Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Boy Scout (Part 7)

They pulled to a stop in front of Mary's house and Billy watched quietly as Mary unbuckled.

"Hey," Billy said as she reached for the handle.
"I was thinking.. well, I was talking to my mom.. and she had an idea." Billy began.
"Okay.." Mary waited for him to continue, he seemed hesitant.
"Well, we are going to San Fransisco next weekend. She suggested I invite you along.. maybe we could go to the Exploratorium.. You want to?" She felt almost as if he was asking her out of obligation.. not the first time that had happened, but somehow it was different this time.
"Sure, that sounds awesome." Mary answered quietly. "I love the Exploratorium."
"Okay.. well, I'll see you around at school then.. I'll let you know more when we figure out the plan, okay?"
"Sure.. see ya." Mary turned and opened the door and hopped out. She heard the truck start up and pull away as she walked up to the front door.

True to his word, Billy shared more details about their coming date after band later that week. Mary would be picked up around 9am and they would head down to the Bay Area.. They would be back by dinner time.

Saturday came and Mary was nervous. She felt slightly comforted by the fact that Billy's mother would be coming too. She and Mom had formed quite a friendship over the past 3 weeks and she was even more excited that Mom was coming along on the fast approaching spring band trip to San Diego the next weekend. Mary waited patiently and right at 9am their blue mini-van pulled up in front of her house. She saw Billy get out and head toward the front door. Don't screw this up.. Mary thought to herself.

They slid into the back seat of the van behind the driver's seat and Mom turned to greet Mary with her usual warm friendly smile. Mary felt more at ease as soon as she saw her.

"We'll be stopping down town to get Phil." Mom said. "He had to go in to work for a bit this morning, so we're picking him up there."
"Okay." Mary said, looking forward to getting to know Billy's father better. He was a very quiet man who rarely said anything at all. She also looked forward to seeing where Phil worked. Mary knew that Billy's parents both worked part time as volunteer fire fighters, but she was not real clear on what Phil's full-time job was.

They parked in a garage that was attached to a very tall building . Mary wasn't sure if it was, but it appeared to be the tallest building in Sacramento. They rode the elevator up to some lofty double digit floor and stepped out into a bustling office with all types of foreign looking electronic equipment. Proceeding down a crowded hallway, Mom lead them to Phil's office. It was full of various computers and maps and had desks all around the room with chairs at nearly every computer. Mary looked at Billy who had a proud look on his face.

"So this is my dad's office." he said as Mary looked around, wide-eyed and curious. "That computer over there monitors the dopplar signals. That one over there monitors seismic activity. And that one there does weather predictions and stuff."
"Gosh, how do you keep track of all of them?" Mary was surprised at all that went on in just one office.
"I don't. I'm not actually allowed to touch them, they just keep them in here to make me look busy." Phil answered, flashing the same half smile she'd seen so many times on his son's face.

From Phil's office they headed to the freeways and set their course for San Fransisco. As they rode, Billy put his arm around Mary and she snuggled against his chest. She rested her hand on his knee and closed her eyes to keep away the bright sun that shown through her window. Billy's arm slid down behind her and around her waist, slipping up underneath her shirt and making its way across her smooth belly. She took his touch to mean that he was still interested in her and Mary smiled to herself as he wiggled his hand into her bra.

The car ride was long and quiet, Billy's parents listened to classic rock and Billy and Mary were careful not to draw attention to themselves in the back seat. Mary relaxed against him and enjoyed his touching and fondling, occasionally rubbing her hand up and down his thigh.. not even knowing what else to do. She had grown accustomed, in her 15 years, to touching and fondling from the opposite sex.. but still had no clue what to do when it came to returning the favor.

When they arrived at the Exploratorium, Billy and Mary walked along a few feet separate from Billy's parents. She half-way wished that they would stay with them and enjoy the outing together, but didn't mind being on her own with Billy too much. She just felt awkward and unsure what to say to him.. having not really spoken much since their pool game the previous weekend. They walked along hand in hand, engaging in the various activities, their bodies never straying more than a foot or so apart, until it was time to have some lunch and head home. When out in public together, Mary felt like they were almost strangers. She wished there was more verbal communication between them.

Billy's mother had packed a picnic lunch and they drove to Golden Gate park where they sat in one of the many picnic areas and enjoyed their food together in the cool early spring air. The morning's fog was had burned off and Mary left her hoody in the van, enjoying the sunshine as it warmed her shoulders.

The ride home was equally quiet. Mary began to nod off a bit and Billy offered to let her lay in his lap. She took him up on it and curled up on the seat beside him. Once again, he hands found their way under her clothing and Mary felt a little overwhelmed by their exploring as he ran his hands over her breasts again and then let them slide down past her waistband. She sighed softly and pretended to be asleep.. unsure what to think anymore.

"Mary?" Mom said. Billy pulled his hand quietly out of Mary's pants as she looked over her shoulder. "You want to come to our house for dinner? or do you need us to drop you off at home, sweetie?" Mary looked up and thought for a moment.
"I'd love to come for dinner." Mary answered, smiling at Mom. Mom smiled back and turned her eyes back to the front seat. Billy shifted a little in his seat and gently caressed Mary's belly, obviously a little put off by his mother's interruption.


Anonymous said...

Yowza! Billy's getting adventurous, heheh. I'm excited for the next installment!

Pamela said...

he's a suitor!

this just keeps on getting, better...

Amy said...

Wow!!! Ummmmm... my verification word is ditcu? WTH?

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