Thursday, September 18, 2008

Passing it on..

I had intended to write a whole post for this.. but my life has kind of stolen the best of me lately.. so here is a video instead.

I join along with the other outraged women in support for Catherine. Being discriminated against is crappy - no matter how 'polite' they are about it. Honestly, when someone does it politely and nicely in an easily defended manner, it really screws with a person's head. It makes it hard to stand up and say 'Hey, you can't treat me that way! It's wrong!'

Had the flight attendant simply offered to get her a blanket in a manner such as 'If you're more comfortable, we do have blankets available. However, if you prefer to go without, that's fine too.' it would not have spurned such an uprising. But that is not what she did. She did not simply offer, or even politely offer for that matter. That catapults the incident into the category of discrimination.

I know what it's like to be quietly humiliated in such a way at a vulnerable moment. To have someone so openly express disdain for your actions. Actions that are necessary, natural, and to be expected. Not actions that are disgusting, inappropriate, or should be hidden. It's wrong. It needs to stop.


Her Bad Mother said...

Am beyond honoured to have my breasts bared on your blog!

Pamela said...

You? Are a bad ass.

Dina said...

Why do they need to even offer a blanket?

I think just offering is rude.

If someone needs a blanket, they can press the little call button and ask for one.

Plus, I think if someone prefers breastfeeding with a blanket, I would think in most cases they'd bring their own.

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