Monday, June 22, 2009

Help Get a Good Girl out of a Bad Situation..

I have recently become friends with a very sweet girl named Brittany. I have read Brittany's blog off and on over the past year after she left me a very nice comment on one of my other (anonymous) blogs.

Last month, Brittany shared her story at Violence Unsilenced.

There is a reason that VUS is the only 'button' I have in the side bar there (for now).. Most of my favorite blogs are all there in my blog roll, but if there is only ONE that you read out of all of them, VUS should be it. Go. Read. Support.. Please.

Now, Brittany is a lovely person. I have gotten to know her since her post there and from following her on Twitter. What it comes down to folks, is that she needs to move. She needs to relocate. Her current home situation is causing her all sorts of stress and anxiety that no person should have to live with.. it is toxic.

In an effort to help our dear friend, Aman and Cindy from Poobou have set up a donation account on PayPal that you may contribute to. There is also an email address attached for you to send her your encouragement and support.

I'm not one to solicit through my blog. And I don't see this as such. I only want you to help as you are able and as you feel led. But please, at least go and read her story and offer your support.

Thank you.


Lisa said...

This is awesome. And you wonder why I am always telling people how cool you and Aman are! This will get the recognition it deserves. And I will be pimping it all up and down my RTT!!!

Perksofbeingme said...

thank you.

Keely said...

I hope very much that Brittany gets somewhere safe, soon.

(The paypal link is expired or broken, though?)

FoN said...

You rock.

Hope said...

I read it. I think the site is interesting. So am i getting it right, that its a site for abuse victims to share their stories? That is great. I believe in getting it out.

I have not read her history or other life stories so I guess I dont see/understand the need for donations or pay pal and all that. I am sure I am missing some very vital information.

Take that with a grain and understand that I'm a pull yourself up by your panties kind'a girl.

cindy w said...

Hope, the story is that Brittany is currently living 3 doors down from the father who abused her, and who continues to threaten her. She needs to move away from this toxic situation. That's why we set up the PayPal account for her, to help her get the money she needs to move. If you didn't click the link to read her story, you should, because it might help you understand why she needs to get out of there.

Keely, I think PayPal is ok now. It was messed up for a while last night but seems to be alright now. If not, try this:

Vixen said...

She is such a dear sweet girl and she deserves a better life than what she is being forced to endure right now. This is a wonderful idea and a great way to help her. Kudos to all of you.

Hope said...

I read the story. I guess I just dont understand why she doesn't just tell the man to F Off and get a restraining order. As i said i didn't read her entire history so im sure there must be more that would stop her from protecting herself from him. some kind of blackmail or something i dont know. But she is an adult right? She has rights she now has a voice to speak up for herself. She can press charges for all he has done in the past. I just dont see why she doesn't use it.

I'm not judging her, just saying I dont get it. Even if she did get a restraining order im sure that leaving would be a better idea. In this I dont understand why she cant just pick up and go. Again history is needed. I just didnt have time last night to read through all her posts to try and figure out why she can't just pick up and leave on her own. Maybe California is different. We have safe places for people to go to get money to start their lives over in a save place.

I am wondering if she has exposed him yet? Has she told anyone and everyone who will listen all that he has done to her? If not that would be step one to getting him off her back.

And by no means am i saying she should NOT get assistance. I just like to ask questions and understand things fully is all. I do this all the time with almost any subject. Its annoying I know but really its only cause I do care a lot.

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