Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - God Needs Pants Too.


I love home schooling.

No really, I do.

You see, I bitch and moan and complain about it A LOT when I'm disorganized. Because, you know, if I'm disorganized, then my kids are disorganized.. and if my kids are disorganized, then it just isn't going to happen.

Jo just stole the last bit of my burrito, squeezed the filling out onto her plate, and then gave it back. She's awesome.

I finally had time to get my organizer out and write out what needs to be done on what days for the summer.. things are now moving along smoothly once again with school. Not only do the kids see right there in front of me what is 'on the list' for today, but they also see it checked off when they are done - visible progress.

We like visible progress.

Like the progress we made on spring cleaning last weekend due to the fact that my parents were coming to visit. There's nothing like a visit from my mother to get my rear in gear! We de-crap-ified our dining room and kitchen which even included moving a few put-shits up to the attic. It's much nicer in here now.. even if there is a bit of an echo.. echo echo echo...

Where was I?

Oh, home schooling.

So yesterday, I had to make these folder things for the kids for their reading. Unfortunately, I suck at following directions. You see.. oh, nevermind. it's confusing. Let's just say that in the end they were supposed to have two sets of words on small pieces of paper - a group of /oo/ as in 'book' and a group of /oo/ as in 'spoon' words. Inside the folder, there was a slot for each group of words. But mom had them write the wrong words on the papers.. am awesome.

So I made the folders and then realized my mistake.. so what did I do? "Here guys.. just draw a picture on them or something.."

What the hell is this supposed to be shaped like?? The orange one.. in the middle there.. The things I find in my breakfast bowl...

So KJ starts drawing his usual stick figures and such. I start cleaning up reading stuff to make room for math books and glance at his drawing. It was.. interesting. He noticed me looking at what looked like an 'm' on the top of one leg and what looked like.. um.. a rocketship? on the top of the other.

He says to me "That's an 'm', and that's a 'puppet'." I laughed at him and said, "Okaaay... sure." and continue switching the books.

Then he says, "Actually, that's a butt, and that's a weiner." Only he's drawn pants around the figure now and is coloring them in. "That's why I drew pants on him." To which I reply, "Well, that's good. Even stick figures shouldn't go around with butts and weiners hanging out all willy nilly."

But that wasn't the end of it.. Oh no. There were more surprises in store for me. Here is the finished product:

Yep, God love KJ, and KJ loves God.. So much that KJ was kind enough to give God some pants.

In other news.. Last night I discovered that someone had posted the first part of my new short story, Never Let Go, on their news paper website blog thingie. Since I included Ashland, OR as a location in my story, it gained me some attention from Ashland Daily Tidings and they shared my story! I think that's awesome. But would love it if next time someone wants to share my work, they at least let me know they're doing so. Kthankx.

Part 2 of said story will likely be up tomorrow or Thursday.. Not sure. I'm working on that as well as my book, so it just depends on what I make more progress with. Patience people.

Really though, I just want to give you all more time to check out Part 1. So get on it.

My husband made me this for Mother's Day.

It was yummy.

Now go check out Keely, the fearless leader of the Random Tuesday Thoughts crew.

Peace out, homies!


Lisa Brandos said...

Were they wearing your skirts? What is that? So, God gets pants too!? That's special. God should wear pants, cuz his weiner shouldn't be hanging out all willy nilly either!

Captain Dumbass said...

If I was God I wouldn't wear pants. I think I'd have smoke for legs and pants would just spoil the effect.

Irish Gumbo said...

I bet God has really, really big pants...kinda like MC Hammer but not as tacky. Oh, and God is a better dancer, too!

Chris said...

LOL...I have three boys and they, too, are fascinated with wieners and butts!

By the way, if I could I'd live in Ashland, OR. I love that place.

Funny story!

Keely said...

I guess we know who wears the pants around your house, huh?

I think it's time to start copywriting your stuff, dude!

shelliwazzy said...

Just read your laest post on my first visit to your blog. We've got lots in common....5 kids, Being the Christian mom who doesn't quite fit in with the nose ring,etc. ook forward to reading more!

Kat said...

I love that KJ made God so huge! Smart boy!

BeautifulWreck said...

Boys here fascinated with those things as well, and farting of course.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Too cute. I've thought of homeschooling my kiddies, but I don't think I'm organized enough.

Love the god pants. Good to know he's not naked.

And what a lovely gift from hubs. So nice.

Teri said...

Nice mother's day gift! MMM MM chocolate!

I got a pair of Venetian Glass earrings! woo woo!

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