Friday, May 22, 2009

Never Let Go - Part 3

I sat down to write this next part and got distracted by the news of my review by these Nice People (*snort*). So go read it when you're done here, and tell them what you think of it!


To say that Sara was swept off her feet would be a bit of an understatement. Matt was not only handsome, he was chivalrous, charming, and very sweet. Sara all but forgot that she was out with her cast mates as she sat and talked with this intriguing stranger. He was a writer. Matt worked for a local magazine but also enjoyed writing poetry and prose and was even working on a play. How could that not get Sara's attention?

As the evening drew to a close, Matt offered to see Sara home. She informed him that she didn't live far from the theater and was renting a room in a little house up the street from Lithia Park. He proposed he walk with her and she gladly accepted.

It was right around midnight as the pair walked along the street toward the park, breathing in the warm summer breeze.

"Would you like to take a stroll through the park?" Matt asked as they neared its entrance. Could he be more romantic? she thought to herself.
"I'd love to," she replied softly.

They walked together along the garden paths in the moonlight. It was a clear night and the stars shone clearly despite the meager light pollution that the small town offered up to the night. The scent of flowers was heavy in the warm air and the sound of the creek gliding lazily over the rocks and sand rounded out the atmosphere perfectly.

Matt stopped in the gazebo and as Sara turned to see why he pulled her firmly into his arms. She was a bit taken aback at his abruptness and his firm grasp, but wasn't entirely opposed to his embrace.

"You are so beautiful." he breathed into her ear as his face came close to hers. He ran his fingers through her long brown hair and touched his cheek to hers as his fingertips slid down the nape of her neck. Sara felt breathless, speechless, and a little anxious all at once. She couldn't pinpoint where the twinge of fear was coming from exactly and decided to ignore it as Matt kissed her.

Again, she was startled by his forcefulness. He'd been so smooth and charming all evening, she'd imagined that he'd be a bit gentler with her. She pulled back a little, trying to catch her breath and he released her. He stood, staring at her in the moonlight, as a smile broke across his face. The shadows made it unclear, but Sara was pretty sure he had a very mocking grin on his face. He seemed pleased and rather amused with her response.

"I should really be getting home now.." she stammered. "Ms. Worthington doesn't like me coming in in the middle of the night, it wakes her sometimes.."

"Sure," he answered, offering her his elbow again. "Let's go then." His gentle manner had returned and Sara gladly took his arm as he led her out of the park and up the street to her house.


Lisa said...

I don't like Matt.

Kay said...

Totally didn't see the creepiness coming, love it. Well, I hate it, but I love the surprise of it. I hope you know what I mean.

As for the nice people? Damn, you're brave. Just seeing that site scares me... I'd be terrified to submit to them.
I don't notice a lot of what they mentioned because I read you in Google reader, rarely going to your actual page.
Considering some of their other reviews I've seen... you did amazingly well.

Hope N minded said...

Hmmm well how did it make you feel? all that stuff he said about your blog? did any of it ring true for you? I dont know, it really is your place to figure that one out. I do think your brave to enter your blog to a place that judges it. I am so new to all this i didnt even know something like that existed. Im sure i would get the same if not worse. You do what you enjoy and continue pushing yourself, thats what i say.

Captain Dumbass said...

I was expecting Matt's face to change a la Angel/Buffy.

Keely said...

I don't like Matt now, either.

That review site both terrifies me and fascinates me at the same time. A lot of what they said about your site I've been struggling with on my own.

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