Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to normal..

The husband and I had the pleasure of missing out on the vomiting.

Friday night brought only one incident as Aidan ran to the bathroom, chugged water, tried to go back to bed, went back and chugged more water, and then went back to bed only to throw up all over his bed and floor. I hate puking as much as the next guy (probably more), but to hold it back to the point of never making it where it's supposed to go (he had a bucket right beside his bed still from the night before!).. it gets old.

We had a lovely visit with one of our dearest friends over the weekend. J's best friend since high school flew out from California all spur of the moment like and graced us with his presence for the whole weekend! It was awesome.

We checked out our local history museum and the botanical center, some local eateries, and introduced him to taco pizza (midwest style). He brought some California heat with him and (thank goodness) took it home with him as well. It was near 80 degrees both Saturday and Sunday which made for agreeable weather for wandering around downtown, meandering through the food festival, and hanging out in the park.

Ok, I lied. We had one other hurling incident. But it didn't have to do with the sickness. We decided to grab a quick lunch at McDonald's on Sunday afternoon. Taking up two tables (one for the midget ruffians and one for the more dignified folk), we spread out Happy Meals galore and gladly turned our back to the short people as we enjoyed some overprocessed crap-food and perused our Monopoly game sheet.

As J was pondering a way to figure out the pattern in the codes for the Monopoly game pieces so that he could cheat and win a million dollars, I hear Booger start choking behind me. He had apparently forgotten how to use a straw and had sucked some Sprite down the wrong pipe. I suppose the thought did not occur to his 4 year old mind that attempting to eat a chicken nugget was perhaps not such a good idea while his body was rather forcefully trying to expel soda from his wind pipe.. or perhaps he was just that hungry. At any rate, the coughing and choking increased in strength.

"Oh crap.." I muttered under my breath.
"What?" J turns around and sees what's about to happen. He stands up and tries to reach around Torrin to grab the empty Happy Meal bag so he could shove it in his face as Torrin grips his mouth with his hands and tries to stop coughing with a mouth full of half chewed quasi-food. And then? His face exploded. The look on Baby Jo's face (who was the unfortunate sibling sitting beside him and, at the moment, facing him) was classic.. shock and disgust. What the heck just happened? But J.. he was far worse off. While Jo had only a minor spray across her and her high chair, poor J took a much worse hit. Or, I should say, The Beard took a far worse hit. Little chunks dangling about all over his lovely locks of facial forest. What a sight.

To top it all off? They had those stupid air dryers in the bathroom = no paper towels. Yay napkins.

I sat back down across from our childless comrade after the clean up. "How's that for making you want to have kids?"

Yeah.. so glad things are back to normal!



Pamela said...

Little chunks dangling about all over his lovely locks of facial forest.

Best (non-)sentence of the day award.

EMJ said...

Definitely agree that the locks of facial forest and the little chunks...leaves nothing to the imagination. Yuck and yuck. Puking kids are the worst. Thankfully we haven't had too many times, but it seems that Iain prefers to puke in public like Walgreens or once when we went in to visit Jake and the jewelry store and I was pregnant and carrying a Vomit Vesuvius through the store.

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