Friday, July 17, 2009

My husband likes to try and embarrass me in front of famous people, but I don't care. EMERY!!!

So Aman and I finally had ourselves another date.. It. was. AWESOME.

He informed me a few days ago that Emery would be in town on Thursday, July 16. So after I did a happy dance all over the house, I sat down and asked my totally kick ass friend Lisa if she'd mind chillin' with my chillun's while we attend the show.. Wonderful friend that she is, she agreed.

In preparation for said concert, of course, we needed to dye my hair.. the purple had nearly faded out. So we grabbed what was left in the red and pink bottles and slathered up mah head..

I was quite pleased with the results!

We decided that it would make much more sense for me to bus downtown rather than have Aman drive back in forth in the car we borrowed for the evening.. So I gussied up at home after scrubbing toilets all day and headed off after having a beer with Lisa (thanks for BYOB, babe!! I love friends who share!).

I rode the bus downtown and waited at Starbucks for my sexy husband. He picked me up a few minutes before doors were set to open and we stopped by the local Dahl's to grab some dinner and Red Bull before the show. Having done that, we headed over to the House Of Bricks in time to catch the last couple songs from Kiros' set. They were awesome enough for us to gladly buy a cd and t-shirt (for Aidan) and chat with the a couple of the guys for a bit while getting the cd signed. Stupidly? We did not get a pic with them. Bummer.

Next up was Secret and Whisper, a band we've listened to before and really enjoyed. They were awesome but the sound guy was not. Eek. (Hey, sound guy? You're supposed to be able to hear the vocals too.. not just blaring guitars! Ouch!) Still. Awesome enough for us to get a shirt, have it signed and take a pic with some very stinky band members (okay.. only one was really stinky.. and he made a big deal about it. but i had two older brothers and now have 3 boys.. I've smelled worse.).

Up next was Closure in Moscow.. We missed about half their set because we made a quick trip out to the car to put away some cd's and shirts. There were so many bands that each only played for about 20min. They sounded pretty cool though, from what we heard.

Then one of Aman's favorite bands was up, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. The crowd finally woke up at that point (audience was kind of lame for the first few bands..), and finally managed to get rowdy and get into the show. It was awesome. Maylene did not disappoint and rocked hard. Again, I'm spoiled. T-shirt, signed, picture!

Aman told them to 'look mean'.

And then it was time for Emery. Aman is an awesome person to go to concerts with! He's big, he's tall, he can easily maneuver his way to the front of the crowd and all I have to do is hold on to him and follow close enough to not get separated. A very valuable date for someone my size.. I felt so small in that crowd! Of course, it didn't help that it was a predominantly male crowd so like 95% of the people there were at least 4 inches taller than me! We squeezed our way up to about 4-5' from the stage and he asked if I wanted to get closer.. I was afraid I might wet myself if I got any closer, so I declined. (And then a tall dude stood square in front of me.. awesome.)

Thank heavens, Emery had their own sound person. So their set sounded *much* better. They totally kicked ass, as I expected they would. Played a few old songs and a few new.. but were short on time thanks to a curfew in Des Moines that mandated they be finished by 9pm. (wah!!!) I already got an Emery shirt with their new cd, so I got pics with them instead.. all but the drummer. And it was just lovely getting cozy with a couple sweaty singers after Aman announced to them that I have a crush on both of them. He's cool like that.

After the show, we were happy to wait a few minutes to get all these lovely pictures with sweaty men and have some shirts signed.. then we walked a couple blocks back to the car. Aman pressed the remote button to unlock the doors and nothing happened. Apparently, he'd left the lights on and the battery died! AWESOME. He walked back up to the venue and asked around, quickly finding someone willing to give a jump. So we waited at the car for close to 10min and they never showed.. Bummer. We locked the doors and went back up the street together and quickly found another person who had jumper cables. SCORE. This person was kind enough to come back with us and give us a jump right away, so we managed to make it home safely. (Got jumped by Dan.. Thanks, Dan!)

Thank you to all the bands who came to the show in Des Moines, you all did fantastic! We enjoyed the concert and hope you all come again.

Photos and videos courtesy of Aman. Vehicle courtesy of Mr. Kelly. Babysitting brought to you by Lisa. Battery juice complements of Dan. Thank you!


BeautifulWreck said...

Your hair looks fantastic. It looks like yall had a lot of fun too! I will be checking out the bands you mentioned too.

Kat said...

Sounds like you guys had a fantastic time. Next time I expect an invite ;)

Vixen said...

Wow, what a terrific evening. I can't remember the last "date" hubs and I went on. *sigh*

You're hair looked terrific too!

Kay said...

Loving the hair... and the fact that now I "know" someone who changes their hair as frequently (and drastically) as I do!!!

Looks like you guys had a great time - I think it's definitely time for me and the hubby to have a date night, it's been forever. Now... if I can just figure out a date that doesn't involve him being around other people, I'll be good :)

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