Thursday, April 9, 2009

I should be writing..

.. but I'm here, entertaining you instead.


Kind of.

I mean, I know I'm not that entertaining, and this post will probably be pretty boring.. and, honestly, I should actually be doing something responsible right now instead of writing - like teaching my kids something, or cleaning my house, or exercising.. or something.
Whatever. So how are you today? I'm doing okay. I just uploaded more pictures than you can stick a shake at. Now, I'm going to try to organize them into a post for you. You're welcome.

Last weekend, we went to my parents. As I mentioned on Tuesday, they both performed in their local theatre's production of My Fair Lady. They were fabulous, of course. My dad played the Zoltan guy and my mother was a cockney girl. They had a blast and I can't wait to see them in their next show.

It was a short visit, despite my parents living about 3 hours from us. We left on Saturday morning and came home Sunday morning so that we could be back in time for Aman's soccer game Sunday afternoon. The kids spent Saturday night hanging out at my parents' house with my somewhat distant cousin babysitting them.

Aman and I took the kids for a walk Saturday afternoon after lunch to help them burn off some energy (so they wouldn't drive Fallon totally crazy) and let my parents rest up a bit before the show.

(I just had to stop in the middle of typing up this post and go up two flights of stairs to plug in my laptop and finish.. my battery was dying.. and now I am. *huff, huff, pant, pant*)

It's been a while since our family has had a chance to get outside and enjoy the outdoors together.. We had a great time Saturday. See for yourself...

We somehow forgot to throw a stroller in the back of the van we rented (I know, right? we have a baby for crying out loud.. you'd think we have this down by now..), but it was all good. Jo was happy to walk the whole time. I was impressed. (And honestly, had we thought of bringing a stroller, we might have just decided against it.. because at this point in the game? it just feels like extra baggage that's not really necessary..)

Obviously, the girls had a great time running around together and walking down the street holding hands. Aman and I always get a giggle out of seeing how cute and girlie they are together. Even after 3 years of having a daughter, it still feels like uncharted territory for us after the previous 5 years with all boys.

The boys, however, did remember to bring along their scooters and helmets. They had a blast scooting all over my parents' neighborhood. They live right on the edge of the biggest park in Keokuk, the perfect place to live when you have grandchildren.. obviously. It's also a lot of fun at the end of April when they do the Civil War Reenactment in the park - oh yes, you will be bombarded with those pictures in a few weeks, make no mistake.

We went to one of the playgrounds in the park and played for a while with the kids.. it was quite windy, but the sun was shining. On the playground we took more video than pictures, I will save those for another post.

Eventually, we decided to head back to my parents' house to clean up and eat some pizza before the show. But not without snapping some shots near one of the awesome old brick buildings in the park. The kids love posing for pictures.. can you tell?

Of course, all that fun came to an abrupt end when my aunt hit Torrin with her vehicle as she pulled in the drive way.. It was a sad moment for all.

But he's made a full recovery.

I think.


Only Aman said...

It was a great time! There some photos and videos you did not post that would have made the post a bit better, but maybe save that for another day.

Good times... good times with famil are the best.


Lisa Brandos said...

Your aunt hit Torrin. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I know that probably sucked at the time, but oh. my. gawd. That is HILARIOUS now! I'm seriously giggling as I type

The Mister said...

It's nice to know that there are families in the world who enjoy traveling to visit relatives.

Only Aman said...

Truth be told - no she did not hit Torrin. We came back to the house with their car pulled up to the trike lying on it's side. So I told Torrin to go lay down next to it while I take a picture.

Pretty funny stuff.


Casey said...

Well, at least the kid wasn't too dinged up from the fake hit and run. That looks like a fun trip!

Teri said...

I <3 Torrin. I'm betrothing Marilyn to him right now. Look at those eyes!

Keely said...

I have a stick here, which pictures do I shake it at?

Kelly said...

Fun! I forget strollers all of the time too! Painful things...

Captain Dumbass said...

Torrin was trying to pull an insurance scam, wasn't he?

Pamela said...

Do you see that comment by the Mister up there? That is him with his undies in a bunch because there isn't any good way to escape a trip to my mother's new house on Easter. Well, unless we wanted to Divide The Family. Meh. Only one of us can get really drunk because someone will have to drive the hour home. It's not looking like I'll be the one with the grain-induced coping skills. Double meh.

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