Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guest post by onlyaman

So I was driving by Starbucks today and I was thinking about last week. You see last week a Starbucks employee bought me a Starbucks Gold Card. Which was a super nice thing to do. They said "You spend a lot of money here, this will help you to save some..." I was thinking of how nice of a gesture was.

Almost a year ago I started going through this Starbucks drive-through. I went to the window and Mikel (Michael, but he has his own way of spelling it) was talking to me at the speaker. He asked what I would like. I was on a cappuccino kick and I wanted one but with less milk because they tend to be more fattening. He recommended a doppio macchiato, I said "Sure, I will try that." He then asked "What else can I get you?" I replied "a high five" and since then I have my high fives from my favorite Starbucks, I also have had Chinese fire drills, thumb wrestling, and many other silly events. Let's just say that most of the employees look forward to High Five guy coming to the drive through.

About 9 months ago, I started a tradition. I figured, why not spread the high fives around, so I buy my drink, get my high five, and I ask (now most of them know and look forward to it) the drive-though barista to put the person's drink from the car behind me on my bill, and to not give them their drink until they get a high five. I always wait for it, it's fun to see the smile on peoples faces. Not that it is important, but I have heard it has continued through 7 cars. How exciting is that?

Anyways, so the question Julie asked me was "Why do you buy people's drinks all the time? aren't you afraid you're going to go broke?" I replied "To me it's a blessing to be able to come to a Starbucks, I figure why not share that by buying coffee and bless others in that small way? Plus, they probably enjoy the high fives."

So thank you Julie for the sweet card. It was a kind gesture. If you see someone giving high fives at a Starbucks drive through, be sure to pull in behind the vehicle and see if you're getting that free drink, or start the trend in your town. Bless someone by a random act of kindness. (not random act of violence, those aren't so fun.)

Ok... this probably isn't going to compare to ChurchPunkMom's posts... but I figured I could post for her since her arm is sore from busting out about 7000 words...

Blah blah blah... oh wait, word count does not matter here. Make sure to tell your favorite Starbucks hello from high Five Guy.



Amy said...

Dude you rock. But I already knew that. You lrt my ragtag familt move in with you whenwe need a place to stay.

Pamela said...

that J is my hero.

ChurchPunkMom said...

yeah, he is pretty awesome... *swoon*

goodfather said...

High five! Awesome tradition. I've participated in my own 'buy forward' events, but never as a rule. Uber cool. ;)

Matt said...

Dude - awesome idea.

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