Monday, January 12, 2009


So Clark, over at Clark Kent's Lunchbox, tagged me for a fun and quick little meme. I'm trying to organize in my brain which stories I'm going to tell and when in the coming weeks.. And this meme gives me the perfect distraction to help me avoid getting it all sorted out.. Thanks Clark! (seriously.. I'm like starting to get writer's constipation.. I've got lots to get out, but I'm still trying to get myself to the toilet.. er.. um.. blog. Wait.. Oh, nevermind.) So, here are the rules..

1.go to your documents
2. go to your 6th file.
3.go to your 6th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 6 friends to do the same.

I checked both my Photobucket albums and the files on my computer for this meme.. I decided to go with the picture from the computer.. and, here it is.


For those of you who are not parents, that is not a picture of some modern art lamp shade.. It is an ultra sound image of a fetus. NO, I'm not pregnant. It's Joella! Hm.. what to say about that... Well, we actually debated about not getting an ultra sound during that pregnancy - we really had no need for one. My midwife left it up to us. In the end (obviously) we decided, 'what the heck, why not?' and went for it. Of course, we decided to not find out the gender. For this ultra sound, we decided to bring all the older children along rather than get a baby sitter. J and I watched the screen in wonderment, delighted to see this little person we'd helped create come to life on a little fuzzy black and white screen. We listened to the heartbeat, counted the fingers and toes, and listened to our other offspring say such things as 'What's that?' 'It is?' 'Why does it look like that?' 'I need to go potty.' 'What's that?' 'Are we done yet?' 'I'm hungry.' 'Can we go now?'

It was awesome.

No matter, we didn't let the kids dampen the mood and just hoped that they would look back fondly one day and remember the experience.. Or at least remember picking up McDonald's on the way home..

So, I'm going to assign this task now to 6 more people.. and here they are...
Amy at The Spritely Syndicate
Pamela at The Dayton Time
Daddy Joe at Daddyus Dorkus
Jillisa at Break the Earth
Mary Moore at Holy Mackerel
Erin at Moore to Love

So get to it, people!


In other news, today is Eliana's birthday! She turns 3 today. She is determined to wear the same diaper she slept in last night like.. all day or something.. and is quickly stinking up the house. I will soon have to chase her down and tie her to the bed so I can change her and give all of our nostrils some blessed relief.

I was too lazy to wrap her presents, but no matter.. she didn't care. She's busy playing with her little mini Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and My Little Ponies and didn't miss the pink polka dot wrapping paper for a moment. More for next year, I say. She's probably spent half the morning screaming at anyone that comes withing 6 feet of her, for fear of them touching her things. Yes, she really is 3. I just adore 3 year olds... heh heh.. She also made her daddy proud by picking out a neat little Crayola video camera at the store yesterday. I can't wait to see her videos of Barbies riding My Little Ponies with mini Cabbage Patch Kids dolls through a Little People town while being chased by giant baby dolls and fat fuzzy kittens.. It's gonna be AWESOME. She's excited too, but luckily hasn't remembered about the camera yet today (busy with the new toys, you know) because we need some.. uh.. technical support for our stupid SD card.

Anyway, here's some pictures of Eliana from the day she was born and over the past 3 years...

Eliana Laura
January 12, 2006
9lb 10z, 20.5in long

















Pamela said...

What a chub!

Umm, not you, the babe. Baby. E.L.

I love, love, love, fat babies.

Where did you get the birthin' tub?

Also? What if my sixth folder in my docs doesn't have a pic in it? THEN WHAT?!?!?!

ChurchPunkMom said...

yes, I often called her E.L. Pudge when she was a 'wee' babe. heh. Jo is kind of.. odd, in our family. She's so *tiny*. I'm accustomed to big roly poly fattie babies. Only Kieran and Joella were small-ish..

The birthing tub I used for Ellie was supplied by my midwives (they were *teh awesome*).. it was like a giant rubbermaid tub.. and it leaked.. lol. oops.

I went to the sixth folder, sixth picture in my 'Public Pictures' folder.. because, well, that's where ALL the pictures are. There are none in 'My Documents'. So, go to whatever part of your computer your pics are located in, and start there. :)

Joe said...

I have been feeling guilty about ignoring my blog. I suppose you gave me a reason to get off my butt and start doing something.

Or, you could say "revenge is a dish best served cold", and I better get my fork ready... ;)

Erin Moore said...

Fun! I'm on it!

Mama Dawg said...

Those pictures are hysterical.

Kudos to you for showing a breastfeeding pic.

Did you have a home waterbirth?

ChurchPunkMom said...

DJ: have fun with it! at least it's easy. ;)

T5M: can't wait to see it! :)

MD: yep, she was born at home in water. it was AWESOME. and thanks! I almost posted my *favorite* picture.. but it's basically me topless.. lol.. though, my nipples are covered, i figured that much skin might be a bit much considering about half my readers are men. ;)

anyway, if you click on any of the pictures from her birth, it will take you to the album of those pictures (don't worry, they're not graphic ;)).

Kurt N. said...

Pictures of children holding their baby siblings are the best!

Also...three year olds on's like...where did my baby go and where did all these legs come from???

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Eliana! She IS cute - very, very cute!

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Eliana! You are entirely too cute and I want to pinch you cheeks through the computer!!

S.D. said...

Aww! tell her Happy Birthday for me.

Ron said...

First - Happy Birthday to Eliana!

Ultra sound pics were so exciting for me, and I'd keep one on my desk for each kid born until the happy day actually happened. However, for my first I was supposed to meet his mom at the Dr and she gave me the wrong address by mistake. I was running around frantically at a medical billing office asking for OB. When the staff realized what I was there for they ran around as frantic as me trying to locate the correct place (we didn't have a cell phone back then). Unfortunately I missed the whole thing. Lucky we brought a VCR tape.

Thanks for playing along with the tag. And boy do I understand the blog constipation thing. I need some blog laxatives... ewwww.

sorry I'm late to the party (I had a sick kid at home, lame I know)

ChurchPunkMom said...

Kurt: I agree, on both accounts. Ellie will still fall asleep on my lap on occasion and all I can think is 'How am I going to get this child to her bed? She's so BIG.'

24@H: She would agree with you quite heartily. ;)

Kat: watch out, she might pinch back!

AG: Thanks! I'll tell her. :)

CK: I believe that picture actually made it into a frame as well! and don't worry about being late.. ;) I know ALL about sick kids! Hope yours feels better.

Michael from said...

Sometime when I'm not really tired I'll try to do this. Something about a 6 and a folder I guess?

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