Monday, February 2, 2009

The Other Girl (Part 6)

Melissa noticed that Misty was still not at school the following week. Jon explained that she would be back later in the week. She was growing more and more awkward and uncomfortable around Tom and John, growing weary of their stares and constant flirting. Jon still payed little attention to her at school.

But then they'd get in the truck. And he would drive her home.

Melissa's mother was not home yet today when they pulled into the driveway. She could sense Jon's eagerness as he shut off the engine and moved toward her. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him, his mouth working it's way up her neck. Despite his obvious eagerness, Jon moved a little slower today, giving Melissa a chance to enjoy the attention a bit and relax. She grew more and more comfortable, letting her hand slide from his neck down to his chest. He reached again for her hand and guided it slowly and gently the rest of the way down his torso to his waist, pausing a moment before whispering in her ear.

"Give me a blow job." Melissa backed away a bit and looked at him. She shook her head and pulled her hand away from his.
"Please," he said, his eyes pleading with her as he leaned in and kissed her neck again.
"No." Melissa answered, pulling away from him. "No, I need to go, Jon."

Melissa grabbed her things and quickly got out of the truck. That's it.. she decided. I have got to get someone else to give me a ride.

The next day, Misty was back at school. She looked as though she'd been crying and was obviously upset. Her friend Linda looked back at Melissa disapprovingly and shook her head.

Shit. Melissa thought to herself. They were still together. She felt horrible. The weight of guilt came crashing down on her and she felt as though she might suffocate under it as she thought of how Misty must be feeling now. Misty looked up at Melissa with a pitiful tear-streaked face. Their eyes met and Misty's gaze instantly turned malicious as she jumped up and lunged at Melissa. Linda was on her heels and grabbed her just before she reached Melissa.

"I.. I didn't know." Melissa stammered quietly. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."


Mama Dawg said...

Stupid boys.

ChurchPunkMom said...

For realz.

Amy said...

Morons i tell you.

Pamela said...

She knew something was up. But that boy is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone y'all!!!!!! you need to be saying "that boy" do not generalize about us men...some of us are gentlemen.

This did though give me an idea of a question for my love tonight. :)

Irish Gumbo said...

Ima smack that dumbshit, I get my hands on him. Pig like that don't deserve no niceness.

Why am I talking like that? (brrrr)

I knew some jerks like that in high school. One of them dated the best female friend I had in high school. He was my friend, too, but the way he treated her was a crime. That still bugs me to this day.

Good work, CPM! :)

ChurchPunkMom said...

But keep in mind, BTM, there was more than one stupid boy in this story. ;)

Thank you, kindly, IG.

Kat said...

I am not even gonna say what I would have done if he had asked me that...needless to say all your male readers would be moaning in sympathetic pain.

Schmutzie said...

This website is being featured on Five Star Friday's Intrepid Tuesday!

Captain Dumbass said...

Men are SUCH dogs... hey, wait a minute...

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