Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awards, Short Stories, and Ditching Kittens..


Okay, I didn't really ditch Sausage.. She's been adopted! 2 cats gone, 2 more to go, and once again the lovely Kelly can rule the roost.


Sunday my amazing husband was kind enough to not only watch all 5 children for like six hours so I could go to my writing group, he also walked the half mile to the store to do the grocery shopping with them. I tell you, the man is a saint. (So tell him in your comment how awesome he is.) We had a short story challenge in our writing group - we decided to each write as much of a short story (6000-7500 words) as we could in one afternoon and then post them to our (shiny new thanks to J and I) blog to share with each other.. before editing them and reposting a polished piece later. I had a zombie dream a few weeks ago that was just.. well, it was awesome. So I saved it specially just for this short story challenge occasion. I didn't finish my story yesterday, but I came pretty close.. feel free to check it out.

This weeks' comic book stash:
Incognito (2) by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
Rest (0-2) by Milo Ventimiglia (you know, the guy from Heroes?)
Batman 'Whatever happened to the caped crusader?' (1 of 2) by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert
and the rest of the extra stuff in the back of the first issue of Phonogram by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (their stuff is awesome.. jus' sayin'.)

I also need to read Watchmen.. yeah, I still haven't started it. Shut up.

So another awesome surprise on Sunday was this little bad boy..

which was bestowed upon me by the fabulous Irish Gumbo. Okay, okay.. it wasn't totally a surprise.. see, he sent out an email to notify us of this little event and there may or may not have been talk of a shin dig over at Mama Dawg's place involving strippers, shovels, nachos, quick lime, and beer.. and maybe a roll of duct tape or two.. but I'm not naming names. I'm not like that.

Thank you so much, Irish.. You are one kick ass friend yourself.

He said something about rules.. but I wasn't paying attention (I was too distracted by Captain Dumbass's beautiful eye shadow) so I'm just going to pass this little goodie on to a few of my homies and hope it all goes around in the end. Mkay?

Pamela from The Dayton Time and her fabulous
Mister from The Mister
Amy from The Sprightly Syndicate
and, of course, Teri from Cold Lemonade
come on over and pick up your shit collect your award.

I love you people. You mean the world to me. And thank you so much for checking up on me when I don't show up to work blog as much as I normally do and making sure I didn't off myself am still okay. You kick ass.


Kurt N. said...

Dammit, Mr. Churchpunkmom. Stop making the rest of us husbands look bad. You're trying too hard.

Only Aman said...

Well Hot Wife, that was a random post. You should have linked over to those comic artists websites for better SEO ;-)

@Kurt I am only doing what Only Aman should do. How can i mess it up more than i have? Got to love having a hot wife and kick-ass kids to come home too from a so-so job.

ChurchPunkMom said...

You are SO right babe... and now, I've gone crazy with the linkage!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Your husband IS a saint. Mine is never home. Can I borrow yours just for grocery shopping purposes?

Mama Dawg said...

that was a pretty kick ass convo, wasn't it? I wish the Captain would turn it into a story.

Oh and Mr. CPM? You rock. Truly.

Pamela said...

Awww....let's make out.

Sammanthia said...

You're husband is a saint and now I'm going to follow him on Twitter just so I can rub it in to Mark.

Anonymous said...

First of all.....I am the besst husband...well we are not actually married yet and my ex might disagree with my statement...but I am a Saint.

Second...no honorable mention for me? how sad. I may have to beat you down on Twitter.

Lastly...if your man is THAT Hot...have him email me to be inducted into the Hot Dads club.
...is he worthy?

Irish Gumbo said...

...uhhhmmm....sorry, i was alittle distracted after that "let's make out" comment from Pamela, so where was I? Oh...

(bowing) M'lady, you are very welcome. Thank you for your kind words, and proud to have you on the team! *sniff* Now I'm all teary...

And kudos to Mr. CPM: Gentlemen, the bar has been raised, take notes! :)

ChurchPunkMom said...

TwentyFour: I suppose.. but I charge by the hour.

MD: we'll just have to keep harassing the Captain until he gives it up.

Pamela: of course we can make out! your place or mine??

Sammanthia: you should.

BTM: I'm sure you are. ;) and I totally would have done an honorable mention.. but truly, there was no embellishment here - these people really *do* check up and make sure I'm still alive when I go all MIA. Of course, my man is worthy of Hot Dads! He'll get on that email lickity split..

IG: nice to see you round here again! been a while. ;) and yes, he tends to set the bar high.. maybe cause he's so tall?

Teri said...

Yay! Somebody loves me!

Teri said...

And I really want to see Captain Dumbass' Eye *shadow*

Only Aman said...

@everyone gracias, but really I am Only Aman. I mess up, I try to do good by my wife. Anyways, thanks for the kudos. All dads and husbands that hold their marriage and kids in a upward view of themselves should be patted on the back and handed a cigar.

@ChurchPunkMom I love you and You Rock! (and you're hot! can't wait til i get home)


p.s. Just to beat you to it... NO you can't ask for details and no you can't watch.

Keely said...

I'll hold my opinion on Watchmen until you've read it, because I'm interested in what you think.

And your husband is either a saint or insane. Whichever works.

ChurchPunkMom said...

Teri: yes, I love you! and his eye was purrrty...

Keely: I'm sure I'll be spewing my opinion all over my blog.. be sure to check back next week. ;) and yes, he is a bit of both, most definitely.

Mary Moore said...

Wow, you've got yourself a damn good man there!

Captain Dumbass said...

Eye shadow? You're cruel. Your man must be a saint to put up with you. Now I'm off to read about some zombies.

Wait. Neil Gaiman? Like American Gods Neil Gaiman?

Casey said...

Five children on a walk and they all made it back safely? That dude rocks.
Congrats on IG's award, that's quite an honor!

Tess said...

What a saint your hubby is!

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