Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - catheters and boils and fevers, oh my!


I like starting the week on a Tuesday. It gives me a chance to clear my mind right out of the gate. Thank you, Keely (go check her out, she's responsible for this nonsense).. but maybe it should be Random Monday Meanderings?? Hmm. Doesn't have the same ring though, does it..

Forgive me if I'm behind, I've hardly been online since Friday. What'd I miss?

So Friday night, all the kids were in bed, and Aman and I snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie. It was around 10 that Baby Jo woke up the first time. She was hot (no, not that kind of hot.. you pervs.), but I didn't think much of it since she was wearing a blanket sleeper and the house was fairly warm. I changed her pajamas and Aman rocked her back to sleep. She woke up again when he tried to put her down and she didn't seem to be cooling off at all. We gave her some Tylenol and rocked her to sleep again. This time she woke about an hour later, as our movie was ending. So I went upstairs and took her to bed with me. We barely got any sleep. Aside from the fact that it was like sleeping up against a space heater, she also did little more than roll back and forth, kick, and cry all night long. We got up the next morning and she was obviously rather ill. So I took her temperature and found it was 102.9 (which was actually 103.9 since it was taken under her arm). I gave her some more medicine and we called the doctor.

Aman was rather unhappy and informed me that he'd made plans with Lisa for just us girls to go out for lunch. Very sweet of him, but I wasn't about to leave my baby until I knew what was wrong. Instead, Lisa and I had a date at the local children's ER. Awesome.

Joella was fine. The doctor checked her over and couldn't find anything wrong with her, so they decided to rule out a urinary tract infection by getting a urine sample. With a catheter. How fun.

No urinary tract infection. (Unless they call me today and tell me otherwise.)

Since there was nothing more to be done.. I mooched a bit more off Lisa and had her drive me to Walgreens for ice pops and the gas station to get gas for the mower, joking that if Aman didn't get the lawn done this weekend, we'd surely have the county after us to do it. It was turning into a jungle.

We dropped off the goods, and headed out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.

We had a lovely time, lunch, shopping at Best Buy.. then it came time to head home. We were within a mile from Lisa's house and her car (which we knew was on it's last legs.. wheels?) started making a HORRIBLE noise.


Then? She got pulled over. Why? Her recently expired tags.


We waited patiently for the nice man in the blue uniform to give her a lovely ticket and then prayed that we could get the car the rest of the way home.. we may or may not have attempted a faith healing and an exorcism along the way.. I'm not sure. Just saying.

A distant rumble of thunder greeted us when we made it to her house, just barely, and I hopped on her computer to check out the bus schedule and find my ride home while she shared the good news with her husband.

I prepared to make my exit and jokingly said "Wonder if I'll get rained on.. knowing my luck, I bet I will."

I did.

I arrived home, a little soggy, and grabbed the mail on my way in. Jo was in pretty much the same condition I had left her in and I walked over to kiss my husband and handed him the cd and dvds I had purchased for him.. along with the letter from the county saying our yard needed a trim.


Sunday was much better.

Joella's fever was gone, and she was back to her usual trouble making self. I set up the water toys after Aman mowed one side of the lawn and kicked the kids outside to play while I cleaned up my ridiculously dirty house and did eleventybillion loads of laundry and dishes.. Only I didn't get the laundry done and only managed one load of dishes.

But the floors are clean(er).

Monday wasn't bad. The lawn was mowed, the house was clean(er), the baby was back to normal.. and the buses weren't running.. and we hadn't had a chance to go to the store yet.

We got everyone's socks and shoes on and walked up to the store to do the grocery shopping. We managed to beat the rain, which was nice, but Aman was supposed to be working on a project that needed to be done Monday night.. and he'd had little time to work on it all weekend. Nice.

But we got food.

Monday afternoon, I noticed my inner thigh was hurting. At first I though perhaps that I just had some chafing from walking to the store on a warm day in jeans.. but no. I checked it out and thought to myself What the hell is that?? Not so sure.. So I went to show Aman, who never argues about me pulling my pants down in front of him.. and we concluded that it might be a boil. One thing left to do! Look up pictures of skin boils on the internet.


It was a boil. I took care of it. It's pretty much gone now (I say that knowing full well that rather than thinking 'Oh dear, are you okay?' you're actually thinking 'Oh jeez.. why did you tell me that?? Ew!' you're welcome and thank you for your concern.).

What a perfect ending to an awesome three day weekend!

How was yours?


Lisa said...

We have scarily similar posts. GET OUT!!!

Kat said...

Glad baby Jo is feeling better! I didn't know the county could tell you to mow your lawn. I know in the military we have people who come around to base housing and measure the grass and leave notices, but not in the civilian world.

Only Aman said...

now you have to take down your "Boil Free Blog" sign in the kitchen. Oh well :-(

It was a long weekend - i am sure we got rest in there somewhere, but it sure did not feel like it.

I love you (even if you have a boil)


Pamela said...

I'm torn between asking how you got a boil and dying while still wondering.

Glad your babeh is better.

Jess said...

No boils to report, but there is nothing the internet can't solve! I have pretty much self diagnosed everything I have ever had. My thoughts are: read all that Wikipedia has to offer and you can be a doctor!!!

Glad Baby Jo is feeling better!!!!

Good news is your friend can take her ticket to the ticket department after she goes and gets her tag re-newed and they won't make her pay her ticket! I got two on year, two days in a row, for my expired tag, both were taken off. The purchase of the car tag is the worst thing about birthdays! Especially when you spent your tag money at the bar and strip club the night before...gahhh!

Hit 40 said...

What a fever!! This would have wiped me out for the weekend going to the ER. Never fun.

And, a ticket for your friend!! Bad Karma to the copper!!! Her darn tags were expired!! She obviously is low on cash.

Irish Gumbo said...

So glad to hear that the wee one is better.

And at the risk of a long-distance butt-kickin' by an irate (but pretty and very sweet) Iowa lass...my weekend was ggggrrrrreeeeat!(running away quickly now)

Hit 40 said...

Excellent that you visited and followed!!!

I hope you enjoy my random thoughts about supersperm!!

Captain Dumbass said...

Boils? When it rained, was there frogs?

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