Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Music Friday (Spin Cyle Style)

This week we're mixing it up a bit..

This week's theme for the Spin Cycle is Songs. So, I decided to play. I contemplated just picking one of my current favorites and posting a video, like usual.. but I figured if I'm going to really Spin it.. I ought to put more thought into it, right?

So here is something I put together a few years ago (gosh.. has it really been *years*??).. My friend Amy, and her family, lived with us for a short time.. due to some unfortunate circumstances that left them essentially homeless. Our time together was anything but peaceful.. How could it be? We were living in a 3 bedroom house in California with 4 adults, the 4 ChurchPunk kids, as well as their one child.. with another due to arrive any day.

We managed to make it work, we got along, and we now look back on our time together very fondly. Our parting was bittersweet. After the intense bonding that comes with living all together under one roof, Amy and her family moved back home to Missouri. It seemed way too far away.. it was way too far away. And now that I'm a neighbor to the north of Missouri? She's in freakin' Virginia. I can't win..

Anyway, here's the video I put together after they left to profess my undying love for this friend of mine.. The music is Audio Adrenaline "Goodbye" (they also sing "Churchpunks" in case you're wondering..). Enjoy. (and please forgive the crummy audio.. not sure what's up with that..)


Sprite's Keeper said...

Welcome to the Spin Cycle! I'm glad I saw your site in my traffic or this cool place with the welcoming cookies would have escaped me! I wasn't able to play the video, (stupid work rules) but I will tonight. I love montages, and a nice song to sum up life? All the better! You're linked!

Amy said...

Hey lady you rock my face off. Can't wait till next we meet.

Shangrila said...

Oh-you made me tear up a little. My sister and her husband lived with us for awhile and I HATED when she (they) left! What a beautiful video, and a perfect song! Thanks for the great spin! :)

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

What a wonderful tribute. And great song.

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