Friday, August 8, 2008

Then Reality Slapped me in the Face...

I really wanted to start this blog off with something truly creative that would make you laugh your butt off and want to come back again and again for more..

Then reality slapped me in the face. Or was it my 2yo? Either way, I woke up from that dream. A rude awakening, mind you.. Fear not, I'll come up with something funny, witty, and engaging to say.. but right now, I can't unscramble my brain long enough to transfer my words from my thoughts to my keyboard in a coherent fashion.

See that? Just now I had to figure out again where my 2yo Princess was and make sure she wasn't eating glass or bathing in cleaning products again or something.. all while trying to get my 6yo Monkey to shut up so that I could hear her answer my call and try to echo-locate her.. It's hard to echo-locate with interference from a 6yo boy.

Then I struggle to move on to another thought and have to break up a fight between my 4yo Booger and little trouble-making Princess, who's returned once more to the living room to try and rob her brother of his corner of the couch.. never mind that the rest of the couch is unoccupied. It just isn't satisfying to sit down somewhere without making someone cry in the process.

Then, of course, 7yo Captain SmartyPants yells at me for muting his favorite song for a moment to see if the noise I heard was MamaCat's yowling or my Baby Cupcake crying.. Did the screaming match wake her? *sigh*

So, I wonder if J will really make it home for lunch today... as I scold Captain for putting MamaCat on Monkey's head which resulted in a nice 7" trail of claw marks.. Perhaps we shall now refer to him as ScarFace?? J always wanted to have a ScarFace in the family.. he's always threatening to be the one responsible for the nickname. Oh.. I. love. my. life.

And now my husband is twittering about eating cupcakes at work...



onlyaman said...

Crazy life. I hope someone is there to take care of you.

PunkRockHillbilly said...

Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere!! Thanks for the comment and good luck w/internet reality!

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