Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

10 reasons I can't wait for New Year's Day..
  1. 2008? SUCKED.
  2. no, really... it was that bad.
  3. so bad? that if I were writing a history book? I'd skip it.
  4. if I were writing a memoir? I'd probably spend the most time on that year.. cause, you know, drama makes good reading, right?
  5. very few good things came out of 2008
  6. so few, in fact, I could probably have used every one of them for my 10 things today
  7. it's been a pattern in my life though.. even years suck, odd years are good
  8. I shudder when I think about how bad 2010 might be
  9. and so? I am looking forward to 2009 - it's gonna be GOOD.
  10. and to 2008? I say GOOD RIDDANCE.
I don't know how much I will be posting over the next few months.. January through March are kind of a 'bad time of year' for me.. I like to keep things as positive as I can around here, I have other places for 'airing my laundry', so to speak. Who knows? perhaps the first few months of 2009 will be SO spectacular, that I will be posting nearly every day! Yeah.. let's just hope that's the case. Either way, Happy New Year everyone! Make it a good one. I'll see you in 2009.


Erin Moore said...

My nephew was born in 2008, so I'm calling that good.

hmmm...other than that, I've got nothin'.

Mama Dawg said...

You, too! Have a good one! See ya on the flip side.

Yeah, I just said that. Call me a dork.

Irish Gumbo said...

I grok what you are sayin, luv, I'm looking forward to 2009 being a whole lot better!

As a friend of mine once said, "Sometimes in life that ol' s**t gun is pointin' right at ya, and there's nothing ya can do about it!"

She spake the truth. I'll raise a glass for you, here's to brighter days and greener fields! Slainte!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well the last 2 1/2 years have SUCKED. So, I am looking forward to 2009. It will be a great year. I know this, because really - it can't stay that bad forever. Just sayin' .....

Anonymous said...

Come join the fun on Facebook. :)
(No pressure. lol)

Amanda S.

Jon Dayton said...

2009 will totally suck for us readers if you disappear. I may have to get Twitter just so I can read words you typed.

Anonymous said...

2009 is going to ROCK!!! 08 was a shit year for me too.

Michael from dadcation.com said...

sorry you had a bad '08. it was actually one of my favorite years ever, as i came home in one piece from iraq, went to europe, hawaii, alaska, and wisconsin. then i had a healthy son and started blogging and began running and got a kindle for christmas.

i hope in a year from now, you're as excited about '09 as i am about '08!

ChurchPunkMom said...

T5M: see? yeah. case in point. ;)

MD: you are a dork.

IG: truer words are rarely spoken.. I shall raise a glass to you as well, friend.

TFH: yes, 2009 WILL be good. things can't suck forever - I tell myself that often. lol

A: I'll consider. ;) I've had lots of people request my presence on FB.. I just can't help but think 'one more thing'.. lol. perhaps.. perhaps.

Mister: awe, you're so sweet. :) (and you should TOTALLY join Twitter.. then I can harass you CONSTANTLY with my words. heh heh)

BTM: good to know I'm not alone in this boat! and better company I could not ask for. ;)

FM: I hope so too.. and I'm glad 08 wasn't a total bust for everyone! :)

Pamela said...

Oh no! Say it ain't so!
Get yourself a happy light and
Please don't go!!!!

(or the drugs. the drugs are really good. the mister tells me i'm really fab now that i have the drugs.)

ChurchPunkMom said...

Pamela: I've considered the drugs.. but I feel that it's inevitable and would like to get by without as long as I can (I'm fearing it may not be much longer though..).

we're all nuts around here.. my hubby is the kind of nuts that needs drugs that are too expensive for us, so that's FUN.

If I can find enough to distract me from wallowing, I shall post plenty.. I just need to find distractions. ;) Perhaps another series.. hm...

Anonymous said...

I understand! I resisted for a while too. lol

Rick said...

Hey Punk Mom! I'm having my annual giveaway over on my blog. I hope that you will pop over and sign up for a chance to win. I'd be honored if you did.

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