Tuesday, December 23, 2008

People like me?? People like me!! Awe...

So I got a couple of early Christmas presents and I'm just so honored and pleased, that I just had to share it with you all...

First up, my new buddy Irish Gumbo gave me this lovely award..

You may have noticed it already displayed over there ----> see, I was so overwhelmed with my excitement that I didn't want to wait until I had properly thanked this fine man before slapping it up on my site.

At first, I was a little taken aback.. thinking he was just making fun of me for being so long-winded.. but then I adjusted my glasses and read the small print. Oh! It was incredibly sweet of him to include me in his list of people-who-make-me-warm-and-fuzzy-and-deserve-a-visit... Well, this award make me feel warm and fuzzy. So thank you Irish Gumbo. And to those of you who have not visited my fine Irish friend (shame on you!), I recommend you head over when you're done here and check him out. The boy can spin a yarn, as we Irish like to say. He's got the gift, and I don't mean he's fey. So go, read, enjoy. You're welcome.

Next, I got this little bit of awesomeness from The Mister..

The Mister and his missus, Pamela, have been around here since like almost the beginning. They are full of all kinds of awesomeness and have been some of my most loyal readers. I love them dearly and will hold this award close to my heart always (seriously.. I'm thinking I'll have J make me like.. a t-shirt or something..). And, people, just take a look at the list he's got me in! I mean, I'm right up there with his wife and Black Hockey Jesus.. Whoa. Thank you!

So, here at the ChurchPunkHouse we're all about reciprocity (okay, I know that video has nothing to do with reciprocating.. but it's awesome, and I wanted to make sure none of you missed it. You're welcome..) and paying it forward.

So here goes.. I would like to pass this award on first to my new bloggy buddy, IrishGumbo. Becuase, well... he's awesome! And I have enjoyed everything I've read on his blog thus far, and look forward to reading more.

Next up, I'm going to pass it on to Mary Moore over at Holy Mackerel.. because I've recently discovered her and am enjoying reading her blog these days as well.. Go check her out, she's funny.

So there you go people.. Merry Christmas.. and Happy Hannukah, and Happy Kwaanza, and Happy Winter Solstice and all that... Enjoy whatever it is you're celebrating this month!

And since I'm in a giving mood (and my butt doesn't need anymore girth..), here.. have a cookie.

You're welcome.


Mama Dawg said...

Congrats on the awards! Well deserved, all of 'em.

Happy all that stuff to you, too!

Pamela said...

Nice awards. I bet those cookies taste real good.

Irish Gumbo said...

I think I'm having a Lou Gehrig moment...*gulp*...Thank you!

I am humbled and honored by your kind words!(sniff)

I can easily say that this is some of the nicest praise I have received on anything I have done, in a long, long time! (sniff)

Madam, thank you for the award and the words and the eyes on the page! The President-for-Life of The Republic of Gumbo salutes you! :)

Irish Gumbo said...

And to top it off: COOKIES!

steenky bee said...

Puh-leeze, people LOVE you. Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! See you in 09!

goodfather said...

Mmmmm, those cookies look delicious! Please twitter me one, if you get a chance. :D

Congrats on your awards!

ChurchPunkMom said...

MD: thank you!

Pamela: those cookies were good..*burp*

IG: what's an award celebration without cookies??

SB: thank you! and Merry Chirstmas to you, friend.

GF: I'll get right on that. ;)

Father Muskrat said...

I want cookies. Please?

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