Monday, August 25, 2008

cupcakes for breakfast.

Some days, I swear my children are conspiring against me.


Other days, I just relish in the fact that I can see them enjoying being children. Today is one of those days. Hectic and busy and preventing me from getting anything done, thus far, but fulfilling as a mother. They have watched no tv today so far. That, in and of itself, is a good day on my calendar. Sure, my oldest started his day at the keyboard playing pirates online, but that was only for less than an hour and only I have been on since.

My children are caked in dirt. Again. I've had the pleasure of witnessing my three little boys giggling and sqealing (ok.. we'll just count Booger as sqealing.. since it's not very 'masculine' for a 6yo or almost 8yo..) in the dirt with their Hot Wheels and Thomas trains (again.. Booger's) and riding their bikes and skate boards around in circles on the driveway..

They ate cupcakes for breakfast. Yes, cupcakes. The 2yo got into them (and licked the frosting off two) before all the boys were even up.. so I let them finish off the 6 mini cupcakes that I'd bought for dessert last night for breakfast today. So yeah.. then I kicked them outside because I had no desire to witness the early morning sugar rush, and then I proceeded to drink my coffee in peace. For once. I think my last sip may have been hot. Wow.

They've been out there ever since. Well, I did call them in briefly for lunch at around 2:30.. having them rinse the top layer of dirt off their hands and faces (sometimes I wonder if they act like dogs out there... getting down on the ground and rolling in it, rubbing their head around and smooshing their face into it..) and serving them some microwave burritos and grapes and goldfish crackers with kool-aid (yeah.. shut up. I need to go to the store..). They're back outside now. Playing in the dirt hole under the tree.. Mmmm.. dirt.


My 2yo, on the other hand.. did not last long outside. They were out there all of maybe 30min this morning before Dog managed to knock Princess flat on her back by clotheslining her with her leash. Nice.


I heard her shrieks and ran outside to see what happened. She managed to walk all the way up to the porch before falling into my arms. I held her until her crying slowed down.. not stopped.. just slowed.


Then I carried her into the house and tried to pinpoint the source of her pain. To no avail. Within a few minutes, she was fast asleep on the couch. She stayed there, waking only a couple times, for two hours. Then she woke up and puked all over the couch.. and I thanked God again for our pleather couches and hard wood floors. I carried her up to the bathroom and plopped her in the tub, stripped her down, turned on the water, rinsed her, and filled the tub. She played in the water while I cleaned up the mess in the living room.

She's been fine since then.. So I'll assume it was either just a concussion or an upset tummy from too much sugar.. Those are fine with me.. they're not contagious. There's nothing worse in a large family with small children than a 'stomach virus'. *shudder*

PS the nominating has ended for HotBloggerCalendar... I can has votes plz? kthnxbai.

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