Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Other Girl (Part 4)

Melissa's head broke the surface of the water, her face meeting the warm late spring air in the darkness as beads of water rolled down her forehead and a wake formed down the sides of her body as it rippled like a wave in the pool. It was early May, the weather had turned warm enough in their little Northern California suburb that Jon had decided to have a pool party.

His house was the go to place for such events. It was the perfect 'party house', with a large living room that opened out onto a deck. A killer stereo system and a big screen TV sat in the living room with the oversized brown leather furniture. The back yard was shielded by a circle of trees that reined in the various tables and chairs on the deck and patio, the bar-b-que equipment, the large swimming pool and the hot tub. A garden path wound it's way around the perimeter of the pool patio with benches and rose bushes scattered about.

Tonight's party was the first of this year and only a dozen or so people had come. But it was late now and the crowd had dwindled and Melissa was the only girl left in attendance. She was alone in the pool at the moment, having the full length of the deep cool water to glide along. As she neared the opposite wall of the pool, Melissa rolled over in the water and ducked her head under again. She pulled her feet up under and stood up, adjusting her green plaid bikini. She smoothed her hair, wringing the excess water out of it, and climbed the stairs out of the pool.

Looking around, Melissa realized that the other only person outside was John, who was digging in a cooler near the back door on the deck. Melissa walked silently to the chaise where she had tossed her towel and shed her sweat shorts and black t-shirt. Her sandals were still on the cement beside the chair and she slid her feet into them after rubbing them dry with her towel. The sun had disappeared, save for a soft orange glow along the horizon, and the air was cooling quickly. Melissa wrapped the towel around herself and picked up her clothing, heading for the back door to the house.

John looked up at her as she neared and he smiled at her as he stood and opened a can of Coke. She passed him and headed for the bathroom off the living room in the house, noticing that just Tom and Jon remained in the living room. They were hanging out and talking when she walked in. They looked up as she entered and their voices fell silent as Jon smiled a little nervously at her. Were it not for U2's With or Without You playing in the background, you could have heard a pin drop in the sudden hush.

Melissa slowed without stopping on her way to the bathroom, feeling her face flush as droplets of water fell from the ends of her long dark red hair and rolled down her bare chest. She closed the bathroom door and looked in the mirror, relieved to see nothing out of the ordinary in her reflection. She removed her suit and wrung out as much water as she could, rolling it in her towel and squeezing it. She stood for a moment, contemplating whether or not to put it back on under her clothes.. she expected she'd be leaving soon and didn't really want the cold wet suit on. She left it rolled in her towel and pulled on her green sweat shorts and black t-shirt, then pulled her wet hair back into a pony tail and opened the bathroom door.

Jon sat at one end of the sofa and Tom was sitting in an huge armchair in the corner. Melissa had spent lots of time with Tom over the past couple years, they were good friends and very comfortable together. She headed for the little bit of space left in the chair with Tom, feeling more than a little self-conscious about her attire in the presence of Jon. He grinned at her approvingly from across the room and got up to refill his drink, offering to get something for Tom or Melissa who both declined. Melissa was so relieved that Tom had agreed to take her home tonight, not feeling up to another trip in Jon's truck just yet.

She sank into the big leather chair beside Tom who put his arm around her shoulders. His breath smelled odd and Melissa wondered at what he might have been drinking as he started tracing circles on her shoulder with his finger. She felt his breath on her neck and felt a little dizzy as his lips began toying with her ear.

My God, what has Jon been saying about me?? Melissa wondered.

Melissa turned her head, pulling her earlobe out of Tom's mouth, so that she could face him. As she moved, he shifted in the chair hooking his leg over hers and practically diving on her with a kiss. His hand started at her knee and moved quickly up her body, groping her breast. Melissa twisted and pulled away, tasting alcohol on his breath.

"Tom, you're drunk." Melissa said, putting her hand over his to stop his groping.
"No, I'm not." he answered, moving in for another kiss.
"Dude, you're totally drunk," Jon laughed. "Maybe I should give you a ride home, Melissa?"
"No, I'll take her home." John said, taking a last slurp from his can of Coke. "I need to get going though, it's late. You about ready to go, Melissa?"
"Ready when you are," she answered, prying herself from Tom's groping hands.


Irish Gumbo said...

I'm not sure, but I may have to roll out the 55 gallon drum of whoopass, Industrial Strength...and great way to keep the suspense up! Just the right amount of ambiguity. :)

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Mama Dawg said...

What the hell?

crazy said...

Love the writing here...

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