Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm beat...

I am utterly exhausted from a very long play date today.. One of my newest friends and her two adorable daughters graced us with their presence for the entire afternoon.. There was much talking, and play-doh, and cat chasing, and giggling.. and I'm..... pooped. (cause what's a post from me without a little doodie..)

So, instead.. go watch my husband eat dirt.. and leave him a comment to cheer him on. And if you want to hear my sultry vocals, watch the pilot video where I interview him on death and evangelism.. Enjoy.



Irish Gumbo said...

Coir pith comes from coconuts.
Canadian peat comes from Canadian peat bogs (presumably).

Where does 'acrylamide potassium acrylate copolymer' come from? A Chinese industrial chemical processing plant?

I think acryalmide was that substance found in french fries that supposedly causes cancer (not to scare you or anything).

That was pretty nutty. How much did they pay him? :)

Mama Dawg said...

Y'all are so cute.

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