Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Procrastination Station


All week long, whenever funny little things happen, I think to myself "I should put that in my Random Tuesday post.." But you know what? Come Tuesday, I forget everything. Yeah.

So Aman shaved his head the other day. He likes to keep it shaved.. says something about it making him more aerodynamic.. I think he's just trying to hide the fact that he's going bald from me. I don't really know though, he hasn't let his hair get long enough for me to see.

When he was done, he put a longer attachment on the trimmer and, bringing it to his face, announced "Are you ready? Now is the moment you've been waiting for.."

I held my breath, watching as the buzzer neared the top of one of his sideburns.. and went right past it.

He shaved his eyebrows.

They're much less bushy.

We went to my parents over the weekend. They were in a play at their local theater - My Fair Lady. I'll blog more about that another day.. too many awesome pictures and videos for it to be in this post.

Notice I did not do my Operation: Hot Chick post yesterday? No? Good.

Really though, I still haven't lost weight. I'm obviously looking better and have burned some fat and gained some muscle.. but the scale is broken. It seems to be stuck. Whatever. I'll post that next week.

I've been getting a lot of headaches lately.. I'm starting to wonder if it's a tumor. But it's more likely just due to my lack of water and irregular caffeine consumtion.. and sleep deprivation.

You know those cats we had that were causing all the trouble? The ones that cleverly designed Mont Chat Merde? and were creating inbred kittens?? Yeah.. they're gone. We finally dropped them off at the ARL. Kelly is the queen kitty once again and is living it up.

I wanted to add some pictures to this post, but Eliana was bitching at me the whole time I was transferring them to the main computer. She really wanted to watch Noggin.. so I didn't bother uploading any pictures. Later.

I'm not a procrastinator... really.

Apparently I need to clean out our vents more often. Ellie was messing with the one at the bottom of the stairs yesterday and when I stopped her, I noticed some stuff in it. So I reached in and pulled some out.. and then some more.. and then some more.. I took a picture when I was done.. just for you. You're welcome. (I will add the picture in a bit.. must hi-jack the computer from the Noggin addict again..)

I'm not real sure why.. but Kieran always feels the need to sit around and blabber at me. Right now, I'm in Aman's Lair and KJ has followed me up here, using my cat as a guise for his blabbermania.. he's talking about anything and everything that he can think of - cats, the rental van we had, the weather today.. He should do his own Random Tuesday Thoughts post..

Since I haven't done Favorite Music Friday in a while (my blog says that 'favorite' should be spelled 'favourite'.. seems my own blog has gone all Canadian on me.), here's some Relient K for you. I couldn't post the official video because they have disabled embedding.. but whatever. This acoustic one is cool too.

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Then go visit Keely, The Un-Mom. She's awesome.


sAm said...

For some reason when I was 16 (after viewing Pink Floyd's The Wall) I thought I should shave my eyebrows. I mean - what purpose do they serve? It kind of fit into my whole "persona" at the time. Now I have a 14 year old. Dark hair. Beautiful eyes. And he wants to shave his eyebrows. Now I know what my mother went through. Difference is, I never asked permission...does that make it better?? (btw - I'm nixing his request for now...he has piercings, long hair - what more could a kid want??)

Only Aman said...

That was super random! I know - i was in suspense until i trimmed my eyebrows... the look your face was funny though.

Drink some water today!

@sAm our kids beat yours - they can do whatever they want... well most of it. As long as it does not make us go broke and does not ruin their character or de-fame God. Sounds like your an awesome mom!

I love my Hot Wife!

Lisa Brandos said...

And you're surprised that KJ followed you to blab? I'm not.

And, in the famous words of your ex-governor: "It's NOT a TUMOR!"

I would venture that your headaches are for the same reason mine are: Lack of sleep and lack of hydration. (Coffee and Pepsi don't count, do they?)

And thanks for the RK! I love them!

Kat said...

At first I though Aman had shaved his eyebrows off and I was like "OMGoodness!!" then I realized I needed to read more carefully.

Pamela said...

it's good that Aman stays on top of the eyescaping. I just hope he's paying attention to his nose and ears as well.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Shaving eyebrows is a great way to spend a Saturday. I should know.

And yes, it IS spelled favourite.

~~tonya~~ said...

Very very random!! and a great read.

Have a nice day!

Keely said...

Um, so was that really the moment you were waiting for??

Next Tuesday can be Kieran's edition.

Now that you're working out, you're probably getting headaches because you're dehydrated. But you already figured that out. So drink some water!

Anonymous said...

The caffeine is killing me too. As soon as I get a headache, I regret it but then I drink some Diet Coke and the high takes over.

Mommy Kerrie said...

love your profile ... i agree about feeling like i never quite fit in! thanks for following me ... looking forward to reading more. i'm in overland park, ks, by the way. email me if you're anywhere close! mommykerrie@yahoo.com

Tess said...

I think Ill keep my eyebrows.

Casey said...

I went off of caffeine and then had to go back on it after two days of migraines. Oh, and I had to get a night guard since I grind my teeth at night and was waking up with terrible headaches. I just made this all about me, didn't I? Happy RTT.

Captain Dumbass said...

A shaved head salute to Aman, it's the only way to go. Keep up your caffeine levels, it's fights THEM off.

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