Monday, March 2, 2009

Tacos + Beer = Wii Fit

Last week, we made tacos. Not your 'Taco Bell box' tacos, but real tacos. And when I say 'we' I mean J. I just sit in the kitchen, watch him, drink beer, and look cute. I might even flash him a boob now and then when the kids aren't looking. What? You want good food? Entertain your chef.

Here's what was left after serving all the children and having a couple ourselves.. mmm. mmm. We finished them off today at lunch time. I would have cried, but I know my husband will make more.


Goes nicely with beans and a bag of Dole's Southwest Salad mix (our kids' favorite).


and of course, beer.


So, the husband is quite the stud. Have I mentioned that? Not only does he make a mean taco, he also can make a kick ass website. And? he's athletic too. What more can a girl ask for, right? He has taken advantage of several of the amenities at his place of business, such as: core training class, weight room, and free Taekwondo (spellcheck thinks I'm trying to spell Wonderbra..) classes. He also does soccer outside of work. His soccer career did not begin in his childhood, or even his teens for that matter. No, he started playing soccer when our second born (Kieran, for those of you playing along at home..) was just a wee bairn. Over the years, he's played off and on.. starting his own groups with church friends, playing in pick-up leagues and various indoor venues. He is currently playing indoor soccer.. or, more specifically 'futsol' (I really have NO idea how you spell that..).. or something like that. Anyway, for the first time in all his years playing, I (his lovely wife) actually graced the field with my presence (in other words: he was brave enough to let me and the little 'uns tag along to his game). It was lots of fun. And I even got to watch some of the game! That's him.. in the goal. No, he's not the ball.. He's the big, burly, bearded one with the mad ball blocking skills.



Yes, they did indeed win their game. And only one ball got past my studly man, thankyouverymuch.

So, being that I hate to be shown up, I've decided to get my flabby ass off the couch again and try to shed that last few baby pounds/winter coat. My weapon of choice? Wii Fit. Now, I've actually proven myself before with the Wii Fit.. but well.. we were using a projector (after abandoning our television) last summer/fall and the bulb burned out.. So, I was left hanging. (Don't worry, the kids didn't miss out on their cartoons.. we have an HP media PC which we run our cable tv through.) But, good news folks! We have a replacement projector on the way (one with much cheaper replacement lamps!), and I will no longer have an excuse for my flabbiness!


So, if I'm not around much in the future.. I'm busy trying not to fall off the Wii Fit board.. and if I'm around more than usual.. it means I'm washing away my feelings of defeat with a big tub of ice cream.. or something.

In the effort of full disclosure, I will try to get over my concern about scaring you all away and attempt to post a *gulp* 'before' picture.. or not.


Two Dogs Running said...

Yeah, I burned all my "before" pics. All y'all are gonna see after I go down 2 more dress sizes is the "after" pics.

Two Dogs Running said...

Whoops, logged in under the wrong name. This is Mama Dawg. Sorry!

Kurt N. said...

Ah, wow, goalie. It takes cojones to play goalie. I never liked that position.

Irish Gumbo said...

Tacos, beer and futebol: Oh, my gawd, can i marry him? (grin)

And goalie, too: Yeah, man, my old position - dude's got brass ones, I know, 'cause I'm in the club. The goalie club, that is.

And who was that cool drink o' water wearing the Superman shirt? :)

Mary Moore said...

Love the beer glass.

I am really going to get the Wii Fit. I have to. Everyone seems to have it. And loves it.

Lisa Brandos said...

I ruv my Wii Fit. Yep. I broke down and bought one. Actually makes it kinda fun to exercise.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Step one ... I'm giving up GS cookies. Never mind that I ate half a box of them for lunch today -- NO MORE! And exercise? Well, I'll start that tomorrow.

No, really I will!

Only Aman said...

My wife is HOT! Thanks for the props! When I get my cam set up, I will be video blogging on a regular basis.

Thank you for the compliments commentators.

Anyone try out the "Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum" Wii Fit Game?


Michelle said...

Mmmmmm tacos. Have I ever mentioned that mexican food is my fave??
I am too effin' cheap to buy wii fit but I really want it.

Kat said...

Can you make me some labels like that for my beer glasses?

Amy said...

man i knew there was a reason i loved aman so much.

Lisa Brandos said...

J-- I have not tried Jillian Michaels yet. Wanted to, but everyone I have spoken with and all the reviews say it's not really worth the money. I've heard much better reviews on My Fitness Coach, which I do want, but also waiting to hear what is said about the new Active (i think that is what it is called) game that is coming out. Not compatible with Fit Board but comes with a motion band that goes on your leg and connects to your nunchuck. Bob Greene, I think, endorses it (if you're into the whole Biggest Loser thing).

Pamela said...

I was the goalie, too. Except we called it 'keeper', as in goalkeeper, right? And I would really like to learn how to make tacos. Maybe you could do a tutorial? Or Aman could do a tutorial on tacos, and you could do one on keeping the chef happy? That'd probably burn a few calories, but it might also end up with more bairns...anyway.

And honestly? Nobody should have to give up GS cookies for health. That is just nonsense. It's important to GS's to be healthy, so their cookies must be good for you.

And what kind of beer were you drinking? I'm getting itchy for a whole mess of beers.

ChurchPunkMom said...

MD: yeah, I knew it was you. ;) I'm really looking forward to some *after* pictures.. but more on that later..

Kurt: I know, seriously.. and he needs more.. um.. protective gear.

IG: nope, sorry. He's MINE. ;) You were a goalie too? awesome. and as for the chick.. I don't know who she is.. some random lady J took a picture of at some party or something..

Mary: yes, you should get one! they are awesome. :)

24@<3: I'll remind you of that in the morning.

Aman: and I look forward to helping you get vlogging. ;)

Michelle: start watching craigslist. ;)

Kat: actually, I bought those glasses for J off however, Amy could probably make some labels for you. ;)

Amy: I know. He's awesome. Even more awesome in person. :)

Lisa: I love mine too! It really does make exercise more fun. Though I have a plan here.. and my Wii Fit is only the first stage in my plan.. but as I said to MamaDawg, more on that later.. and yeah, I'm considering the Fitness Coach one.

Pamela: yes, goalkeeper, and what it's called just depends on where you're playing. In my *very* brief soccer career, I was a defender. We'd be happy to do a tutorial.. perhaps that should go on his vlog. I totally agree about the GS cookies. And, it's Fat Tire beer, with orange slices.. mmm.. yum.

FoN said...

Tacos, beer and a hot man? You're a lucky girl!

Good luck on the wii venture - I really need to get me one of those.

Casey said...

I had a husband-made taco for dinner earlier tonight and it was amazing. That was not meant to sound dirty at all...

Good luck with the Wii Fit, I've been battling it every night after the kids go to bed but it's still winning.

ChurchPunkMom said...

FoN: I am, right? It's kinda ridiculous. Am spoiled.

Casey: there's just something dirty about man-made tacos isn't there.. hm. And I plan to thoroughly kick my Wii Fit's ass. (or kick my own ass with the Wii Fit? either way..)

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