Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Almost but not quite 10 random things for Tuesday..


So I finally started reading Watchmen, I'm not so sure I'll finish it by Friday. See, I have to clean my house too, so that we can get a sitter for our date. So between the house cleaning and the Watchmen reading.. I'm not so sure I'll finish (see there's all these little short people running around getting into trouble and stuff.. they get in the way of me getting done what I need to do. It's fun.. really.) But hey, we'll see..

This post is taking me a ridiculously long time to create.. between this, Twitter, IM conversations, and my kids.. oy. Some days you people just don't realize the effort.. nay, the *magic* that has to happen to keep this blog going! You're welcome.

As I mentioned yesterday, we have no TV. We currently have a computer that the kids can watch TV on.. Like this:


Okay, that picture is already outdated.. Last Friday we got a new flat screen monitor.. SO much better. But today? We get our new projector! (it's out for delivery right now.. so who knows, by the time I get this dang post finished, I may be playing Wii Fit.. and have lost a few pounds!) So, tonight is movie night in the ChurchPunkHouse.. and pot roast night. Crap! I need to get the pot roast started..

So my reading list is short this week.. the only one I'm committing to reading is Watchmen. That's easy right? Right.

Songs playing on my mp3 player (to drown out the baby crying who fell asleep in my arms and then woke up when I put her down all during the course of me typing up this post..):

Ninety Pound Wuss: Nostalgia
Ninety Pound Wuss: Perserverance
MxPx: Hidden Track (Teenage Politics)
Ninety Pound Wuss: Short Hand Operation
MxPx: I'm the Bad Guy
Emery: Story of a Man With a Bad Heart
MxPx: It's Alright
MxPx: Drowning
Flatfoot 56: Amazing Grace
Ninety Pound Wuss: Olympia
Emery: Rock-N-Rule
Slick Shoes: Now is The Time

So, are you going to BlogHer? You should. I'll be there. And my husband will be there. If you come, I'll have him make you tacos. No really. Tacos. You should come.

Oh, here's an award that I got from Pamela!!
Check her out, she's awesome. I'd pass it on.. but well, this post is getting a little crazy.. so perhaps another day. Oh, my brain hurts...

Speaking of MxPx, here is the next installment in the announcement videos for 'On The Cover II':

And since I miss doing 10 Things Tuesday, I'm going to add it in here.. So here is...

10 Things I Plan To Accomplish By the End of the Week:
  1. clean the boys' room
  2. clean the girls' room (again)
  3. clean the bathrooms
  4. teach my kids something
  5. finish this post
  6. do some Wii Fit
  7. finish reading Watchmen
  8. get the laundry put away
  9. lose a pound or three
  10. make sure J has clean underwear.
Okay, I have to go break up a fight over crackers...



Kat said...

I wish I could go to blogher but I think the airfare would be re-damn-diculous from England.

Mary Moore said...

The heck with cleaning...just read. That's what I'd do anyway... :o)

Only Aman said...

Crazy... nay! Ridiculous! All those random thoughts in one blog post! Your life seems chaotic.

I am glad you are committing to a few things and not committing yourself. You are an awesome mom and wife!

@Kat - She promised TACOS! (well worth the airfare)

You Rock ChurchPunkMom!

I love you!


BedsideTalesMan said...

random is right me lady. but then again...I feel your pain with trying to get stuff done (esspecially cleaning) with the little ones messing it up right behind me.

might as well just read...or lay down with your man (or a toy) for some real important stuff.

blueviolet said...

I would love to go to BlogHer and it's close but still too pricey.
My hubby is reading Watchmen too. I won't tell you what he thinks.

Teri said...

Your kids are lucky they are so cute.

Pamela said...

My kids all crowd around the telly eating apples, too.

Mama Dawg said...

Cleaning? When there's reading to be done? Are you nuts?

ChurchPunkMom said...

Kat: yeah, re-damn-diculous sounds abour right. I'd prolly be going to Steenky Bee's shin dig if it didn't require flying.

Mary:I should, right?

Aman: chaotic is right. I love you too!

BTM: it just feels so counter productive, no? I hate when they do that! ..and laying down with my man-toy sounds much more fun.

blueviolet: yeah, it is.. especially if you have to fly! thanks for stopping by!

Teri: aren't they though? ;)

Pamela: yep. Round these parts, that's called dessert. ;)

MD: yes. yes, I am.

Margo said...

the picture of the kids watching the computer totally made my day for some reason.(I'm sick and stuck in a chair for the past few hours) I had no intention of going to Blogher until you mentioned tacos. Enjoy the rest of your busy day :)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Love the random!

Keely said...



Still waiting to see what you think of Watchmen.

Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday! http://www.fivestarfriday.com/2009/03/intrepid-tuesday-edition-19.html

Casey said...

Isn't it insane how you have to clean for a sitter? I run around like a crazy person trying to get the house clean before mine gets here.

Good luck with the Wii'ing. I'm taking tonight off since it's my birthday. Woot.

Bex said...

ok, first of all - your kids are CUTE sitting there watching the computer.

i drop my kids off at the sitter's so they can tear up someone else's house.

Irish Gumbo said...

Slow down. Take a breath. Breaaaattthhhhhheeeee.

Trust me on this :)

FoN said...

Good luck getting everything done! I feel that way everyday, but then have to throw in a lame job while I'm at it.

I wish I was going to Blogher, I would love to meet you! Sigh. Maybe next year.

ChurchPunkMom said...

Margo: thanks! I hope you do go. :)

Sarah: thank you! :)

Keely: taaaaccoooooss....

Schmutzie: thanks!

Casey: I know, right? no wonder we so rarely go out.. so much WORK. lol

Bex: yeah, we love taking them somewhere else to be watched.. we do that whenever possible. ;)

IG: eh, breathing is overrated. ;)

FoN: yeah, I feel that way everyday too.. I can't imagine having a job thrown in the mix too! that's some crazy shit there.. lol I wish you were coming too! we need more nerdy girls.

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