Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

10 things I will look back on and find funny but are decidedly unfunny today...
  1. Eliana refusing to wear pants OR a diaper only minutes before expecting our home school assistance teacher to arrive.
  2. the boys misunderstanding my instructions and taking the garbage down to the cans at the curb rather than bringing the cans in before putting the trash in them.
  3. having to AGAIN tell my boys that they will not be allowed to go to church tomorrow night if they don't listen to me.
  4. the fact that when Torrin fights with his sister, he gets so mad he has to pee.. and sometimes does it in his pants.
  5. the way Jo shakes her head any time I offer her food
  6. the way Jo signs milk whenever she sees me because she wants to nurse... AGAIN.
  7. Torrin blowing his nose in his fingers.. without a tissue
  8. Aidan and Kieran giving themselves beards and mustaches with sharpies.
  9. Eliana stealing my mp3 player when I'm trying to use it to drown out the noise of the kids.
  10. having to play peek-a-boo with Jo while I'm on the toilet to keep her from wailing the whole time.


1 comment:

goodfather said...

Hee hee, I stifled a giggle at the Sharpie beards and mustaches, but I didn't laugh. Maybe a little on the inside. In my own defense, it's funny because they're not my children. :D

Sounds like quite a day, heh.

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