Monday, November 10, 2008

Your Daily Dose..

..of random crap.

Joella: Little Cupcake found a book that I borrowed from a friend. She was really entertained by the hardcover book and it's dust jacket. I rescued the book knowing my one year old's propensity for the destruction of books.. and hastily grabbed my equally entertaining copy of Stephen Colbert's book I am America and So Can You. Apparently this was a more than worthy substitute as Jo squealed with delight and sat on the floor gazing at Colbert's face with a big goofy grin. What can I say? She has good taste. (That or Stephen is just really funny looking..)


Eliana: has discovered the joy of 'Choo Choo Soul' and is dancing around the living room singing the steam train song and shaking her booty with wild abandon. I've decided I'm not letting her out of the house until she's 25. Did I say 25? I meant 45.


Kieran: I bought a couple bags of marshmallows yesterday.. the Christmas ones that are pink and green and shaped like stars and trees respectively. We discovered while having cocoa last week that Jo is nuts for marshmallows. So a little indulgence was in line for my poor teething sweetie. Well, Kieran was in the kitchen sneaking them from the bag and I caught him. As I twisted the bag shut and put it on a higher shelf (I'm going to be SOL when they get taller than me.. which will probably be in like 2 or 3 years at the most..), he asked me, "Why didn't you buy any blue marshmallows?" His favorite color being blue and all.. "Well, Monkey, they didn't have any. These are colored because they are Christmas marshmallows." He stood there thinking about that for a moment and then said "That would be awesome if they had Jesus shaped marshmallows."



Pamela said...

that child's hair is fantabulous.

goodfather said...

LOL'd at 'Jesus-shaped marshmallows'. That would be awesome.

Amy said...

I can't think of how horrible that would be (the Jesus shaped marshmallows)your kids running around biteing Jesus' head off. That's just crazy talk.

ChurchPunkMom said...

LOL.... 'Here.. chew a Jew.'

ohmygosh.. did i just type that out loud?? nobody tell dotEvan... ok?

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