Friday, April 10, 2009

Joe's Crab Shack Giveaway Part 2 - Pick a Winner!

and now for the cleavage... i mean... and now i will give you my crabs... dang it, that sounded bad too.


(sounds a lot less ambiguous)

The lovely winner of this Joe's Crab Shack prize will receive a $25 gift card and an awesome t-shit! We think it is an excellent time with family or for a date night or just a great time to show your love for crabs in public by yourself.

While you are there, check out their Crazy-Good Crab Dip or perhaps you might like to start your meal off with their Great Balls of Fire, we definitely enjoyed the Crab in a Bucket for 2 and our Pomegranate Pop Rocks Margarita. And, of course, wear your t-shirt!

So enough drooling, here is the winner, announced in video format (again, the audio.. camera's fault, not ours. and excuse my haggard appearance, my make-up people had the night off..): - Joe's Crab Shack give away winner!.

ChurchPunkMom from Embellished Truth and Polite Fiction announces the Joe's Crab Shack give away winner!

As usual. Watch the video - if you can't see it - well maybe you will find out if the person tells you in the comments.


Kurt N. said...

Wait, seriously...what? Surely you must mean some other Kurt? I never win things. :)

Oh, I know! It's a gag video! Y'all recorded a video for everybody and Aman has hacked Blogger so that everybody sees and hears their name as the winner based on their IP, right?

So sneaky, Aman. You really had me going there...

No, seriously...

Only Aman said...

You guys even like these videos?

WOO HOO Passing out the crabs. Had in interesting discussion with ChurchPunkMom that Crab Meat is actually their flesh because they have their skeleton on the outside.

So we will probably go out next weekend for flesh (crab flesh).

@Kurt - congratulations. Definitely NOT a joke!

Teri said...

I think the videos are funny. CPM is great with her lines - she doesn't say "um" or make that amateur "is the camera off?" look when she's done talking....she just keeps on smiling and looking at the camera....

Now're camera skills, well....let's just say your wife is better at movies. LOL (The sound of the music is too loud compared to the quiet of the live action video...just sayin')

DARN! I WANTED CRABS....congratulations Kurt. Make sure you eat crabs or you are missing out on Joe's specialty. If you don't eat crabs, Kurt I am gonna bring a crab claw and poke your eyes with it! KURT! YOU HEAR ME KURT?

Lisa Brandos said...

I SO wanted crabs. Sad now. And, HEY! Jealous. Kurt sucks. ;-)

ChurchPunkMom said...

@Teri - yeah.. for some reason the camera just does not record very loud at all.. with me. It seems to work fine when he records other people.. but not on me. And I talked loud enough last night too.. Don't know what's up with that. We neglected to take the rest of the audio down a bit so that the video wouldn't blast you in the face and then make you strain to hear.. but hey, it was after midnight and we were yawning.. a LOT.

and ladies.. don't hurt Kurt. Kurt is awesome.

(yes, Kurt.. you really won.)

Kurt N. said...

Wow, it's Friday /and/ I got crabs? I must be living right.

Thanks so much ChurchPunkMom! I promise that I /will/ eat crabs. And my wife. And my kids!

My deceased almost-brother-person will be avenged!

@OnlyAman I like the videos! Make more! But find some way to get CPM's voice to register more. Though if you're talking softly to avoid waking the chirrens, I sympathize!

Pamela said...

i didn't even mind not winning because i loves me some fff!

ChurchPunkMom said...

@Kurt, please don't eat your wife and kids. Thank you.

@Pamela, Dance or Die baby!!

Amy said...

HEy aman stop with the boobs and cpm wear a shirt next time kay. LOL we all knon i like your boobs but you don't to show um to everyone.

FoN said...

Congrats Kurt! Make sure you take a friend when you go for crab(s).

Casey said...

Woo hoo, congrats Kurt! I don't want crabs anyway, those are a bitch to get rid of. What I meant to say was that I don't eat seafood.

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