Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: I am a Russian Spy Named Sylvia.


I whispered that in a lot of ears as a teenager. Just for fun.
"I am a Russian spy named Sylvia.."

I was going to tell you about the secret Russian spy mission that J and I went on years ago.. it involved Jackie Chan and Prince.. and death. But if I told you more than that, I'd have to reach through your computer and kill you. Till you died. So I won't do that. You're welcome. Enjoy living.


So, how y'all doing this Tuesday? I'm doing okay.. aside from, you know, the pain. (No, I'm not talking about some crappy 'womanly' pain or something.. geez.) I'm saying that I'm feeling the burn. Crap. That sounds like code for a yeast infection.. My muscles are sore, okay? Oy.

Yeah, I did some more of that exercise crap last night.. No, I'm not feeling energized (unless you count the extra motivation I'm feeling to lay on the couch and sleep..). But I did lose 2.5lbs! Well, if I can trust my scale anyway.. it's been known to LIE to me. But it said 157.5 this morning.. So there you have it.

The weather is like absolutely ripe for zombies. Just saying. Would not be surprised at all if one started banging on my walls and dropping body parts in my yard... Machete at the ready.


I totally had some stuff I was going to say today, but I forgot all of it. Because I'm awesome. And apparently as soon as I add that Random Thoughts Tuesday button into my post? a big flashing 'Bug the Crap Out of Me' sign starts blinking up over my head. That's what my kids do. Because they are awesome too. Kids are great. You should get some.


I am happy to report that Aidan has officially rejoined the Land of the Learning and gotten over.. whatever it was that was stuck up his butt. The teacher is coming today. I'm glad I have positive news for him.

Speaking of which, I should totally be cleaning my dining room right now and not blogging. But then, my kids should totally be working on math right now and not playing in their room (especially not playing in their room.. it's so filthy it's like a death trap.. Don't believe me? J and I refuse to come in there to tuck them in and give them hugs and kisses. We say goodnight at the door. We're afraid.). I guess it's hereditary.


Yesterday, Kieran says to me: I wish I wasn't alive. I asked him why, and he said: Because all I can think is that when I grow up, I'm going to kill my parents.
Leave it to my kids to go way beyond 'I hate you mommy!' I tell you.. future writers.

At least he's smart enough to keep us around until he grows up. Boy's gotta have someone to feed him. 'I'm married now.. no need for the parental unit.' *Shunk* (that's the sound of him using that machete.. in case you couldn't figure that out.. maybe I should put it away until I actually see a zombie..)

The end.



Only Aman said...

Zombies, Parent murdering children, weight-loss, messy rooms, goodnight kisses, teachers, math, spies and future writers "oh my!".

Boy my brood rocks!


TentCamper said...

Should call it 'insanly random Tuesday thoughts'

...anything else you want to get out?

Keely said...

Hahahhahahhahahhah!!! That was AWESOME. Your zombie kids are super cute. And already plotting your demise, they're frickin' prodigies!!

Mama Dawg said...

I loved your last line. Classic.

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I love that pic of your kid squeezing a kitten? If thats not it sorry but its freakin hilarious!

Amy said...

WOW!!!!! And I comsider you my best friend. I think its time to reconsifer our friendship.

Bex said...

more zombies? this random tuesday thoughts should be renamed: random tuesday thoughts concerning zombies.

(but i love it!)

Pamela said...

oh dear. i think if you're a russian spy named sylvia you could do a lot better than wielding a machete at your zombie children. and was your daughter choking a cat in that pic? are you channeling the bloggess today?

Anonymous said...

Dude. I totally wrote about Prince today. We share one mind.

Also, your blog refuses to recognize me.

~Jenny (the bloggess)

Casey said...

Holy crap, be afraid, be very afraid. Zombies and offing your parents? What exactly is going on over there?
I exercised today (at the Y for the first time!) and ate a box of Girl Scout cookies to balance it out. I feel better now.

Shangrila said...

Dear Sylvia,

The monkey and the owl fly at midnight! (And your post made me laugh so hard that my husband came in from the other room to tell me to breathe!) I'm totally following your blog!

Kat said...

Oy, I have got LaLa trained in the messy room department. I swear she is phobic now because of all my ranting about her previously messy room. Now she refuses to go to bed until it is clean, even when I tell her she can get to it the next day.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Wow, your kids are way scarier than mine.

But they are cute, so they have that going for them for sure.

Pamela said...

Did you see who commented right after me? I so called the bloggess channeling. I *am* a rock star.

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