Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kreativity is something I've never seemed to lack..

I was going to post this in my random Tuesday post, but now I'm kinda glad I didn't.. cause I had a bit of a brain fart when it came to what to post today!

Sunday, my sister blogger Kat from the 3 Bedroom Bungalow across the Pond, bestowed upon me a totally swawesome award (that's like sweet and awesome all rolled into one). And she accused me of being kreative. Not sure I've ever been called that before.. but I'm guessing it was a compliment, so I'll go with it.

Here's the Rulez that go with this piece of bloggy bling (I hate rules.. don't you people know that?? what is it with people throwing rules at me all the time.. oy.)..

List 6 Things that Make me Happy and Tag 6 Unsuspecting Victims Bloggers to do the same.. here goes:
  1. Writing (without it I'd be even crazier)
  2. my husband
  3. my kids (though, really.. it's a happy/miserable kind of thing if I'm being really honest.. I'm all about the honesty people.. keep it real.)
  4. beer.. especially Guinness.
  5. chocolate.. any really.
  6. music (did you know I'm a musician too? music is like air to me.)
and (drum-roll please..) a few of my favorite friends..
  1. my friend Lisa over at The Brandos Family. I actually know this nice lady.. and she makes me laugh. A lot.
  2. FoN over at Kids and Daiquiris. Because she's awesome.
  3. Keely, aka The Un-Mom. Because she's rad.. and geeky. And yeah, I'm into that sort of thing.
  4. Kelly from PunkyBean - she makes me giggle. I like that.
  5. Teri, my good friend handing out the Cold Lemonade.. because she really is creative!
  6. and Pamela.. because she lets me come play at her place, The Dayton Time, and stink it up with my awesomeness. She's nice like that.
And don't forget, today is your last chance to enter the EdenFantasys Giveaway! Winner will be announced tomorrow!


steenky bee said...

Music is like air to you? Would it be your Air Supply? Making Love Out Of Nothing At All? I crack myself up.

Lisa Brandos said...

ummm.... so you had to list me first, huh? Thanks. Now I gotta blog today. Gawd.

Pamela said...

You just keep making me blush! So when are you coming over to play? We're waiting with baited breath.

Keely said...

Yay! she's into me!

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