Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

10 things about the day I was born...
October 22, 1979

  1. it was 359 days after the birth of my brother (we're Irish Twins)
  2. it was one day shy of 11 months before my husband was born
  3. I proved my grandmother wrong.. 'Babies are always born in the middle of the night..' she'd say.. I was born at noon.
  4. and it happened during a blizzard in Rochester, MN
  5. my mother had to push me out with no contractions, because her labor had stopped.. again
  6. were she not 'experienced', her doctor would have headed straight for the forceps (actually had them in hand before saying 'just push')
  7. once my head was born, the doctor said 'It's a girl!' my mother didn't believe him and said 'How can you know that? It's just the head!.. and besides, I don't make girls..' 'Because I know a girl's face when I see it.' the nurse said 'He's usually right..'
  8. and then, when it was all over, my mom got really freaked out.. the doctor said she could take her legs down out of the stirrups, but she couldn't move them! no one had told her that that would happen with the epidural (yep, she pushed me out with no contractions AND no feeling.. how's that for hardcore? hey, good things don't come easy..)
  9. and then she bawled.. a lot. she called my grandma and bawled on the phone.. 'What's wrong??' 'Nothing.. I, I.. had a giiiirrrlll...' cause I was that special.
  10. my parents had NO idea what they were in for...



Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday:
It's Intrepid Tuesday! http://www.fivestarfriday.com/2008/10/intrepid-tuesday-edition-6.html

Pamela said...

Look at you all featured and stuff on your birthday.

Hope you get lots of good cake. And that there are no uncontained, extraneous bodily fluids being bandied about.

ChurchPunkMom said...

well.. day before my birthday anyway.. ;)

and i'm looking forward to some awesome banana cake (and probably other goodies!) at our church ladies' coffee night tonight. :D

muskrat said...

happy b-day!

i'm glad you're not too old (or too young) to recognize "skid row" songs, either.

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