Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Monkeys have nipples too.


That's right my friends! ChurchPunkMom is having herself a little Random Tuesday fun this week!

I know you're excited.

But try not to wet yourself.
I really don't need any extra laundry.
I've totally forgotten what it's like to live in a house where laundry is 'caught up'. I mean, I know that no one ever really feels like they're 'caught up' on laundry.. but if I only had one or two loads of laundry waiting for me, I might just drop dead from shock. A household of seven generates about 2 loads of laundry a day (at least when small children are involved), just to give you an idea. Now, we do our best to be kind to mother earth and cut down on that work load a bit by re-wearing the not-so-dirty clothes.. but it still piles up pretty quick. And my bedroom is Laundry Central. I think there's carpet under the laundry.. but I don't know what color it is.

I'm looking forward to buying a box of crayons and knowing that none of them will be literally consumed, but rather consumed in the fashion that crayons are intended to be consumed. Life with short people is amazing.. and colorful.

Today is cinco de Mayo and I'm married to a Mexican, guess what I'm doing today! I wish we had some tequila.. A Mexican home without tequila is like an Irish home without whiskey.. we don't have any whiskey either. What is wrong with us!?!?!

Just so you all know.. that post from yesterday? The new Joe's Crab Shack giveaway (go enter!!).. the story was not written by me. I wish it was.. I mean, I thought it was a great story.. But it wasn't. It was my husband. I guess we all know who's really the creative genius around here now.. Secret's out. I may as well quit writing.. *sulk* Whatever. I shall go drown my sorrows in some garlicy butter sauce with some hot steamy crab meat.. mmmmm... crabs.

I'm now taking votes on what color to dye my hair next. Feel free to be funky, be creative, be crazy.. after all, I'm married to a man who actually went to work looking like this (I'm not planning to cut again though.. just dye.)..

I posted an excerpt of my current book in progress some time ago (in case you missed it, it is now also posted at The Open End).. Not many of you read it.. I cried a little. But thank you very much to those who did! And I think Captain Dumbass (who I rudely did not email afterwards.. I apologize) hit it on the head.. If I'm just not feeling it right now, I should put it aside and work on something else for a bit. I may just do that. I'm still feeling a bit stuck in the mud on that one and think I may gain some momentum if I work on my other one for a bit. Thank you, friend, for the clue-by-four. I must say though, I found it quite amusing that a couple (few?) people suggested I write a fictional story from my own life, or a fictional version of my life.. If I were to write a fictional version of my life, how would you know that that's what it was? I mean.. if it was fictional, wouldn't I change details so that you wouldn't recognize that it's about me? Wouldn't that be the point of making it fictional?? And how do you know that that story isn't just that? Or any other story you've read here? Hmmmm... You people.. You think you know me..

But I love you all. I do.

My kids are healthy right now. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyone want to babysit them for a few days while we go to Cornerstone in June?? We really really want to go and meet our fabulous friends the Daytons, but there are so many ridiculously awesome bands that we don't really want to bring the kids (I know.. we're so selfish). You may email your application to visit my wonderful adorable children starting... NOW. I won't even charge you room and board. I'm generous like that.

I got an award! I love awards. They are the awesomeness.. This award is particularly dear to my heart.. because it both lays eggs and eats brains! The Zombie Chicken Award!
I got this fabulous award from the loverly Pamela at The Dayton Time (you see why I'm inclined to go to great concerts lengths to meet her?) and here is what she said..
The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the Zombie Chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all.
Wow! I'm not sure about all that.. but I like the sound of it. Thanks Pammy! *muah* And now, for 5 lucky bloggers who I will bestow this most valued prize to...
  1. Lisa at Lisa Brandos at Home
  2. Keely at The Un Mom
  3. Aman at Only Aman
  4. aaaaannndd... I'm too lazy to pick anymore.
  5. so there... no wait. also, The Mister.
I really want a dog. I miss Molly terribly, and I want a dog. The upside? It's motivating me to get my house thoroughly cleaned up.. cause that's needed before a dog comes to live with us. And no, I will not be getting a labradoodle. What the hell is a labradoodle??

Oh, that's a Labradoodle.. hm.

Now, go visit Keely. She's like the Random HeadMaster and she deserves your respect. Go love on her and tell her I sent you. Cause I'm a teacher's pet like that.

I just told my 3yo, Eliana, to hug her brother less violently. For reals.


Lisa Brandos said...

OMG! My first award! Thanks! And you bestowed to me first. I'm like.... special or something! It's the most awesomest award and the one I wanted most because I secretly heart zombies! Like for reals! *sigh*

And don't feel bad, I am always behind on laundry AND I have to tell Sophie to hug less violently all the time. It must be a 3yo girl thing!

Kat said...

Please tell me that Aman's hair is not really done like that?

ChurchPunkMom said...

Not currently, Kat.. but it was when the picture was taken (about 3yrs ago, I think).

Yes, my husband had pink hair LONG before I did. ;)

The Mister said...

Some friends up the street just got a labradoodle. A most excellent pooch, 'cept for the name I guess.

Thank you thank you thank you for being the one to finally swing the Zombie Chicken my way. It's the first blog award that I've actually been coveting.

Can't wait to see some/all of you in June! Apparently my whole flock is coming. Maybe.

Keely said...

Aman looked like an easter egg! Please tell me it was at easter? That's awesome.

I think you should go with a really rich cobalt blue.

And, I read the first chapter and really loved it but neglected to comment. I'm sorry, I suck. The second chapter is great too but seems more forced.

Thanks for the zombie chicken! Mr. Linky came back so I linked you up.

EMJ said...

I hate laundry with a passion. I actually got all of my laundry done one day, but it was only because my mother was here to be MORE annoying than the buzzer on the dryer. "Yes, Ma, my laundry lover is calling again. I'm on it." It felt great getting it all done in one day...however, never again. I can only empathize with your massive amounts of laundry. It's all very sad, isn't it. Glad you are all feeling better! I felt like I was going to die over here. Now I know it just had to be pig flu. :oP

Amanda said...

If I were closer and we weren't going to be in Maryland for three weeks in June, I'd volunteer to babysit. :)

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Congrats on the award! And I think you should do purple streaks next in your hair. I love purple streaks.

Anonymous said...

Your husband could probably beat my husband up.

I'm okay with that.

bassackwards mom said...

I loved your RTT!! and the title made me laugh loudly.

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