Monday, January 19, 2009

I have a dream..

I have a dream, that one day...

I will feel like I have a good handle on home schooling my kids..
My house will be neat, tidy... or at least organized?
My kids will do some chores..
Baby Jo will do something other than squeal and grunt.. (there's a reason she's often called 'Piglet')
We will have our own vehicle again..
Life will not feel like it's whizzing past me at a million miles per hour and I will feel like I actually have time to enjoy things..
I will be one of the 'cool kids' in the blogosphere (though just having a few of them comment here is making me feel pretty awesome for now..)..
I will not be either nursing or pregnant.. seriously, 8+ years is long enough!
My feline companions and I will reside peacefully together once more..
I will get another dog, and actually have time for it!
I will also have time to do things like shower, and brush my teeth every day..
My husband won't have to work so much and miss out on so much..
I will publish my book..
I will be able to say 'I am a writer' and not feel silly or feel like I'm lying..
I will start swimming again..
We will look back on today, enjoy and smile at the memories, and thank God that we made it through in one piece...


Happy Martin Luther King Day.. keep dreaming.


Kat said...

But you are a writer...see it is right here on your blog. Lots and lots of writing actually.

Irish Gumbo said...


Hang in there, kiddo! (and you are neitehr silly or a liar!)

Pamela said...

look at IG go all Obamanation on your dreamy self.

you can do anything. i am convinced.

Heinous said...

Don't sell yourself short, you are a writer and it's good stuff. I don't know who the 'cool kids' are, but I think you're pretty cool.

It will all fall into place...patience.

ChurchPunkMom said...

awe, thanks everybody! you make me so warm and fuzzy.. or was that the cherry soda and vodka.. hm.

I so appreciate all the feedback I've received from you all over the past few months, it has meant the world to me!

I'm slowly getting accustomed to the title of 'writer'.. But I'm still doing the same thing I've done since I was like.. 12. So it does feel a little silly to call myself an 'author', when it doesn't feel any different that it did when my 4th grade teacher greatly praised my poetry!

Anyhow, if it weren't for all your positive feedback and encouragement, my stories would probably continue to be scribbled onto notebook pages and tucked away to be shared with no one - but they're not. And that feels *great*.

Thank you!

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