Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

Better late than never, I say...

10 things I admire about our veterans...
  1. their sacrifice
  2. their devotion
  3. their efforts in defending our freedom
  4. their ability to look great in a uniform
  5. their commitment
  6. their camaraderie
  7. their skill
  8. their ability to get the job done
  9. their endurance
  10. their bravery
I realize some sound like repeats.. but any soldier can tell you that all of these attributes are unique and separate on their own and are all required in being a good soldier (especially the looking good in a uniform part). So to our veterans today.. I say 'Thank you.' To my father, to my brother, to the many veterans in my family who have passed on already, to David, to Miles, to all the other friends who are currently serving or have served... Thank you.


Pamela said...

how are the googles coming up with ads for deer fencing when your post is about veterans' day? sometimes those googles don't make any sense.

goodfather said...

I echo your admiration and thanks to all of our veterans, who make the freedoms we enjoy possible.

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