Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Boy Scout - Epilogue Part 2

He picked her up at 8pm. She didn't wait for him to come to the door this time. She heard that old pick up truck rumbling up the street and pulling to a stop in front of her house. She headed out the door and hopped into the passenger seat of the truck. She gave him a quick smile as she yanked her door shut behind her. He smiled back at her and she caught that look in his eye that she'd missed so much over the past year.. She knew tonight would prove to be an interesting night.

There was a double feature of Happy Gilmore and The Rock. It sounded like an odd combination, but both had decent reviews.

Billy and Mary didn't talk much on the way to the theater. Mostly just small talk and Billy talking a little about potential colleges he may go to.. Mary had run into his mom at the school library where she was helping students look up information on colleges that specialized in what they were interested in majoring in.

They pulled into a spot at the drive-in as the last bit of daylight disappeared. Billy chose a spot without many cars around it near the back corner of the lot and tuned the radio to the correct station for their screen. He parked the truck backwards so that they could sit in the bed of the truck out in the warm June air - there was a gentle breeze picking up and he pulled a blanket out from under the front seat in the cab.

Billy pulled out a couple cans of Cherry Coke and a big bag of Reese's Pieces.. it was Mary's usual order when she and Billy had gone to movies. She was a bit surprised that he remembered and wondered if it was merely a coincidence.

Happy Gilmore was up first and Billy and Mary sat side by side against a pillow in the truck bed with their snacks. Billy finished his first and then put his arm around Mary's shoulders. She was a bit surprised by it, but gladly snuggled closer to him. The breeze picked up a bit more and Mary shivered a little. Billy reached for the blanket and spread it out over them as they sunk down lower until they were nearly lying down with their heads against the pillow. It didn't take long for his hands to find their way into her pants again.

Mary was a little shocked.. and had no idea how to react to this. She lay there in the dark, trying to figure this boy out.. this boy who's hands were once again exploring her bare skin and pushing her clothing aside. Part of her wanted to just give in and let him have his way with her - she couldn't get over the feelings she had for him, she couldn't stop herself from loving him. But part of her also wanted to jump up and scream "What the hell do you think you're doing!? Get your hands off me!" He had no right to do this after the way he'd been toying with her over the last year, and to say she was growing weary of it was an understatement.

As the opening credits of The Rock began to show on the screen, Billy's hands stopped their exploration of her body, resting on her bare belly just above her still unbuttoned jeans. He was calm and quiet.. and, within a few minutes, fell asleep.

Mary lay there against his chest, listening to the rhythm of his breathing and heart beat. She wondered what would happen next.. Do they just go back to normal life? Is this somehow a new beginning to their relationship? Will he even call her after this?

As the movie ended, Mary gently shook Billy awake. He laughed a little and expressed surprise that he had fallen asleep.

"You ready to go?" he said.
"Yeah.. sure." Mary answered.

The ride home was equally quiet. Mary had no idea what to say to Billy.. and he seemed to have nothing to say to her either. She didn't know what she expected of him, but felt her heart sink a little as they pulled up to her house around 1am. She turned and smiled at him as she reached for the door handle.

"Well, don't be a stranger.." she said, pulling the handle.
"What? no hug?" he asked. She laughed a little, feeling a twinge of foolishness at her thoughts of him just going back to ignoring her, He's a nice boy.. why would he do that? She leaned over and hugged him.
"Thanks." he said, with that goofy half smile on his face again.
"Sure" she said, smiling back.
"I'll see you around, then.." Billy said, and she turned back to the door.
"Yeah... see you 'round."

Mary walked to the front door, pulling out her key on the way.. For once, Billy actually waited until she stepped in the front door before pulling away from the curb. She went to her room and got ready for bed, realizing that during that whole night Billy had never even kissed her.. that felt very odd to her. She crawled into bed feeling confused but unexpectedly happy...

Billy never called.


Pamela said...

You are killling me over here. Just hurry up and finish the job already. This is torturous.

ChurchPunkMom said...

oh, it's done. that's pretty much the end. i'm not always one for happy endings, but i do cliff hangars well. ;)

Mama Dawg said...

That little bastard.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I just read the whole story, catching up on the posts I'd missed. I have some things to say:

1. This post took me right back to high school. Your portrayal of a high school guy (boy scout or not) is dead on. I particularly enjoyed the apparent inconsistency between the guy's religious disinclination towards sex and his wandering hands.

2. I LOVE your writing! You are extremely talented. Seriously.

Great story!

Michael from said...

I need to read some of the early parts. I do like the fact that this jives well with my favorite karaoke song, "Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison.

Irish Gumbo said...

(Fade to black)

CUT! Okay, that's a wrap, people! Let's get it 'in the can' shall we?

Excellent! I like it! The ambiguity is just right. And the 'Asshole." at the end sums up the moral/personal quandary quite well I think.

Hey, if they can do it this way on 'The Sporanos' why not here?


Amy said...

Asshole is right.

Anonymous said...

I liked it too, even though it was very frustrating! I wanted to say to Mary "NO, not again! Forget about him, sweetie. He's using you!" If my son ever acts like that boy...and I find out about it...LOOK OUT!

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