Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful I am a woman..

If I were a man, I imagine life might be a little more expensive and A LOT more confusing... Case in point?

This morning, as I was finishing my shower and J was getting ready to go run to the store (no, no.. we're not procrastinators!!), he noticed that the toilet paper roll was empty. He opened the door of the cupboard under the sink to get some more t.p. out and..

"Awe, man.. We're out of toilet paper up here!"
"Are you sure?? We had a ton last I checked.."
"Well, I just looked and there isn't any."
"Hm.. odd. Okay, well I guess we'll have to pick some up. " (Notice I did not say 'Grab some while you are out..')

So I finished up my shower, dried off and wrapped my towel around me, and then I took a peek in the cupboard. Guess how much toilet paper was in there? 11 rolls. Yep. 11. Why did he not see them? The two that were behind door number one, were all the way in the back. However, if he had opened door number two? There was a package with 9 rolls right up against the door (close enough to not see it from the other side).

Of course, I see visions of my husband living alone, looking for his toilet paper and thinking 'Man, I swear I just bought some.. Where did it go? I guess I will have to buy more..'

Now, I know that this would not actually happen. (But still, it made me giggle.) Why? Because my husband is an intelligent man, and if he were living on his own, he'd keep better track of his t.p. inventory. But since he has a lovely wife around, he need not worry about such things.

So I am thankful for being a woman (my boys are also notorious for this method of 'looking for things')... and my husband? better be thankful for having such an awesome wife who always keeps the t.p. well stocked... even if he doesn't see it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Pamela said...

I think it's that Y chromosome that makes things hard to find. And not that I'm ratting anybody, not me! But I've heard that there are some men who cannot find things in my own town...on my very street...possibly in my veryown house! :gasp:

goodfather said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Yeah, I'm the SAME WAY. And so thankful for my organized, beautiful wife. :D

Kat said...

Didn't you know that once you have kids your uterus becomes a tracking device of all things lost or misplaced.

EMJ said...

To echo an earlier comment, my father always referred to my mother's "Uteran(sp?) Tracking Device" to find everything that he misplaced. I had hoped that my husband might be different, since he actually wears a watch and carries his wallet everyday. We have the TP problem at our house, and the refrigerator is a black hole for food that we bought but that he can't locate.

EMJ said...

I knew I had a spelling problem! Uterine tracking device. Don't comment if you can't spell, right? duh to me!

Vered - MomGrind said...

I think you're right: they depend on us to find stuff for them, but they just SEEM helpless. If they were on their own, they would manage JUST FINE.

Teri said...

LOL Sounds like something my husband would do.

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