Thursday, October 2, 2008

knocked up


So MamaCat got out again a couple days ago... She's in heat and was stalking the back door like it was a portal to kittytopia. It never takes long for her to figure out that all she has to do is wait for the right child to come in or out of the door and she can easily slip out.

The kids were enjoying our lovely fall weather and on Princess's second or third trip through the doorway, MamaCat made a run for it. Ninja like reflexes, blink and you'll miss it... she's GONE.

But the cat came back, the very next day.

"Mom! Livvy's home!!" the Boss announces as he leads the way for Monkey to return her to the kitchen floor.

"Great. Put her back out. She's probably knocked up."

"Like you? You always get knocked up." I should have known that Monkey would sooner or later make the connection..


"Uh. Thanks. But no, not like me. I'm NOT knocked up."

"But you have been.. A lot."

Ugh.. who's kids are these anyway? And when is their mother coming to pick them up??



Pamela said...

I'm knocked up. But it's not from hanging around the front door waiting for my kids to come in the house.

At least, I think that's not the reason. People keep telling me there's a reason why I keep getting knocked up, and they hope we figure it out soon. Weird.

ChurchPunkMom said...

yeah.. people have said that to me too.. not sure what they mean by it. hm.

maybe i should stop hanging around the back door, too. just in case..

'so what birth control are you using?'
'oh, i just stopped hanging out by the back door..'

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