Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back Seat Humor

So I went to a NaNoWriMo write in this afternoon. J was kind enough (the man is a saint, I tell you) to take the kids and run errands while I sat in a cushy coffee shop arm chair and alternated between scribbling in my comp books and assaulting my keyboard. He had to go pick up some soccer crap.. er, I mean, futbol gear.. since he's now playing goalie due to the demise of the previous goalie's foot. He better not hurt himself.

So he headed over to the wonderful world of Scheel's (I swear, that place is its own planet!) to get himself some goalie gloves and padded shorts and stuff after also doing the grocery shopping for the week and putting away all the food as I tried to up my word count at Scooter's. See? I told you. He's like a saint.

They picked me up after I managed to pound (and scribble) out about 3600 words. Sweet.

He pointed the short bus in the direction of home stopping shortly to pick up some drive-thru dinner, when the following ensued from the back seat.. (note: Jo woke up while we were in the drive-thru and was not real happy about it..)

Aidan: Torrin, I will give you 5 trillion dollars if you eat a fart!
Torrin: Okay!
Aidan: Here you go!
Torrin: Ew! That fart was NOT delicious..
Aidan: Okay! Here's your pay-check!
Torrin: No, thank you! I don't want it.. The fart was not delicious.
Aidan: But you already ate it! Here's your 5 trillion dollars.
Joella: WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
Torrin: NO THANK YOU. It was NOT delicious.
Aidan: Okaaay.. I guess I will keep the 5 trillion dollars then!
Torrin: No, you have to eat the fart!
Joella: WAAAAAAHHH!!!!!
Aidan: I will eat Eliana's brain!
Eliana: NO!! I need my brain!
Aidan: Om nom nom nom.. Mmmm.. braaaiiins.
Eliana: NO!! Don eat my brain!!
Aidan: Okay, I will eat Torrin's brain!
Kieran: Eat my brain! Eat my brain!
Torrin: No! Don't eat my brain! I need my brain, eat KJ's brain!
Aidan: I will eat Torrin's brain!.. Om nom nom nom..
Kieran: No, eat MY brain!
Joella: WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!
Torrin: No, don't eat my brain!
Aidan: Mmmmm... braaaaiiinnns....



And then we had to turn Flatfoot 56 back on to pacify Joella.
The End.


goodfather said...

LOL! Heheh, zombies. Glad you survived!

Kurt N. said...

The "om nom nom" part killed me.

Jill said...

I laughed so hard at this!! You and you're family are some of the coolest people I know of!

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