Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10x10 Things Tuesday.. My 100th Post!

So I was mulling, hemming, and hawing over what to do for my 100th post for the last day or two.. Last night I thought to myself.. 'Self, you better hurry up and do that 100th post tonight! Tomorrow is Tuesday.. and you know what that means..' So I wondered.. 'Hm. I wonder. How many 10 Things Tuesday posts have I done? Because, if this is my 10th, then that would make it like.. 100 Things Tuesday.. and how great would that be for my 100th post!'

Well, guess what...

This is my 10th 10 Things Tuesday post. See how clever I am? Stop a moment and appreciate it...


You done? Good. Now.. here are 10 lists for my 10th 10 Things Tuesday.. equaling 100 things for my 100th post.. Enjoy.

10 things I love about Iowa..
  1. SNOW! though we aren't getting much this winter.. excuse me while I go cry..
  2. neighbors! we actually know our neighbors.. as in, like we know their names! this is a rather novel thing for a Californian.. especially considering we knew them all within a month of moving in. impressive.. I know.
  3. home schooling. I know it may sound weird.. but shortly after we left California, it pretty much became illegal for us to home school there.. it's still legal here.
  4. 4 seasons.. as in - 4 months of spring, 4 months of summer, 4 months of fall, and 4 months of winter! for real!
  5. it's slower. case in point? speed limits. the main streets through Folsom had an average speed limit of 50mph. in Des Moines? the average through town speed limit is 30mph. nice.
  6. shopping. I can go to Target, on a Saturday, and not walk a mile to get from my car to the door.
  7. the malls. I mean.. I'm really *not* much of a shopper.. and I'm no longer a mall-hopper like I was in Jr High.. but HOLY FOOD COURT BATMAN! Have you been to a midwest mall?? the first one we went to was 'the small, old one' in town.. it was like the size of a small city. we got a little lost.
  8. it's corny. get it? ha! I kill me.
  9. seriously though, we grow enough corn here to feed like... a LOT of people.. but? we make stuff with it. like water bottles and fuel and stuff. corny.
  10. the Iowa State Fair! did you know it's on the list of '100 Things to Do Before You Die'? or something like that... morbid, huh? I think it made it on there as a filler 'Hm.. what else can we throw on here, I can't think of anymore..' so... I'm using it as a filler too. I'm awesome.
10 Interruptions I had while I was trying to type up the last list..
  1. Ellie wanted chocolate milk.
  2. I had a phone call.
  3. J wanted me to comment on his blog.
  4. Jo wanted chocolate milk.
  5. Another phone call.
  6. Torrin wanted chocolate milk.
  7. Jo fell on her face.
  8. Ellie pooped and then claimed to be a mermaid.. 'No, I a mermaid.. I have no poopy. See? I have a tail, no poopy!'
  9. Kieran announced he wanted J to stay home from work tomorrow and play Twister.
  10. Then I sat and thought about sending the kids to a sitter and having J stay home to play Twister with just me.. clothing optional...
Where was I? oh yeah...

10 Reasons you should read my blog..
  1. I write good.
  2. I'm funny.
  3. It will make you feel better about yourself.. and your life.. and your weather.. maybe.
  4. Because I don't mind if you laugh at me instead of with me. I think I'd probably laugh at me..
  5. It's highly effective birth control. Trust me.
  6. Because you like to look at pictures of my cute kids.
  7. Because you have nothing better to do.. and I'm free entertainment.
  8. Not that kind of entertainment! Pervs.
  9. You need to know where to get free coffee in Des Moines.
  10. I'm smarter than the average wombat.
10 Things I love about Home Schooling..
  1. Flexibility.
  2. Tailored learning/teaching.
  3. Pajamas.
  4. Flexibility.
  5. Socialization.
  6. Being with my kids!
  7. Knowing exactly what they are learning.
  8. Knowing whether or not they are 'getting it'.
  9. Flexibility.
  10. Field Trips!
10 Things I ingested today..
  1. coffee.
  2. blueberry Eggo waffle.
  3. licorice tea.
  4. Cars themed Teddy Graham crackers.
  5. chocolate caramel pretzels.
  6. licorice tea.
  7. a microwave burrito.
  8. um... something for dinner?
  9. hopefully, an alcoholic beverage.
  10. maybe some ice cream... maybe not.
10 Things I miss about California.
  1. the ocean.
  2. my brother and his family.
  3. my friend Tonya.
  4. the American River.
  5. the American River bike trail.
  6. Adalbertos
  7. In and Out
  8. uuummmm....
  9. my AWESOME midwives.
  10. Trader Joe's !!!!!!! *sigh*
10 Reasons we left California..
  1. we were watching our credit score get lower and lower.. good for golf, not for credit.
  2. HOT.
  3. we would never have been able to get a home. (well.. maybe not *never*)
  4. lots of work.. not so much pay.
  5. did you know that it is now pretty much illegal for us to home school there? yeah.
  6. we lived in one house for just over a year.. and never met ANY of our neighbors.
  7. the next house? we lived there over a year.. and THEN met them.
  8. they were pretty nice though.
  9. the TRAFFIC.
  10. the expense!
10 States we drove through when we moved here from California..
  1. California
  2. New Mexico
  3. Arizona
  4. Texas
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Kansas
  7. Missouri
  8. Iowa
  9. oh wait.. crap.
  10. um... nevermind.
10 Guys I dated in high school..
  1. Devon
  2. Brayden
  3. Kyle
  4. Ben
  5. Peter
  6. Nick
  7. Tim
  8. Shuan
  9. Peter again
  10. Jeremiah
10 Things that were not originally in my house when it was built.
  1. the kitchen sink.
  2. the toilets.
  3. the dishwasher
  4. the bathtub.
  5. the oven/range.
  6. the furnace/air conditioner
  7. modern electricity
  8. some of the doors
  9. carpet
  10. um.. any other unmentioned indoor plumbing.
Okay, there's my 10 lists for my 100th post.. I hope you enjoyed them! I had planned on telling you the story about how we came to Iowa and all about our '100 year old home' but.. well, instead I gave you some background info as kind of a pre-story teaser.. You're welcome.


Pamela said...

Nice 100th.

And it would be that kind of entertainment if you posted the video of you guys playing Clothing Optional Twister tomorrow.

Just sayin'.

Glad you're here!

Pamela said...









Anonymous said...

THIRD!!!! Although I should really wait for 10th (or 100th).

Great list(s)! Here in Seattle, I miss four seasons too.

Congrats on 100!!! Woo hooo!!

Michael from dadcation.com said...

Good unique 100th!

So, why Iowa? Why not Oregon or something else closer?

Irish Gumbo said...

A teaser? Why, you little minx...
Congratulations, CPM! 100 posts, man, that's gotta be like 1 more than 99, am I right? YES! Gumbo is on fire!


Whoo. All better. Seriously, I bow to you, my lady, on a job well done. Indeed, you "write good", and I have enjoyed my visits! Thank you and keep at it!

Kat said...

Congrats on the 100th post CPM. You know, I kinda miss the midwest, maybe we can try Iowa next after we leave England.

Mama Dawg said...

Out of all that, I have to comment that I LOVE blueberry Eggo Waffles. They are my downfall.

Wendy said...

Congrats on your 100th! I did mine w/o even realizing it. lol. I love the mermaid part! No poopie! And I wish we had four seasons.

Anonymous said...

Great post. You lived in Folsom??

Kurt N. said...

Liquorice tea doesn't sound like something I'd drink. I can haz url gray plz?

Also...I thought that homeschooling ban got overturned? Idiot Californian judges. Gotta love legislation from the bench.

And...any snow you get...you can keep. Please.

ChurchPunkMom said...

Pamela: boy that would be one for his vlog, wouldn't it! um.. on second thought.. maybe not. people would be scared.. or scarred.. or both.

GF: but third is a good place to be.. it's where i fall in the Birth Order. ;)

FM: well, i will go over that in the next few posts.. but let's just say... 'consider yourself lucky that it was Iowa!' muahahahahaa!

IG: and you do math too? you is smart! ;)

Kat: You should! Iowa is nice. :) (and a much easier place to drive!)

MD: they are tasty.. but I prefer home made. ;)

Wendy: thanks! and, yeah.. she's always entertaining.. in one way or another. lol

24@H: yep! it may or may not have had something to do with my being a teenage runaway and shoplifter..

Kurt: Licorice tea is YUM. only slightly better than Earl Grey. and the home schooling thing probably was overturned.. i don't know, i wasn't paying attention. lol. i don't care, i'm not there!

And....... CONGRATULATIONS to both Kurt and Goodfather on being my 10th commenter.. for some reason Blogger ate GFs comment, but I got the email about it.. so it counts! you guys will receive a gift card compliments of me.. a little token of my appreciation for listening to me ramble.. not only here, but on Twitter. (and for those of you saying 'huh?'.. they only knew about it because they follow me on Twitter.. hence GF totally tried to cheat and Blogger stopped him! lol) Enjoy.

Unknown said...

Happy 100th. Nice lists. I'm not sure I'd like the licorice tea though.

Irish Gumbo said...


Your tardiness is officially pardoned :). I myself have been playing catch-up, this blogging stuff is hard work! So much to see and do!

*gulp* Your comment on the 'Karma Ocean' piece was...truly touching. I have spent 25 years (counting school) of my life devoting my energies to architecture, and architecture can be a brutal biz. the opportunities for frustration abound, and praise is a rare commodity.

So when someone says what you did, for me, it was akin to being handed a very large carrot (when much of what I expect is sticks).

Genuine praise for what I do is so very nice, I almost don't know how to react, except to say thank you, right from my heart.

I do know this: if the wheel turns for me and I can make what I want to do and what I have to do the SAME THING, I won't have done it alone. I'll have had some wonderful folks helping me get there, and I count you among them.

Sorry to ramble, but thank you very much :)

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