Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Beautiful Puppy..

We were sitting around the table eating some hot soup and nibbling biscuits after J and KJ got some purty twinkly lights up on the front of our house this afternoon, and Eliana noticed a pet store ad next to her on the table. This ad had a lovely picture of a big fluffy dog with gray and white fur and a cute little red ribbon on its head.

"Ooooh.. a beautiful puppy! I want a beautiful puppy for my birfday!" she said delightedly.
"Oh, really," answered her father. "And what would you do with that beautiful puppy?"
"Pet it." Ellie replied very matter-of-factly.
"What else would you do with it?" J inquired further.
"Be nicey." she said decidedly.
"Would you feed it?" Daddy asked.
"Would you throw a ball for it?" I inquired.
"Yes... and pet it." she replied.
"Would you take it for a walk?"
"Hm.. yes."
"Would you pick up its poop?" always an important one for J.. priorities people.
"Yes." she said smiling.
"And... what would you do with the poop after you pick it up?" I wondered.. you just never know with a two year old..
"Pet it!" she said, smiling bigger.



Pamela said...


Tracey said...

At least she didn't say "eat it."

Kat said...

My 2 year old announces when our dog goes poop outside. "Lizzie POOPIE!!!" Thanks for the warning kiddo!

Mama Dawg said...

Pet the poop! Brilliant!

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