right to do this after the way he'd been toying with her over the last year, and to say she was growing weary of it was an understatement.

As the opening credits of The Rock began to show on the screen, Billy's hands stopped their exploration of her body, resting on her bare belly just above her still unbuttoned jeans. He was calm and quiet.. and, within a few minutes, fell asleep.

Mary lay there against his chest, listening to the rhythm of his breathing and heart beat. She wondered what would happen next.. Do they just go back to normal life? Is this somehow a new beginning to their relationship? Will he even call her after this?

As the movie ended, Mary gently shook Billy awake. He laughed a little and expressed surprise that he had fallen asleep.

"You ready to go?" he said.
"Yeah.. sure." Mary answered.

The ride home was equally quiet. Mary had no idea what to say to Billy.. and he seemed to have nothing to say to her either. She didn't know what she expected of him, but felt her heart sink a little as they pulled up to her house around 1am. She turned and smiled at him as she reached for the door handle.

"Well, don't be a stranger.." she said, pulling the handle.
"What? no hug?" he asked. She laughed a little, feeling a twinge of foolishness at her thoughts of him just going back to ignoring her, He's a nice boy.. why would he do that? She leaned over and hugged him.
"Thanks." he said, with that goofy half smile on his face again.
"Sure" she said, smiling back.
"I'll see you around, then.." Billy said, and she turned back to the door.
"Yeah... see you 'round."

Mary walked to the front door, pulling out her key on the way.. For once, Billy actually waited until she stepped in the front door before pulling away from the curb. She went to her room and got ready for bed, realizing that during that whole night Billy had never even kissed her.. that felt very odd to her. She crawled into bed feeling confused but unexpectedly happy...

Billy never called.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Boy Scout - Epilogue

Mary sat in the computer lab, trying to look busy while she waited for the bell to ring. There was only about 10min left of class. She had gotten out of her last class of the day a little early to come here and hear about the newspaper class that would be starting next year. Her public speaking teacher had stopped her after class the day before to see if she might be interested in it.. apparently her English teacher had passed her name on as someone who had journalism potential.

The head of the yearbook team, who was also the computer class teacher, addressed the students who had come in interested in becoming part of the newspaper team. She was not to be the one heading the newspaper, apparently there was a new teacher starting next year that would be taking that on.. but they wanted to make sure there was enough interest, that there would be enough students committed to it, so that they could decide whether it would be an actual class or just an after school project.

So Mary sat there at an empty computer, playing Solitaire after putting away the papers the teacher had passed out, waiting for the day to end.

Billy appeared in the doorway with Sam at his side.

Mary's heart skipped a beat. It seemed as if all the air had whooshed right passed Billy and out the door.. leaving none for her to breathe and she feared she might suffocate in his presence. She had been trying so hard to act normal around him for the past year. They'd gone out a few times with groups of friends from band, but things had always remained strained and awkward between them.

Mary sunk further down in her chair, lowering her head and wishing she could melt into a puddle on the floor.. that way it would hurt less when he stepped on her. She prayed he wouldn't see her sitting there.

He and Sam sat down in a couple seats toward the back of the room. She wondered what could have brought him in here, 10min from the end of the day only a few days from the end of the school year..

She looked forward to the summer. She had grown tired of trying to gain his attention, trying to nurture their friendship, tired of hoping for more only to be met with consistently less. She looked forward to giving up her end of it and being left alone for the next three months. Next year he would be a senior, and she would be a junior.. Only one more year until he's out of my life.. she thought to herself.

She breathed a little sigh of relief as he settled into the seat a few rows back and sat very still, barely moving a muscle.. imagining herself dissipating into vapor and falling in little droplets to the floor.. perhaps a little pool on her chair.

She heard footsteps behind her.

Billy sat in the empty chair beside her and looked at her. That little smirk curling his lips into the old familiar half smile that she saw so often in the beginning of their relationship. She felt her heart break a little more. She'd grown to hate seeing him look at her like that on the rare occasions he did over the past year. She hated the butterflies that filled her stomach and the warmth that rose within her.. She knew what that smile meant. But she knew it would only last a moment. She knew he could never really feel the way about her that she did about him.

She thought back to a phone conversation that they'd had over Thanksgiving break..

"How come you never call?" she had asked him.
"I don't know.. I just get... busy, I guess."
"It makes me feel like you don't really want to stay friends.. Do you?"
"Yeah. I do. Of course, I do. I like you. Why would you think otherwise?"
"Well.. I don't know.. Sometimes you're so.. nice. So attentive and seem so interested in me. Other times you're just cold and distant and you just ignore me. I don't know what to think."
"Why did you go out with me? Was it because my brother and his girlfriend pushed you into it? Or were you even attracted to me then?"
"I was attracted to you.. I mean, their encouragement didn't hurt.. But yeah, I was attracted to you, I liked you."
"What happened then? Did I just bore the heck out of you? Did I just turn out.. not how you expected?"
"Gosh.. I don't know.. You sure didn't bore me. You're anything but boring.."
long pause
"Was it because I told you I'm not a virgin?"
"Um... I dunno... Yeah. I guess that was a big part of it.."

Mary had had a good long cry after that conversation. She had officially experienced both ends of the spectrum of relational consequences that her 'sexual status' could bring.. She had been judged. Judged and dumped by a Christian boy. But she had also gone out with Chris..

That day in Algebra class, she'd laid her head on her desk and cried into her sleeve.. regretting all that she had done, all that had happened. Wishing she could go back in time to the night her boyfriend had snuck into her window and make a different choice.. Chris put his hand on her shoulder and asked her what was wrong. She told him everything.. and a couple of days later, he had asked her out. It wasn't long before he broke up with her, disappointed by the fact that she really wasn't interested in hopping in bed with him next. He had gone on and on that she'd only had a 'bad experience' because 'he didn't know what he was doing'.. and he wanted to show her how great it could be. She felt so dirty. Dirty, and a little disgusted.. and trapped. She recalled how relieved she'd been that day at his house when they were lying on his bed and he was fumbling with her clothing - zippers and buttons and hooks... he heard the garage door open, signaling his parent's arrival home.

"Shit.." he jumped up and re-buttoned his own pants as she put herself back together, breathing a sigh of relief.. she just didn't know how to say 'no', apparently. Thank you, God.. she'd thought to herself.

That phone conversation with Billy had left her feeling unjustly judged. Who was he to consider her somehow less than, somehow not worthy of his affection based on that fact? It all fell into place at that time.. it all made sense. He was attracted to her.. very much so. But he didn't want to be. Because he was also disgusted by her. She knew he was also a Christian, she had even gone to church with him.. and he with her, while they were dating. He knew how things worked with God. She had made her peace with God.. God had forgiven her, why couldn't he? He couldn't get past seeing her as 'tainted goods'.

That smile. She wanted to close her eyes and wish herself away, but she couldn't. She sat there beside him in the computer lab, waiting for him to speak.

"Hi." he said.
"What are you doing in here?"
"We had a meeting about starting a newspaper class next year."
"Oh.." he said, nodding his head slowly but keeping his eyes on her. "I see." He was sizing her up again, she could feel it. She was tired of it, but couldn't help but hope for different results this time. "So.. uh.. got any big plans for summer?" he asked, leaning his elbow on the desk and tilting his head to the side as he looked at her.
"No. You?"
"Nope. You.. uh.. wanna hang out?"
"Sure. I guess.. You have something in mind?"
"Well, the drive-ins open next week.. I was thinking maybe we could go see a movie?" Gosh, that sounds an awful lot like a date.. are you sure you want to do that with me? she thought to her self.
"Sure.. yeah, that sounds fun." she said, smiling shyly as she met his eyes.

Monday, January 12, 2009


So Clark, over at Clark Kent's Lunchbox, tagged me for a fun and quick little meme. I'm trying to organize in my brain which stories I'm going to tell and when in the coming weeks.. And this meme gives me the perfect distraction to help me avoid getting it all sorted out.. Thanks Clark! (seriously.. I'm like starting to get writer's constipation.. I've got lots to get out, but I'm still trying to get myself to the toilet.. er.. um.. blog. Wait.. Oh, nevermind.) So, here are the rules..

1.go to your documents
2. go to your 6th file.
3.go to your 6th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 6 friends to do the same.

I checked both my Photobucket albums and the files on my computer for this meme.. I decided to go with the picture from the computer.. and, here it is.


For those of you who are not parents, that is not a picture of some modern art lamp shade.. It is an ultra sound image of a fetus. NO, I'm not pregnant. It's Joella! Hm.. what to say about that... Well, we actually debated about not getting an ultra sound during that pregnancy - we really had no need for one. My midwife left it up to us. In the end (obviously) we decided, 'what the heck, why not?' and went for it. Of course, we decided to not find out the gender. For this ultra sound, we decided to bring all the older children along rather than get a baby sitter. J and I watched the screen in wonderment, delighted to see this little person we'd helped create come to life on a little fuzzy black and white screen. We listened to the heartbeat, counted the fingers and toes, and listened to our other offspring say such things as 'What's that?' 'It is?' 'Why does it look like that?' 'I need to go potty.' 'What's that?' 'Are we done yet?' 'I'm hungry.' 'Can we go now?'

It was awesome.

No matter, we didn't let the kids dampen the mood and just hoped that they would look back fondly one day and remember the experience.. Or at least remember picking up McDonald's on the way home..

So, I'm going to assign this task now to 6 more people.. and here they are...
Amy at The Spritely Syndicate
Pamela at The Dayton Time
Daddy Joe at Daddyus Dorkus
Jillisa at Break the Earth
Mary Moore at Holy Mackerel
Erin at Moore to Love

So get to it, people!


In other news, today is Eliana's birthday! She turns 3 today. She is determined to wear the same diaper she slept in last night like.. all day or something.. and is quickly stinking up the house. I will soon have to chase her down and tie her to the bed so I can change her and give all of our nostrils some blessed relief.

I was too lazy to wrap her presents, but no matter.. she didn't care. She's busy playing with her little mini Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and My Little Ponies and didn't miss the pink polka dot wrapping paper for a moment. More for next year, I say. She's probably spent half the morning screaming at anyone that comes withing 6 feet of her, for fear of them touching her things. Yes, she really is 3. I just adore 3 year olds... heh heh.. She also made her daddy proud by picking out a neat little Crayola video camera at the store yesterday. I can't wait to see her videos of Barbies riding My Little Ponies with mini Cabbage Patch Kids dolls through a Little People town while being chased by giant baby dolls and fat fuzzy kittens.. It's gonna be AWESOME. She's excited too, but luckily hasn't remembered about the camera yet today (busy with the new toys, you know) because we need some.. uh.. technical support for our stupid SD card.

Anyway, here's some pictures of Eliana from the day she was born and over the past 3 years...

Eliana Laura
January 12, 2006
9lb 10z, 20.5in long
















Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hard Questions...

So, I was over at Kat's place (seriously.. I'm still all jet-lagged and crap! *yawn*) and she did this meme where someone thought up some super hard questions for her to answer. At the end she says 'If you want me to interview you, just say so in your comment.'.. so, like a dope, I said 'Sure! I totally want to be interviewed.'.. heh heh. Just kidding.. she was totally nice with her questions - don't get me wrong, they're not like.. easy or anything.. but it could have been worse, right? Right.

Here goes..

1. Who is your living hero and why?
Gosh.. I'm not one for putting people on pedastals.. The only person who really comes to mind when I think of 'my hero' is my husband. He's been through some serious crap in his life and had to make lots of hard choices.. had to learn to deal with some crazy shit. Sure, he's made some mistakes (haven't we all? I know I have..), but he's always made the right choice in the end. Even when he's tripped along the way, he still manages to get back up, keep on going, and does his best to right his wrongs. He works hard to take good care of his family and anyone else around him. He's constantly putting others before himself and is always willing to lend a hand. He is my provider, my protector, my lover and my friend. He is my hero.


2. Where is your dream vacation destination and why?
This one is pretty easy for me. I'd go to Ireland! I mean really, anyone who has Irish blood pumping through their veins, and hasn't been 'to the old country' or 'to the homeland' WANTS to. It's like.. part of being Irish and stuff. For real. Places I'd want to stop in Ireland? I'd want to check out Dublin, of course. But, more importantly, I'd want to visit County Cork.. That's where my peeps originated and stuff. And I would LOVE to take one of those crazy bus tours and see the castles and the coast and what not.. Yeah, it would need to be a long trip.


3. What would you do if you had a full 24 hours with no kids and no responsibilities?
24 hours with NO kids? and NO responsibilities? Now that is a fantasy.. lol. Umm... Well, I would require that J be present because 24 hours without children would just simply not be worth it if I didn't get to spend it with him. We'd probably engage in such activities as: sleeping in, drinking coffee (maybe even go to our favorite Starbucks), reading comics.. um.. heck, I don't know! go bowling? have a conversation without being interrupted or yelling at each other just to be heard over the noise in the house? heh heh..


4. What chore around the house and which chore do you absolutely despise?
umm... all of them? hm... I guess the dishes.. and picking up. It's boring. I might say floors or bathrooms, but those don't have to be done every. single. day. (sometimes twice.. if I'm feeling particularly un-lazy). I actually enjoy laundry though. I'm kinda weird like that. The only part I don't like about laundry is putting it away. Yeah, I could do without that part. But dishes? and picking up? they're never done.. and they're exhausting.. just ask Ellie.


5. What was your proudest moment?
Gosh.. that's a hard one. I don't have much in my life that I'm proud of. (yeah, yeah.. I have 5 kids and all.. and I'm proud of them.. but pretty much all equally.) duuuh.... Finishing my book? I mean, it's not finished though.. but hey, my first draft is, and that's the hardest part! or maybe my first home birth? That was pretty awesome.. But, like I said, I'm pretty equally proud when it comes to my kids.. hm. Yeah, like I said.. not much to be proud of over here.. move along!


6. What do you think is the secret to a long and happy marriage?
Secret? I don't know that there's any secrets.. I think we all have a pretty good idea of what it takes, it's more a matter of doing what we know we need to do. Maybe requirements for a long and happy marriage? I'd say trust and honesty. And really, they go hand in hand - you can't have trust without honesty, and you can't have honesty without trust. But if you do have trust and honesty, from that grows intimacy. And with intimacy? All kinds of good stuff start to happen.. you are interested in everything about each other, you want to be together, you want to know each other more and more, you want to take care of each other, you want to love each other and share with each other.. Intimacy brings two people together and makes them one. Trust and honesty are the glue that hold a marriage together.


So there's my questions from Kat. I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and didn't poke poke fall asleep or anything. If you'd like me to send you some questions to answer.. let me know!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Favorite Music Friday

Up this week on Favorite Music Friday is...
Ivoryline with "Hearts and Minds"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Adventures in Social Anxiety..

This is one of those posts where I get real... honest. (okay.. maybe not.. but it got your attention right?)

So yesterday, I had scheduled a 'play date' of sorts with a friend of mine. She's a new friend (really.. pretty much all of my friends in Iowa fall into the 'new' category..), someone I met at one of the ladies coffee nights with the Church Ladies. We discovered, rather quickly, that we have a lot in common.. and decided that additional time together was definitely in order.

Now, many people who know me in real life (hello, out there. I see you reading this..) may not believe me when I say this.. but, I am terribly shy. Painfully shy. And, thanks to some clever advertising in the past couple years, I discovered there is a name for this.. Social Anxiety. Anyone who has experienced any form of anxiety knows what it feels like. The heart-pounding-breath-caught-in-the-throat-shaking-palms-sweating-oh-my-gosh-I'm-gonna-die feeling is pretty unmistakable.. though, the first time you feel it you swear someone slipped you something and that surely there is something much worse than 'the A word' going on..

It's at its worst when I'm gearing up to gather with a group of people that I don't know well, or have never met (hello NaNoWriMo people.. I'm so glad to be comfortable around you now..). Also? the first time someone comes to my house.. it... kinda freaks me out.

Part of this comes from the fact that I've received much criticism from family members (some actual.. probably mostly perceived..) on my *ahem* house keeping skills.. or lack there of. Now, yesterday's guest was about as non-threatening as they come.. especially seeing that we've done much giggling over our confessions of being mess-aholics.. domestically challenged.. and that we both have many items in our house that, over the years.. or days.. have become nothing more than 'put-shits' (you know.. it's where you put shit).. like pack 'n plays, or that table in the corner, or that one part of your kitchen counter (or maybe the whole kitchen counter.. depending on 'how things are going in your life at that time').. cause see, we also are both a bit mental. Like both have problems with depression, and ADD, and other such nonsense...

Where was I??

Oh yeah..

Still, that didn't stop me from freaking out.

Oh my gosh.. she's coming in half an hour and I haven't even done the dishes.. I need to at least do the dishes.. she'll be here about 12:30, is she going to want lunch? should I call her and ask? GOD, I don't want to call her.. I hate calling people.. but we don't really have food.. umm.. there's microwave burritos, and crackers.. and pretzels.. and.. crap, I really need to go to the store! Breathe, Megan. I gotta get the dishes done! GET OUT OF MY WAY JO, I HAVE TO DO THE DISHES. She has a baby.. I need to make sure there isn't anything on the floor that her baby can choke on.. the kittens upstairs! Breathe, Megan. I better gate the stairs.. OH CRAP I DIDN'T CLEAN THE BATHROOM AND SHE'LL BE HERE IN 5 MINUTES! What if they're allergic to cats? What if they just don't LIKE cats?? Crap. I wonder if we can use a credit card and order a pizza.. Breathe, Megan. Oh, I hope she calls and cancels. No, I know we'll have fun.. No, I wish she'd just call and cancel.. JO GET OUT OF THE WAY I HAVE TO CLEAN THE BATHROOM. She's late, maybe she's not coming, maybe she forgot.. do I call her? NO. I don't want to call her. I need to make the kids lunch.. BREATHE. I'll make their lunch and just wait...

Ding dong.

We had a great time. We spent about 4 hours just sitting around talking and laughing and watching the babies. We totally lost track of time.. and my throat was parched by the time she left from my vocal expenditures.. She's coming again in a couple weeks.

Excuse me.. I need to go get ready.
Right after I throw up.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm beat...

I am utterly exhausted from a very long play date today.. One of my newest friends and her two adorable daughters graced us with their presence for the entire afternoon.. There was much talking, and play-doh, and cat chasing, and giggling.. and I'm..... pooped. (cause what's a post from me without a little doodie..)

So, instead.. go watch my husband eat dirt.. and leave him a comment to cheer him on. And if you want to hear my sultry vocals, watch the pilot video where I interview him on death and evangelism.. Enjoy.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10x10 Things Tuesday.. My 100th Post!

So I was mulling, hemming, and hawing over what to do for my 100th post for the last day or two.. Last night I thought to myself.. 'Self, you better hurry up and do that 100th post tonight! Tomorrow is Tuesday.. and you know what that means..' So I wondered.. 'Hm. I wonder. How many 10 Things Tuesday posts have I done? Because, if this is my 10th, then that would make it like.. 100 Things Tuesday.. and how great would that be for my 100th post!'

Well, guess what...

This is my 10th 10 Things Tuesday post. See how clever I am? Stop a moment and appreciate it...


You done? Good. Now.. here are 10 lists for my 10th 10 Things Tuesday.. equaling 100 things for my 100th post.. Enjoy.

10 things I love about Iowa..
  1. SNOW! though we aren't getting much this winter.. excuse me while I go cry..
  2. neighbors! we actually know our neighbors.. as in, like we know their names! this is a rather novel thing for a Californian.. especially considering we knew them all within a month of moving in. impressive.. I know.
  3. home schooling. I know it may sound weird.. but shortly after we left California, it pretty much became illegal for us to home school there.. it's still legal here.
  4. 4 seasons.. as in - 4 months of spring, 4 months of summer, 4 months of fall, and 4 months of winter! for real!
  5. it's slower. case in point? speed limits. the main streets through Folsom had an average speed limit of 50mph. in Des Moines? the average through town speed limit is 30mph. nice.
  6. shopping. I can go to Target, on a Saturday, and not walk a mile to get from my car to the door.
  7. the malls. I mean.. I'm really *not* much of a shopper.. and I'm no longer a mall-hopper like I was in Jr High.. but HOLY FOOD COURT BATMAN! Have you been to a midwest mall?? the first one we went to was 'the small, old one' in town.. it was like the size of a small city. we got a little lost.
  8. it's corny. get it? ha! I kill me.
  9. seriously though, we grow enough corn here to feed like... a LOT of people.. but? we make stuff with it. like water bottles and fuel and stuff. corny.
  10. the Iowa State Fair! did you know it's on the list of '100 Things to Do Before You Die'? or something like that... morbid, huh? I think it made it on there as a filler 'Hm.. what else can we throw on here, I can't think of anymore..' so... I'm using it as a filler too. I'm awesome.
10 Interruptions I had while I was trying to type up the last list..
  1. Ellie wanted chocolate milk.
  2. I had a phone call.
  3. J wanted me to comment on his blog.
  4. Jo wanted chocolate milk.
  5. Another phone call.
  6. Torrin wanted chocolate milk.
  7. Jo fell on her face.
  8. Ellie pooped and then claimed to be a mermaid.. 'No, I a mermaid.. I have no poopy. See? I have a tail, no poopy!'
  9. Kieran announced he wanted J to stay home from work tomorrow and play Twister.
  10. Then I sat and thought about sending the kids to a sitter and having J stay home to play Twister with just me.. clothing optional...
Where was I? oh yeah...

10 Reasons you should read my blog..
  1. I write good.
  2. I'm funny.
  3. It will make you feel better about yourself.. and your life.. and your weather.. maybe.
  4. Because I don't mind if you laugh at me instead of with me. I think I'd probably laugh at me..
  5. It's highly effective birth control. Trust me.
  6. Because you like to look at pictures of my cute kids.
  7. Because you have nothing better to do.. and I'm free entertainment.
  8. Not that kind of entertainment! Pervs.
  9. You need to know where to get free coffee in Des Moines.
  10. I'm smarter than the average wombat.
10 Things I love about Home Schooling..
  1. Flexibility.
  2. Tailored learning/teaching.
  3. Pajamas.
  4. Flexibility.
  5. Socialization.
  6. Being with my kids!
  7. Knowing exactly what they are learning.
  8. Knowing whether or not they are 'getting it'.
  9. Flexibility.
  10. Field Trips!
10 Things I ingested today..
  1. coffee.
  2. blueberry Eggo waffle.
  3. licorice tea.
  4. Cars themed Teddy Graham crackers.
  5. chocolate caramel pretzels.
  6. licorice tea.
  7. a microwave burrito.
  8. um... something for dinner?
  9. hopefully, an alcoholic beverage.
  10. maybe some ice cream... maybe not.
10 Things I miss about California.
  1. the ocean.
  2. my brother and his family.
  3. my friend Tonya.
  4. the American River.
  5. the American River bike trail.
  6. Adalbertos
  7. In and Out
  8. uuummmm....
  9. my AWESOME midwives.
  10. Trader Joe's !!!!!!! *sigh*
10 Reasons we left California..
  1. we were watching our credit score get lower and lower.. good for golf, not for credit.
  2. HOT.
  3. we would never have been able to get a home. (well.. maybe not *never*)
  4. lots of work.. not so much pay.
  5. did you know that it is now pretty much illegal for us to home school there? yeah.
  6. we lived in one house for just over a year.. and never met ANY of our neighbors.
  7. the next house? we lived there over a year.. and THEN met them.
  8. they were pretty nice though.
  9. the TRAFFIC.
  10. the expense!
10 States we drove through when we moved here from California..
  1. California
  2. New Mexico
  3. Arizona
  4. Texas
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Kansas
  7. Missouri
  8. Iowa
  9. oh wait.. crap.
  10. um... nevermind.
10 Guys I dated in high school..
  1. Devon
  2. Brayden
  3. Kyle
  4. Ben
  5. Peter
  6. Nick
  7. Tim
  8. Shuan
  9. Peter again
  10. Jeremiah
10 Things that were not originally in my house when it was built.
  1. the kitchen sink.
  2. the toilets.
  3. the dishwasher
  4. the bathtub.
  5. the oven/range.
  6. the furnace/air conditioner
  7. modern electricity
  8. some of the doors
  9. carpet
  10. um.. any other unmentioned indoor plumbing.
Okay, there's my 10 lists for my 100th post.. I hope you enjoyed them! I had planned on telling you the story about how we came to Iowa and all about our '100 year old home' but.. well, instead I gave you some background info as kind of a pre-story teaser.. You're welcome.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A tale of two kitties...

So, I cleaned up my basement.. It was *loads* of fun. Get it? Loads? Yeah.

I grabbed me some plastic bags and headed down to attack the mess left from the flooding and.. the CATS. I covered my hands and scooped all the.. *stuff* into garbage bags. Toys, puzzle pieces, game bits, papers, garbage, and.. doodoo. Ick.

Then? I filled my bucket, grabbed my mop, and started scrubbing away. It took me two afternoons, but I got it done (it's a good sized basement..). Then? I went out and bought me a new broom and mop head.. and bucket.

I have not yet gone *under the stairs*.. it's a two person job. And.. it will be done.

I'm so done with the raining ice bologna that is going on here in Iowa. Seriously. It's January! Gimme some snow already!! I need a reason to get a new snow shovel after I use my not-in-the-best-shape-anyway current one for shoveling more doodie from *under the stairs*. Though, it seems an ice pick might come in more handy.. for the ice.. not the doodie.

*Sigh*.. cats.

So when I was done cleaning the basement, I ice-skated my way across the driveway (only I had no ice skates and narrowly escaped landing on my ass..) to swap a few bags of trash and poo for some skate boards and other such things that roll so I could put them in the basement for the short people. Kieran got himself a scooter for Christmas, along with a pogo ball (why do they have handles now?? where's the fun in that?) and Baby Jo got herself a rad set of wheels too. We purchased some hula-hoops as well and it's all down there for some good ol' fashioned outdoor fun to be had indoors. Good times.

I'm sitting in the living room the other day, enjoying having the kids downstairs making noise instead of in the room with me, and Wizmo comes trotting over. He hops up on the chest next to my chair and then down to the floor behind me... and pees. On the floor. In the corner behind my chair. WHILE I'M SITTING IN IT. He has balls.. literally and figuratively (yeah, we need to fix that problem..).

The. cats. have. got. to. go.


Olivia has harassed Kelly to the point that my dear old kitty will no longer come up from the basement. She still pees in any laundry pile she finds, and has also occasionally beat up on Gizmo.. her own flesh and feline blood. She has also, once again, increased the feline population in our home. (Which is mostly our own fault.. I say mostly because she's not actually *allowed* outside.. she sneaks out.)


Gizmo still (apparently) has not gotten over the bad potty habits that his mother taught him. I'm not so sure what his future holds.. You see, aside from the random tinkles, he is a model citizen. He loves the kids, is a wonderful snuggler, and is so entertaining. We'd love to keep him.. I'd not love to keep cleaning up after him.


Kelly.. My poor sweet Kelly. I hope that once Livvy and her brood are out, she will quickly readjust to having the house to herself and embrace her right to free roam. She does enjoy having a feline companion.. another reason for Gizmo to stick around.. but that could always come later.


Bacon and Sausage.. rather than being fried up for breakfast.. will go along with their mother to the shelter, in hopes of finding a happy new home (unless of course we can find families to take them home..).

Anyhow.. sorry this post is so boring. I just have nothing better to talk about at the moment! My mind is kind of sludgy these days.. No worries, I'm sure I'll come up with something brilliant soon.. Something that doesn't involve excrement.

Anybody want a cat??

Friday, January 2, 2009

Favorite Music Friday

Here's Radiator by Family Force 5.. it's a favorite of my 5 dancing fools.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2009... I'm so glad you've finally arrived! 2008 was not very nice to so many of us.. We have high hopes for you, 2009. Don't worry though, it won't take a whole lot to be better than 2008.. Kind of like it's not going to take Obama a whole lot of effort to do a better job than Bush. So long as he doesn't do any catastrophic damage in the next four years, he may just avoid a mutiny.

Now, I'm not normally one for New Year's Resolutions.. but I do have a few things in mind that I'd like to accomplish with your help, 2009. Sure, there's the typical eat better, exercise more, drop that extra 20lbs.. yadda yadda yadda.. But I'd also like to publish my book. Yeah, I know.. a big feat. But I mean it. Even if I have to self-publish. Heck, I've got plenty of people lined up and waiting for a copy that it would be worth it, right? Right. I've also got my other 'usuals'.. like I'd like to keep my house in better shape.. and I'd like to do a better job of home schooling.. and I'd like to stick to a budget so our bank account can stop bleeding like a stuck pig. Someday, right? Right.

Anyhow, like I said, we're all so happy to see you 2009. We hope you like it here and decide to stay a while. You'd have to do something really horrific to make yourself worse than 2008, so your job shouldn't be too terribly hard. Please... be good to us?

See that awesome doodle up there? I snagged it from Rick's site, Organized Doodles. He is some kind of awesome and if you haven't checked him out yet, you should now! Now is actually the perfect time to check him out.. why? because he's having his annual giveaway! That's right, free stuff. Go. You're welcome.
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