Thursday, August 14, 2008

voulez-vous danser avec moi??

So I'm bored..

Last night, as I'm occasionally wont to do, I was sitting around reviewing my French vocabulary in my mind. I know, I'm a geek. Said vocabulary is constantly shrinking and I know that if I don't at least mentally review it now and then, it will disappear completely.

I love foreign languages.

I love them so much that I daily annoy the crap out of my kids by talking to them in random languages and going long periods of time donning weird accents.

"Mommyyyy... Pleeeease talk normal now!!"

They're no fun.

So whenever I start thinking en Francais, I think of Ace of Base. I can't help it. Perhaps it's because I loved Ace of Base and The Sign was still fairly new when I took my first year of French? Who knows.. So, it took some searching.. but I managed to find this. Hilarious.


I also couldn't resist adding The Sign to my Rhapsody.. Now I can, once again, dance around my living room like a fool and annoy my children even more!! Muahahahahaa!!

1 comment:

Mama Dawg said...

That's freakin' spooky that I was just listening to "The Sign" and then you do this post on it.

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