Friday, December 19, 2008

Emery - Don't Bore Us, Get To the Chorus


Irish Gumbo said...

Settle down, dude, you gotta make that voice last!

I guess if he did bore us, we would have been 'emery bo(ar)ded'.
Get it? Huh, do ya, do ya, do ya?

Punmaster Gumbo is in der Haus, meine Kinder! said...

Hello! It's Tess from Six Feet Under Blog! I would like to interview you for Words with a blogger Wednesday. I couldnt access your email for some reason, so if you could contact me at tessii1 I will send you the interview questions-thanks!

Irish Gumbo said...


Thank you for your comment on my Thursday post. And the hugs! Always a good thing. Oh, and I didn't mean to make you cry (grin), man I'm having a rough patch with the ladies!

As a digital thank you, I have an award for you. You can pick it up at the upper right corner of IG. Enjoy! and good luck with the snow..

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