Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big whistling boobies...

So I sat down to rest this afternoon after cleaning up the living room. This generally entails me sweeping all the crap that's accumulated on the floor into one big pile and then the kids and I go at it.. putting away what needs putting away and throwing away what's left.

In celebration of the floor being clean, Princess launched into a lovely, narrated interpretive dance. She grabbed my studded belt and wrapped it across her chest like a beauty pageant sash and announced..

"Mine song is in my boobies!"

She danced and twirled around the room, screaming that phrase over and over as we watched and giggled. Then she came back to me and said..

"My boobies is singing yahoo!"

More dancing around the room while screaming 'Yahoo' over and over..

"So your boobies are singing 'yahoo'?"
"Yep.. My booboos are big, see?" flashes me
"Oh, I see. They're very nice."
"My na-nas are yissowing."
"They're what?"

And she then launches herself into another flight across the floor, prancing and twirling and screaming..

"My yissow! My yissow" only it sounded more like 'My asshole.'

We all cracked UP.

Then it was her butt.

"My butt is stan up."
"Your butt is going to stand up?"


"My butt is going jump."
"Jumping butt?"

On and on she goes.. when she'll stop nobody knows... I love two year olds. Endless entertainment, and head aches, and giggles, and heart aches...

But dear, you're too little to be talking about your 'big boobies'.



The Mister said...

Our boys are both fascinated by trucks. Both of them shout, "Big TRUCK!" when they see one. Except No. 1 Son sounds like he's saying, "Big F***" and No. 2 Son sounds like he's saing, "Big COCK!" Endless fun at church picnics.

Pamela said...

I was all ready to turn off the blogitz for today but you had me at whistling boobies. I can't resist the boobies, so I had to come over. And OF COURSE, HE has been here first with the super messed up words story.

ChurchPunkMom said...

i just love when kids say things that sounds like profanity.. always makes me giggle..

oops, my immaturity is showing..

Larissa said...

Too funny! But hey, even though she's SO far from accuracy with the big boobies... she's cute enough to be able to get away with it. ;)

Maggie said...

That's funny stuff! What a little charmer and a cutie!

I miss you! I'll have to check your blog more often! :)

~Maggie (from GCM)

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