Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hard Questions...

So, I was over at Kat's place (seriously.. I'm still all jet-lagged and crap! *yawn*) and she did this meme where someone thought up some super hard questions for her to answer. At the end she says 'If you want me to interview you, just say so in your comment.'.. so, like a dope, I said 'Sure! I totally want to be interviewed.'.. heh heh. Just kidding.. she was totally nice with her questions - don't get me wrong, they're not like.. easy or anything.. but it could have been worse, right? Right.

Here goes..

1. Who is your living hero and why?
Gosh.. I'm not one for putting people on pedastals.. The only person who really comes to mind when I think of 'my hero' is my husband. He's been through some serious crap in his life and had to make lots of hard choices.. had to learn to deal with some crazy shit. Sure, he's made some mistakes (haven't we all? I know I have..), but he's always made the right choice in the end. Even when he's tripped along the way, he still manages to get back up, keep on going, and does his best to right his wrongs. He works hard to take good care of his family and anyone else around him. He's constantly putting others before himself and is always willing to lend a hand. He is my provider, my protector, my lover and my friend. He is my hero.


2. Where is your dream vacation destination and why?
This one is pretty easy for me. I'd go to Ireland! I mean really, anyone who has Irish blood pumping through their veins, and hasn't been 'to the old country' or 'to the homeland' WANTS to. It's like.. part of being Irish and stuff. For real. Places I'd want to stop in Ireland? I'd want to check out Dublin, of course. But, more importantly, I'd want to visit County Cork.. That's where my peeps originated and stuff. And I would LOVE to take one of those crazy bus tours and see the castles and the coast and what not.. Yeah, it would need to be a long trip.


3. What would you do if you had a full 24 hours with no kids and no responsibilities?
24 hours with NO kids? and NO responsibilities? Now that is a fantasy.. lol. Umm... Well, I would require that J be present because 24 hours without children would just simply not be worth it if I didn't get to spend it with him. We'd probably engage in such activities as: sleeping in, drinking coffee (maybe even go to our favorite Starbucks), reading comics.. um.. heck, I don't know! go bowling? have a conversation without being interrupted or yelling at each other just to be heard over the noise in the house? heh heh..


4. What chore around the house and which chore do you absolutely despise?
umm... all of them? hm... I guess the dishes.. and picking up. It's boring. I might say floors or bathrooms, but those don't have to be done every. single. day. (sometimes twice.. if I'm feeling particularly un-lazy). I actually enjoy laundry though. I'm kinda weird like that. The only part I don't like about laundry is putting it away. Yeah, I could do without that part. But dishes? and picking up? they're never done.. and they're exhausting.. just ask Ellie.


5. What was your proudest moment?
Gosh.. that's a hard one. I don't have much in my life that I'm proud of. (yeah, yeah.. I have 5 kids and all.. and I'm proud of them.. but pretty much all equally.) duuuh.... Finishing my book? I mean, it's not finished though.. but hey, my first draft is, and that's the hardest part! or maybe my first home birth? That was pretty awesome.. But, like I said, I'm pretty equally proud when it comes to my kids.. hm. Yeah, like I said.. not much to be proud of over here.. move along!


6. What do you think is the secret to a long and happy marriage?
Secret? I don't know that there's any secrets.. I think we all have a pretty good idea of what it takes, it's more a matter of doing what we know we need to do. Maybe requirements for a long and happy marriage? I'd say trust and honesty. And really, they go hand in hand - you can't have trust without honesty, and you can't have honesty without trust. But if you do have trust and honesty, from that grows intimacy. And with intimacy? All kinds of good stuff start to happen.. you are interested in everything about each other, you want to be together, you want to know each other more and more, you want to take care of each other, you want to love each other and share with each other.. Intimacy brings two people together and makes them one. Trust and honesty are the glue that hold a marriage together.


So there's my questions from Kat. I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and didn't poke poke fall asleep or anything. If you'd like me to send you some questions to answer.. let me know!


Irish Gumbo said...

*sniff,snort, whonnnkkk* Alright, my dear, your turn to make ME cry!
This was amazing! Those pictures are amazing. Especially the one of the newborn (*sniff* wringing out hanky and shirt, getting my mop)...OMG this...geez, I am gobsmacked! (and Kat might be hearing that term while in England)

Additional amazement: If my family history is correct, many of my Irish ancestors were from County Cork! AHHH! Man, we'll have to organize a group trip, you all, me all, mouthy irish woman, the mister; that would be a blast!

These answers show me a lot to like. Your husband and kids *sniff* they have been blessed, you know that don't you? *sniff*

Rock on!

Pamela said...

Question away! My brain is ready.

Kat said...

Good job with the questions chick!

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