Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Tinkle..

And so begins the last year of my 20's...

This morning, my husband ran to the store before work to pick up a few things.. Not only because he loves me and wanted to get me a treat for my birthday breakfast, but also because I'm lame and didn't go grocery shopping last weekend. Oops.

He promptly returned with milk, frozen pizza (for lunch, of course), egg nog (woot!!), a cake ring (coffee cake), and donuts! I handed out some of the cake donuts with chocolate frosting and sprinkles and such to the kids in an attempt to distract them from the rest of the bag while I brewed myself some Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice coffee (new favorite? perhaps.. I've been doing things the old fashioned way - boil water and use a 1 cup dripper - all week and haven't touched the Tassimo since Sunday..).

Of course, my little Princess argued with me over what kind of donut she would be willing to consume (smear on herself, crumble on the table, stuff up her nose, rub in her hair..) - um, look kid, chocolate with sprinkles, chocolate with M&Ms and chocolate chips, plain chocolate, or chocolate with walnuts.. can't be that hard. She settled (rather hesitantly..) on the plain chocolate.

"Yes, Princess.."
"I no wan dat one.. I wan udder one.." she says.. gazing at the bag on the table unable to resist the question of 'what's behind door #2'.
"You can have one of the other ones when you finish that one." This is nothing new folks, standard rule in our house. Finish your firsts before you get seconds. It greatly reduces the food wastage in our residence.
"No. Mommyyyy.. I wan udder one."
Ugh.. I wasn't in the mood to argue with her.. I want some coffee, dangit.
"Ok. I'll put this other one next to yours. You can eat them together. If you decide you don't want anymore before you're finished, let me know, maybe I can give it to someone else." This of course produced the look from Ellie.. 'Um.. excuse me? give it to someone else?? I don't think so.'

Coffee. I'm standing there waiting for the drip and inhaling the tantalizing aroma of this magnificent brew.. and I think, 'Maybe Jo would like some milk with her donut.' So I open the fridge. And Eliana hears it. Great.

I'm pouring Jo a little sippy cup of milk and Ellie walks in.. "You want some milk too, baby?"

She ponders this a moment as I reassemble her Dora cup.

"No... I wan seweaww.." as she digs in the dishwasher for a bowl..
"Um. Did you notice that no one else is eating 2 breakfasts? We're having donuts, you've already begun eating yours, We're not having cereal." Heh, that went over well..
"I no wan donut. I wan seweaww.." Right.

I grabbed my coffee, collected my chocolate-covered-cream-filled-powdered-sugar-dusted sugar for breakfast and went somewhere my darling 2yo couldn't see me. Out of sight? out of asking range.

For some reason, Jo thought it wise to smear the cream from her piece of cream-filled powdered donut.. well.. everywhere. Then as I'm trying to clean it off of her, she smears it more: I wipe her face, she smears more onto her face with her hand; I wipe her hands, she smears more onto her hands from her face.. so on and so forth.. Definitely going to rethink the cream filled donut thing with the baby in the future.. Hm.

So I need to dress her, cause you know.. the donut filling.. everywhere. I pull her out of the high chair and yank off her jammies. I check for poo (we also refer to her as Poop Ninja, cause seriously.. this kid has an uncanny ability to hide things.. too many times I've removed a diaper, having smelled nothing, only to be greeted by a gooey brown mess) and, seeing we're in the clear, remove her diaper. I then grab another wipe to clean up some more donut gunk off her chest and cheeks and hair and between her fingers and toes and in her ears.. and then wrap up the diaper, grab the jammies.. she looks at me with her 'Uh-oh' face and I look down to see her making a lovely little puddle on the floor.

"Awe, did you make a tinkle?" Big grins. I swear, she could break my great-grandmother's antique china and it wouldn't matter at all as long as she gives me that 'Uh-ohh'.. Ridiculously cute. And she knows it.


Other tantrum worthy events thus far this morning for Eliana..
  1. Mom refuses to open the egg nog.
  2. Mom still won't give up the cereal.
  3. Torrin tickled her.
  4. Mom didn't let her lick the spoon after stirring the chocolate milk.
  5. Mom made the chocolate milk in the wrong cup.
  6. Aidan farted.
  7. Mom wouldn't let her put the plastic sealing ring back around the milk bottle cap.
  8. Mom wouldn't let her wipe her own butt when changing her diaper.
  9. Jo wouldn't let her play with the baby swing.
  10. KJ took her seat.
  11. Someone breathed.
  12. Jo touched her dolly.
  13. Mom didn't want Ellie's baby on her head.
  14. Jo didn't want to wear her hood.
  15. Mom wouldn't let her cut her clothes.
  16. Dad went to work.
  17. Mom won't take pictures of her doll.
I love 2 year olds.


steenky bee said...

I heart egg nog. I love the halloween version with the witch on the box. Yummers. Happy birthday Church Punk Mom! Whoot! Um, you'll love your 30s, I promise. Well, that's what everyone told me. Actually, I think it's just something older people tell you because they're jealous you can still say your in your 20s.

steenky bee said...


ChurchPunkMom said...

dude, you were so firstest I barely had time to publish that post!

and thanks! :D I'm sure I'll love my 30's.. er something.. I'll probably have to start buying anti-wrinkle creams and control-top pantyhose and crap.. yay. ;)

Pamela said...

I loves me some eggnog, too. My BFF-fi-fiddle-ee-i-o makes homemade eggnog and it has, ummm, eggs and cream and nutmeg and stuff. And booze. Lots and lots of booze. It is not for the faint of heart. She lets it sit and marinate for like two weeks or years or something and it makes a person do naughty things.

And I've been in my thirties for a year and a half now. It's not bad.

And really, Jenbo, you need to use your inside voice or nobody's going to care that you were first. We're just going to kick your ass or something. (xoxoxoxoxox)

Hope your birthday is loverly.

ChurchPunkMom said...

eggnog with booze + plus doing naughty things = awesome

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