Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We don't eat fingers.... jus' sayin'..

"Yes, Kieran."
"Torrin says that if I don't care about carrots then I don't care about The Family."
"Oh? and why is that Torrin?"
"Cause carrots are a living thing.. and if you don't care about living things, you don't care about your Family."
"Um.. okay."
"That's stupid."
"Carrots aren't living things, Torrin.. and you don't need to call him stupid, Kieran."
"But carrots come from plants, and plants are living things."
"Yes, Aidan. Plants are living things. But the carrots aren't part of the plant anymore."
"If we cut off our fingers and fried them up for lunch, they wouldn't be living things, would they?"
"But they came from a living thing, right?"
"So carrots are not living things.. and even if they were, that has no bearing on whether or not Kieran cares about his Family."
"Okay, Mom."
"Okay. Finish your lunch."

"Yes, Aidan.."
"How was your night?"
"It was okay."
"How was your sleep?"
"Eh.. it was alright.. how about yours?"
"It was faantastic.. and I didn't even have any nightmares.. like about zombies or anything."
"Well, that's good."
"But I did dream about little zombies.. and the little zombie went into a workshop and turned the man who worked there into a zombie.. and that was when I woke up.."
"Um.. oh."
"And that's all."



Kat said...

They are a trip and a half!

Mama Dawg said...

Fried fingers.......I'm either hungry cause I'm thinking "chicken" or I'm disgusted cause I'm thinking "ring finger"! LOL!

Teri said...

LOL ewww

Irish Gumbo said...

But what if they taste like lady fingers?*

*Bonus points if you can identify the fiction reference. Go!

Captain Dumbass said...


Thanks for the link. I tried it once too but couldn't get past the corpse smell.

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