Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

Meme style... So GoodFather did a letter meme where he let us all know 10 things that he loves that start with the letter 'M'. He then instructed us to carry on the meme by posting 10 things we love that start with the same letter as the first letter in our name (whether our real first name or our blogging first name). So, since I'm such a rebel and all.. I'm breaking the rules. Mostly because CaptainDumbass used letter 'C' for his and, as I mentioned, letter 'M' was used as well.. Those men, I tell ya.. So I will use letter 'P' for punk. See? It all makes sense in the end..

10 Things I love that start with the letter 'P'...
  1. polar fleece. I'm a bit of a fleece junkie.. just ask my husband. I have fleece pants, fleece tops, fleece hats.. I love polar fleece. (as a matter of fact.. I'm wearing fleece right now.)
  2. puppies! I do.. I really love puppies. I would so LOVE to get a new puppy, but with all the cats we have at the moment, and the mess my house is still recovering from.. it would not be wise..
  3. popsicles. Especially if they are juice pops.. as in made with real juice. Yum.
  4. pinto beans. Seriously. It's practically my whole reasoning behind marrying someone who is part Mexican. I like them whole with a little salt, in a burrito, smashed, refried (yes, those are two different things..).. mmm.. pinto beans.
  5. purring cats. mmm hmmm.. I do. I will put up with a cat laying on me for quite a long time just so I can enjoy that purring I get when I pet them.
  6. piano. I like to play piano, I like to listen to piano music.. I wish I had a piano. I miss it. My parents sold our piano because they felt it was not being used enough. I just wasn't playing it when they were around.
  7. pillows. I love pillows. Big ones, little ones.. fluffy soft ones.. I can't sleep with any less than two.
  8. piercings. okay.. I don't have many myself, but I love seeing them on people (as long as they're.. um.. viewable). Personally, I have my ears pierced and my nose pierced. I hope to get my ears pierced again and also my lip. I wanted my eyebrow pierced for a long time.. but then started wearing my glasses.. now, I think I'd wait until I got contacts (not likely to happen) before doing that.
  9. pudgy babies. Now, maybe I'm biased because of my own little ones.. but I love a rolly poly pudgy baby. Skinny babies tend to look sickly to me.. plus, pudgy babies give a much more satisfying result when blowing raspberries.
  10. photography. I like looking at pictures, I like taking pictures.. I like pictures.
So there ya go.. 10 random things that start with 'P' that I love.



Kat said...

I love purring cats too. Mine won't sit down and love on anyone long enough to get purrs out of him. Sometimes I wonder if he really loves me *sniff*

Pamela said...

I love pudge and purring and...hey, wait... *I* start with P! Wha? Am I still number 11? Dang.

Mama Dawg said...

I love so many of those things, as well. Especially purring pu...uh, I mean cats.

ChurchPunkMom said...

Kat: I'll send you one of mine.. any time I sit down, I have one in my lap.. they think they own me.
Pamela: my love for you goes without saying and is too great to be ranked on some silly list. ;)
MD: well.. you know.. there are other things I love that start with 'P'.. but I used all my self control to refrain from adding them to the list.. You can ask my husband if you really want to know what they are. ;)

Captain Dumbass said...

Paris, potatoes (mashed, scalloped, fried...), penguins, pashmina! Oooh, pashmina... wait! Um... *awkward*

ChurchPunkMom said...

CD: heh.. being that I'm Irish, you'd think that potatoes would be on that list! lol..

I do love me some potatoes..

never been to Paris (probably never will), penguins are adorable, and pashmina? (I'm not going to admit that i googled it.. especially since I'm a knitter..)

Anonymous said...

Hi! This may sound weird, but what you wrote reminded me of "The Friendly Book" by Margaret Wise Brown. Have your kids read it? Here's a part about stars:
Yellow stars
Green stars
Red stars
Blue stars
I like stars
Far stars
Quiet stars
Bright stars
Light stars
I like stars
A star that is shooting across the dark sky
A star that is shining right straight in your eye
I like stars."

It goes on about trains, cars, snow, dogs, boats, whistles, people...

The way you keep repeating the words (fleece pants, fleece tops, fleece hats), describing them in different ways (pillows...big ones, little ones, fluffy soft ones), then end with "I love ___"
...cracked me up! :)

Amanda S.

ChurchPunkMom said...

Amanda: That's funny! No, I haven't read that book.. but thanks for the comment! I may have to check the book out. ;)

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